Nightlife in Barranco and Miraflores, Peru

Nightlife in Barranco and Miraflores, Peru

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Its party time. Here is the walking tour we actually did in Barranco and loved it. No really, we did this, so we know.

La Noche, Barranco; This is the first stop. We read online that you need to experience what actual Peruvians of all ages like to do. We were told that they like to dance and sing to traditional Peruvian music. So we headed here according to what we read online. On the night we were here, this place was dead. We walked in at 10 PM … crickets! I say try it anyway. See if you have better luck. Let us know. Even if you have our luck, you will walk past a bunch of places that appear more promising. We just kept walking, but maybe you should stop at one or two and let us know how it goes. We just kept walking to the following place.

Ayahuasca: This place is also on our walking tour of Barranco. It was so gorgeous we wanted to come back when the party started. This is a mansion built in 1875, which now functions as a chic cocktail lounge. We totally loved it. Selfie time! The drink prices (Pico Sours) seemed really high to us at s/28 soles, so we decided to order doubles at for s/33. Great idea. Do that. We really loved this place. This is where the beautiful people come to see and be seen. But after we made our appearance ($10 drinks in Peru, what?), we decided to exhale our pumped-up social-status chests, and slum it for a time. So we wandered on down to a famous laid back place.

Bar Hensley: This place was more relaxed and fun. I wanted to see the inside of the above 100+ year old mansion, but one drink was enough. I have nothing to prove. Honestly, I felt silly buying $10 drinks in the previous place. And, this Hensley’s bar had live music by some really talented and passionate musicians. Plus, the s/10 large beers (3 USD) somehow made more sense to me.

El Dragon: This place was playing decent music but it was a bit sleepy when we were there. Let me know if it came alive when you go. I will keep it on this list if you do. It was just around the corner from Hensley so it is worth a try.

If I have missed any hot spots in Barranco, please let me know so I can add it to the list. Just make a comment below. I loved Barranco so much I never bothered to check out the nightlife in Miraflores. But here is a walking area people recommend in Miraflores.

Pizza Street just off of Parque Kennedy (10pm onward) (Miraflores): I read online that this is a fun walking street in Miraflores for partiers. Let me know if you agree. Just leave a comment in the notes below.

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Here is my Google Maps walking tour of Barranco nightlife:

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