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This is Dan from Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for  Today I would like to share with you how I tour the world for less than it costs to stay home.  

You may already know me from my retire cheap in paradise reports.  I write reports that teach people how to retire internationally for cheap in paradise for half of what it would cost to stay home.  

But my subscribers have started to ask me to teach them how to travel the world like I do.  

I travel the world for less than it would cost me to live at home.  

So today I am talking about how to take affordable world tours.  

But don't worry, if you are already a paid subscriber, you get everything I talk about today for no extra charge.  Just like I promised you.  

Many people think that world tours are just for rich people.  

Sadly, they are right.  If you buy world tours created by travel agencies, you will need buckets of money.   

But I have a better way.  

My life is proof that affordable world tours can be your new way of life.  You decide how long.

I will show you how to travel the world for less than it costs to stay home.  

Plus, I will show you how to retire early internationally on half as much money as you thought possible.  

But first, let me tell you what not to do.  Stop doing this.  

Not an Affordable World Tour
(and Not Even Fun)

Most people just book travel packages.   They fly off to Europe for a week or two in the summer. Then they fly off somewhere warm in the coldest part of the winter.  

That is not affordable and this is not a world tour.  Let me explain.  

Package tours typically include round-trip flights, accommodations, and a few meals per day.  A tour guide meets them at the airport, herds them around like cattle with 40 other people. They are herded onto buses and driven for hours through two or three countries.  

The guide herds them off the bus in 10 or 15 different places and shares a few interesting historical facts using a megaphone.  Then they are allowed to take selfies for 30 minutes.  Next, they are rounded-up and herded back onto the bus and taken to the next destination.  You've heard of tours like this, haven't you?  

A week or two later, they herded back to an airport and deposited onto a flight home.  

I call these Flash Mob Tours

Flash mob tours do not provide the intimate relationship with the World you dreamed about all your life.


If you are like most people, you probably wished you could have ditched the tour guide, ran away from the herd, and wandered around freely for a week or two.  

People spend two or three thousand dollars per person on flash mob tours.  Plus, they spend another few hundred bucks on credit cards while they are on the trip.  

$2000 per person, plus $500 on your credit card, for 12 days?  

That is absolutely ridiculous. 

That is over $200 per person, per day. 

Don’t do that anymore.  There is a better way that is cheaper, more authentic, more relaxing and more fun!  Let me explain ...  

You should have the luxury of time

Now when I travel ... when I watch people herded off a bus, I am often sitting in a family-owned coffee shop, on a colonial-era plaza, at the center of an ancient city.  I often spend more time enjoying the view from my coffee shop than they will be allowed to explore the entire ancient city center. 

I have watched them get herded back onto the bus, and driven away, before I even finish my meal.  

I have time to absorb the history of the city.  I can sit in the plaza and relax.  I can show up early in the morning before the tourists arrive or after they were herded back onto the bus. 

My girlfriend and I may even have the plaza all to ourselves.   Once the tourists are bused back to their corporate accommodations at the edge of town ... while they are huddled in their 300 seat dining room ... we walk into the center of the plaza.  We take a nice easy stroll, while the tour guide for flash mob takes roll call and asks each person to say whether they want chicken, fish, or beef, the three choices their package allows.  

When we feel that we have felt the gravity of the plaza historically, we may decide to walk freely through the surrounding streets.   Eventually, we will find ourselves in front of a small family owned restaurant filled with local townspeople.  

The matriarch of the family will cook our traditional local meal.  It will be served to us by her son or daughter.  After we enjoy our meal, we may wander about for a bit.  We may find ourselves in a local pub or listening to street musicians playing for tips.  

There is no hurry, no schedule to follow, no need to rush off to whatever is next.    If we love it, we may spend 3 weeks in that city.  

After dinner, the flash mob will be instructed to, "Be back on the bus by 8 AM in the morning."  

The best part is ... we get this authentic self-paced experience for much less money.  

An Actually Affordable World Tour 

Our total daily costs are typically 80% cheaper.  Plus, our experience will be more enjoyable, more relaxed, more intimate, and more authentic.  We have the luxury of time because we are not burning money so fast.  

I won’t be averaging $200 per day. I will spend $15 to $25 on my accommodations, and $1 to $4 per meal.

I am not kidding.  

As I type this sentence, I am in a 750 square foot one bedroom furnished apartment with full kitchen, electric, AC, and wifi.  I am paying $15 USD per day.   My meals here in Nha Trang Vietnam average $1 to $3 USD.  Do the calculation on that and you’ll see I am spending less than it costs to stay home.   

And there is no shortage of beautiful cheap places in the world like this.  I have been to 65 countries so far.  

I am not telling you this to brag.  I assure you, I do not think I am better than anyone. 

I traveled with flash mobs before 2007.  I want you to visualize the difference.  I want you to live the dream of an affordable world tour. 

I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did. I wish someone had given it to me straight like this.  I could have saved thousands of dollars and had a much better time.  

Be different.  Ditch the mob.  Live unique stories of your own creation.  Set yourself free. 

Why Should You Listen to Me?  

I discovered a better way, because I was forced to.  I suffered a financial tragedy in my life, that forced me to travel differently.   I am not just talking about this, I still live this life everyday.     

You see, I left the USA in 2007.  I quit my job and started traveling the world when I was 46 years old.

I had done everything right.  My retirement plan was in place.  

I had investments that I expected to grow slowly when I left the USA.  Things seemed bullet proof.  I thought I had won the game of life.  

Then tragedy struck.  About six months after I started traveling, the world economy crashed in 2008.  My retirement nest egg dropped by 40%.  

I had to figure out how to live on less money.  I didn't want to run out of money before I died.  

So my travel plans changed.  I started researching and traveling to the cheapest paradise locations in the world.  

I not only wanted to save money each day.  I also wanted to find my favorite cheap place in the world to call home.  

I have spent the last decade learning how to live cheap internationally. I spend less than half of what I would in the USA.  I also learned how to move cheaply between all the cool cheap places around the world.  

Fast forward 12 years ... I have now lived in or visited 65 countries so far in my life.  I know the most interesting places in the world where your money will last the longest.

But why should you listen to me?  

What makes me different?  

I rarely go home at all.  Plus, I don't just visit all the cheap paradise places and compare them.  I have also learned how and am now beginning to teach how to travel between them for cheap.  The other guys don't do that.  

The other retire cheap gurus settled in one place after only visiting 10 or 20 places.  

Companies like International Living, rely on people that retired in each place to talk about the pros and cons of each place.   But here is the problem with that.   

They can't describe the difference between Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, or many more. Why?  Because 10 different people that have lived in only 5 places each, is not the same as one person that has lived in all 50 places.   

They can't do the comparison.  I have lived in many of them for months, some even years.  I have created walking tours, day and night tours, and cost of living tours.  I show you by map, text, and video, what it feels like to be in each place.  

My life is one long affordable world tour

When I tell you the best way and cheapest way to move between cities within a country, that means something.  Because I have done it. 

When I tell you the best and cheapest way to move between countries within the same region of the world, that means something.  Because I have done it. 

When I tell you the best order to move from one continent to another continent, that means something, because I have been doing it the cheapest way possible.  This is my life.  

Who else do you know that is moving forward on a never ending affordable world tour and creating videos and reports about the nuances every single day?  

Everyone else goes home after a few weeks or months.  I am still out here.  It has been 12 years.  

This consistent view of traversing the planet for as little money as possible, and this comparison through one set of eyes would help you greatly, don't you think?    

I am typing these words in Nha Trang Vietnam.  A few weeks ago I was in Thailand for 2 months.  Before that I was in Malaysia for 2 months.  Before that it was Portugal and Morocco.  Before that we were in Mexico and South America.  We head to Cambodia next month.    

Would you like to learn my secrets?  

Hundreds of little secrets.  

I move forward.  We almost never buy round trip tickets.  I have no empty bed waiting for me back home.  My real estate is rented out.  A property manager collects the rent and keeps the property repaired. 

I go see mom in the USA once a year for a week, and we go visit my girlfriend's family in Malaysia.  

But otherwise, we are continually traveling the world for cheap.  Our lives are the opposite of everyone else.  We go home once a year for a week.  Everyone else spends a week or two traveling and the rest of their time at home. 

Flash Mob Travelers spend like drunken soldiers on shore leave for a week or two each year.  We teach you how to live cheap all year, as you travel the world.  Mindset makes all the difference.      

There are hundreds of little secrets you need to learn to live like this.  They are spread throughout my reports.  

Like, how do I answer my old phone number when I am out of the country?  How do I get my snail mail when I am traveling the world?  How do I communicate with people if I don't speak the local language?  What do I do with my home when I am traveling the world for 6 years at a time?  Do you know which report shared this information?     

I have been practicing the art of affordable world tours for 12+ years.  This is not a tour for me.  This is a way of life.    

I write reports as I go.  You can follow in my footsteps if you want.  I just keep getting better at saving more money as I go.

Maybe you just want to visit my top five best cheap paradise suggestions and retire in your favorite?  Maybe you want to travel the world for cheap 3 months of every year even after you find your paradise. Maybe you'll want to do an affordable world tour before you decide to settle down?  

But why not keep your options open?  The world is your oyster.   

Can I invite you into my world?  Good.  

I have an idea about how we can help each other.

You might think something is wrong because my price is too low.    

But I need your help.  You see, I am offering this beta test promotion to a limited number of people.  

In return, I am asking you to be brutally honest and share any ideas you have with me, so that I can make final changes before going live.   

In fact, during this beta test promotion, my subscribers have already given me some amazing ideas about how to improve things.  

Several members wanted to learn how to take affordable world tours like me.  Look for the affordable world tour report, plus others I added below.    

I am listening to your feedback and responding.  

I have spent over $250,000 traveling the world over the last 12 years gathering data, and I intend to share it with you for crazy-cheap, if you’ll help me understand what you need.  

In return, I will freeze you in at this crazy-low membership price for as long as you like.  

Beta Test Membership 

Here is what you get for just $9 dollars per month, if you join during this beta-test-promotion.  Plus, joining now during the beta-test gives you access to download all future reports we create until you decide to cancel.   

Retire Cheap Reports:  First, the membership includes all new and future retire cheap reports.  Each report includes text and videos of me describing livability factors, cost of living, tours, things to do, restaurants, best areas to stay, transportation, plus travel tips and secrets.  Today, there are already 50+ reports of my favorite retire cheap in paradise locations in the world. If I charged $20.00 per report, this would be worth around $1000.00.  Since I often add a few retire cheap reports per month, the value grows faster than you can consume the reports.  But that is not all you will get. 

Country Tour Reports:  Within each country, there is often more than one place that you will want to visit.  If you visit those desired places in the right order, you will save on travel costs.  When possible, ground transportation is suggested to transfer from place to place within a country.  Ground transportation like trains and buses often helps reduce daily expenses and allows you to see the countryside.   Based upon subscriber feedback, we are now adding these for each country as we complete a country tour.  At $25.00 per country report, at the rate going forward of about 4 per year, that adds another $100 per year to the membership value.  

Best Places in each Country Report:  Within each retire cheap in paradise country of the world, there are typically several places that you might consider visiting on your affordable world tour or retiring.  We rank the best places in each of our favorite countries to visit or retire.  At $25.00 per report, at the rate going forward of about 4 per year, that adds another $100 per year to the membership value.  

Best Country Reports:  Since I have spent considerable time in 65 different countries, I am able to discuss the pros and cons of each.  But I only compare the best retire cheap in paradise locations.  These are valuable because you learn what is different about each when compared to the others.  These reports help you reduce the number of places you need to visit before making a final decision.  Retire Cheap Reports help you short list the locations with your desired amenities that fit within your budget.  But once you have a shortlist, the comparison reports help you bubble the best ones to the top.  At $25.00 per comparison report, at the rate going forward of about 4 per year, that adds another $100 per year to the membership value.  But that is not that is not all you will get.

If you join now, during our Beta-Promotion, you will also get these  four amazing bonuses.

Affordable World Tour Report:  This report is focused on moving you around the affordable regions of the world for cheap.  These are regions that are not typically adjacent to each other. Regions are often a great distance from each other.   You often need to fly between regions of the world. If you visit those desired regions in the right order, you will be able to save on the number of flights and the average cost of each flight. The goal is to take as few flights per year between regions.  This will help you save money plus reduce the carbon used to move you between regions. That is the purpose of the Affordable World Tour Report. This will also help keep your average daily rate within budget as you move between regions because flight costs won't break your budget.  This book would sell for about $29.00. But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus. Plus, that is not the only bonus. 


Retirement Action Planner:  Your membership includes a copy of my retirement action planner. The planner describes how the world is changing and how you need to adjust to be ready for retirement. The planner includes how and when to save and invest for retirement, how to avoid dipping into your principal, how to pick a financial advisor, the best age to retire based upon your situation, a retirement calculator, how to budget before and during retirement, savings and investments, investment tips, how to pay off debt, various retirement vehicles, international tax havens, working in retirement, and more.  This book would sell for about $29.00. But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus. Plus, that is not the only bonus.


Retire at Any Age with Almost No Money:  This Ebook teaches how the world used to be and how things are different now.  The world is changing. If you already have enough money for retirement, this book is not for you.  The book includes describing how to get ready for retirement at any age, by working really hard for 3 to 5 years and building a cash flow.  Then continue working at a slower pace as you slow down into a working retirement. This allows you to slow down but still keep earning money by leveraging time, money, and automation.  By staying involved and learning, you will not only have extra money, but you will keep your mind fresh.  This book is worth about $39.  But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus. Plus, that is not the only bonus.


Maximize Social Security:  I studied this topic and came up with 8 important tips for you.  I even used one of the tips I learned to increase my mother’s existing social security check by over $1000 per month.  Plus, the increase was retroactive, so she received a check for more than $12,000 in back payments. This report would sell for about $9.00.  But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus if you act during this beta promotion ...


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6. Your $9 Beta Promotion Rate is frozen for life at this rate, unless you cancel.  

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