Antigua Guatemala Best Restaurants Markets and Happy Hours

In this report, I share the Antigua Guatemala Best Restaurants, Markets, and Happy Hours. I have provided Google Maps of all three so it is easier for you when you are on the ground in Antigua.  Just click any of the below Google Maps on your smartphone.

Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Google Map: Here is the Google Map of the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala.


I went to Antigua for a month and ate out in restaurants much more than we would normally do.  I was surprised about how many great restaurants there are in a town this size.

The above video shows the restaurants, foods, and prices in random order. But after I finished making the video, I decided to put them in order below. My favorites are on top.

Fancy Schmancy (Mezon Panza Verde): There are actually two restaurants here, we ate in the smaller one at the entry. $14.25 for two entrees and a fresh fruit smoothie.

French Rooftop (Cafe Boheme): We shared a delicious breakfast here with two large cappuccinos for $9.30 USD. We had a delicious chocolate cream puff on the way out that cost $1.42 USD.

Vegan and Meat Curries (Toku Baru): We shared one vegan curry dish for 42 Q ($5.44 USD) but they also have meat dishes.

100% Vegetarian (Samsara): $8 USD meal. We had a traditional vegetarian middle-eastern dish but they had a wide selection of other worldly vegetarian dishes also.

Best Traditional (La Casa de las Mixtas): This place is one of the oldest continuously owned restaurants in Antigua and serves traditional local meals. The meals cost about $2 to $3 USD and typically include your drink which is common in traditional restaurants.

Buffet Breakfast (San Sebastian): 58 Q ($7.50 USD) for 2 people, all you can eat! It was a traditional Guatemalan breakfast and in a nice atmosphere.

2-for-1 Arches Breakfast (Restaurante Del Arco): This is a 2 for 1 breakfast. It cost 65 Q ($8.42 USD) for two breakfasts, two coffees, and two fresh squeezed orange juice. This is on the grounds of what was a cloistered convent so you can observe the tranquility of a convent as you enjoy your meal.

Berry Cheesecake (Cafe Condesa): We had a nice blackberry cheesecake here for about $9 USD with two coffees.

Mayan Pizza (Refacciones y Pupusas Odilia): Qiang’s chicken rice was $3 USD and my Mayan Pizza was $1 USD. It was fun watching these Guatemalans prepare a local Mayan meal.

Vegan Burger (La Bruja): They have vegan burgers and smoothies 26 Q ($3.37 USD). It is in a courtyard with a beautiful fountain and many other restaurants.

Food Carts (Iglesia de la Merced): In all of Latin America, there is no better way to discover local foods than to sample a family owned food cart. Many have been selling the same recipes handed down for generations. In Antigua, on weekends, you will find an assortment of different kinds of local foods in the park in and around this church. These food carts typically sell delicious local favorites in the price range of $1.50 to $2.50 USD.

Best Markets in Antigua Guatemala

Google Map of Best Markets in Antigua


Smaller Open Air Market: This spot on the map is not the location of this smaller market. But you can see the arches when you stand in this spot. Just go to the spot in the map and look for the arches and walk under the arch and down that street to find this market. This is a smaller open-air market where the farmers only come a few times per week (Monday, Thursday, and Saturday) and sell direct to the public. They often have lower prices on fruits and vegetables but more importantly, the food is fresher, because they usually pick it 24 hours before selling it to you.

Central Market: This is the largest traditional market in Guatemala. Here you will find almost everything you need to buy for everyday life in Guatemala from individual Guatemalan shop owners. Some, but not all, shop owners will charge you higher prices because they know you are a foreigner. I usually don’t mind paying a little more because I figure locals are struggling to feed their families. But with experience, you’ll learn what prices should be and you will be able to bargain your way to a fair price. Some expats have a local maid that comes to their home a few times per week to cook or clean for them and they just have their maid do the shopping to get the local prices.

La Bodegona (Supermarket): This is a large supermarket and even has a stationary store on the second floor. Here you will find both foreign and local foods, skin and hair care products, fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. You will also find household items, clothing, and alcohol. It would be similar to a Walmart in the USA but the prices are often higher than the two local markets above.

Artesian Market: This market has a large selection of souvenirs and Guatemalan arts and crafts. You can negotiate the prices of course.

Best Happy Hours in Antigua Guatemala

Google Map of Best Happy Hours

Cafe Sky Bar Rooftop Happy Hour: This might be the best view at sunset because it faces the sunset. The happy hour prices were not that great but the view was spectacular.

Tropicana Hostel Rooftop Happy Hour: Drinks are normally about 20 Q here but during happy hour they are 2 for 1. When we were here happy hour was earlier in the day (3-5 PM) because the rooftop bar had to close early during the pandemic.

El Illegal Happy Hour: 2 for 1 drinks.

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