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This is the video of our Best Island Hopping Tour Panglao Philippines.

If the video looks fun, visit Alona Beach in Panglao Philippines the evening before you want to go. You won’t be able to get within 2 blocks of the beach before some tries to sell you an island hopping tour.

We recommend you split this tour into two days if you have time. But you can fit it all into a day like we did if time is not on your side.

Day 1: Balicasag Island and Virgin Island: Balicasag Island has a great turtle sanctuary that you must have a guide to explore. You will be snorkeling mainly while on Balicasag but you will also have about one hour of free time. They have food and drink Balicasag but it is way overpriced for the quality level. Bring snacks, drinks, and sunblock in your backpack. Virgin Island has more interesting and fairly priced food so try the local food there instead. Watch Qiang Gui eat sea urchins in this video.

Day 2: Molave Cliff Diving Resort: This one is on Panglao Island so you can get here by scooter or tricycle. You jump off a cliff (or walk down stairs) into an amazing snorkeling adventure. You can float around in a school of sardines. They dart around you like shown in the above video. You can also watch predator fish try to eat the sardines. Jump off the cliff as many times as you like.

Costs: Prices are negotiable but we paid 1800 Pesos ($36 USD) per person total but we suspect that we could have got it all for less if we pushed harder. That included transportation, environmental fees, … everything, no extras. It doesn’t matter what seller you buy from, you all end up in the same places, organized by the same people.

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