How my financial disaster will help you retire internationally in paradise for half the cost. 

Yes, you can live exotically overseas for less than home. 

Learn how my tragedy will help you Live or Retire in Paradise--sooner than you imagine.  

My name is Dan and I am the founder of Vagabond Buddha.   

I will show you how to retire early overseas in paradise for half of what you thought possible in a moment.  But first, let me explain how I came to live internationally, 16 years ago.    

This is the story of how tragedy helped me become an expert finding the best retire cheap in paradise locations around the world.  

I have one idea in mind for you. I want you to start living your dreams a little sooner than you thought possible. If my personal misfortune can help you find your best retirement place in the world that fits within your particular retirement budget, then I will consider Vagabond Buddha a success.


My goal is to help you find your personal paradise and get you living there sooner than you thought possible. 

I believe I am the person with the best chance to help you make your early retirement dreams come true.  

My Goal! If I can make you believe that retiring internationally is the key to living an amazing retirement, for half as much money as you thought possible, and you realize that my methods provide the best freedom and flexibility for you to develop an international lifestyle on a known limited budget, then all of your other fears, concerns or objections about retiring internationally will fall away.  That is when, you will take action.  On that day, I believe you will start planning and executing your dreams. 

That day could be today.  

But first, let me tell you how the tragedy of the 2008 worldwide market crash forced me into a corner that helped me figure out my own retirement.  

I am not just talking about this.  
This happened to me. 

My life started out fine.  I listened to my parents.  I was as sincere as the next guy.  I went to school.  I did what the world expected of me.  I got decent grades.  I took a decent-paying job.  I tried as hard as the next guy.  I married a nice woman.  I bought a house and started saving for retirement.    

I learned the basics about retirement.  I dreamed of paying off my house and retiring someday.  I dreamed of seeing faraway places in retirement.  I planned on relaxing and enjoying family.  I never touched my retirement nest egg. 

I thought I might even have a little money to leave my family when I died. 

I saved a little of everything I made along the way.  I paid myself first.  Each time I had a little chunk, I invested it. I put it in my 401(k). I bought a house, but I kept saving. I even bought a few real estate investments along the way. 

When I was 45 years old, I sat down and looked at where I was in my life.  

I estimated about how much it would cost me to retire in the US.  I estimated how much it would cost to see the world a few months each year.  

I then estimated the monthly cash flow my investments would provide for my retirement.  With moderate normal growth in my investments, I would have enough for early retirement at age 55.    

I had made it.  I thought I was done.  My planning was successful.  I had made most of the right moves. I had put the investments I needed in place.  

My future was set.  

There is an old saying.  "God laughs when we make plans."  On that day, god was laughing. 

You see, I had asked myself the question, “What do I want to do for the next 10 years?”

At age 45, I didn’t want to wait another 10 years to start my travels.  And why should I? My investments would grow over the next 10 years whether I was in the USA or anywhere else in the world.  

I thought all I needed to do was support my daily expenses and let my nest egg grow until retirement in about 10 years.   

I started thinking ... I don’t want to do this job for another 10 or 15 years.  I want to see the world now.  I had become bored at work.  I wasn’t even sure I could get myself to work another 10 or 15 years.  

I felt like I had become lazy.  There was very little risk in my life ... no chance to lose or win big.  

My life looked like success on the outside.  That was not how I felt inside. I felt like I had played life safe.  I felt like I had some potential left in me that needed to get out.   

I was spinning my wheels for things I no longer believed in.  I was running hard for a future I wasn't excited about.  I felt like I was a cog in someone else's wheel.  I had slowly become an invisible man. 

They told me I would be happy if I lived the American dream.  But it felt like monthly payments on things I didn't want anymore.  I couldn't see an easy way out.  I was deep in the rat race and I didn't want to run anymore.       

Ten more years of this?  The chains of normal were wrapped tightly around my wrists.  It felt like a slow walk to death.     

But what could I do?  I wanted some adventure.  I needed more passion in my life.  I wanted to feel proud of myself, again.  

One day sitting at my desk the phone rang.  The caller asked, “Would you consider moving to India for 2 years for a job?”  With very little thought, I said "yes."  

What could be more adventurous than India?  And all I needed to do was make enough to pay my daily expenses and leave my retirement nest egg alone while I went on an adventure.  It looked like I finally had my path to freedom.  So, ....

Two months later, I was living in India.  

My new job in India included 7 weeks per year of paid holiday. 

That meant I could take every seventh week off.

I would work 6 weeks and then head to the airport.  I would fly somewhere and enjoy the world during the 7th week.  I would fly back and be at my desk 10 days later.   Then I would start counting the weeks again, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

It was a dream come true for me.  I visited 22+ countries in 2 years.  

My life was better than any dreams I had ever had.  I was no longer chained to a life I didn’t love.  I was a free man traveling the world.  My job paid a normal American salary, but I was living like a king on what felt like peanuts.

But the dream ended in a nightmare. 

Disaster struck.  

The US economy collapsed in 2008, while I was living in India.  I got the wind knocked out of me.  

Congress had passed laws to protect the American economy after the great depression.  But bankers spent decades trying to get rid of those laws.  Bankers got those laws removed after getting key politicians reelected.  

With regulators off their backs, bankers enjoyed an 8 year orgy of profits before their subprime mortgages crashed the world economy in 2008.  A few years before the crash, bankers saw a dark cloud forming over the economy.  They didn’t want to go down with the ship.  

So market wizards like Joseph Cassano, at AIG Financial Products, sold off the foreclosure risk to investors using financial derivatives such as credit default swaps.  Some industry critics have called Joesph Cassano, the “Man Who Crashed the World.”  

I didn’t even know his name at the time.  But he and others like him changed my life.  

In less than 12 months, my networth dropped by 40%.  My real estate investments collapsed.  My 401(k) was hammered hard. 

Instead of moderate growth in my nest egg resulting in retirement in 10 years, my assets took a deep dive during the 2008 worldwide market crash.  

Luckily, I didn’t sell anything during the crash.  I just held on and prayed the market would recover.  

I hoped that things would recover quickly but they didn’t.  It remained low and unstable for a few years. So I couldn’t even really set a new retirement date.  

I just had to keep working and see what happened over time.  

I waited as long as I could, but after 3 years, I wanted to leave India.  I wanted try living in other countries.  I wanted to live in other parts of the world. I didn’t want to move back to the USA yet.  I wasn't ready for normal.

I didn’t want to go back to another soul sucking normal job.  I had tasted freedom and I loved the flavor.  I wanted more of it, not less.  

So in 2010, I asked my boss if I could reduce my hours and pay and begin working remotely on my laptop, part time.  

Luckily, he said yes.  

That is when I began traveling the world!

For the next 12 years, I lived all over the world.  Sometimes I would live in one place for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months.  I almost never bought round trip tickets.  I just kept moving forward throughout the world.  

Once I realized that I would not have enough money to retire at age 55, I started thinking about a back up plan.


I began to keep track of the cost of living in various parts of the world.  I began to realize that there were many paradise locations around the world where I could live for half (or less) of what I would need in the USA.  

When I visited family in the USA, I realized that I just wasn't that into the USA lifestyle anymore.  

Most of the retirement affordable parts of the USA are not as charming.  The USA is all about malls and automobiles.  I had fallen in love with charming walkable neighborhoods around the world where you don't need  a car at all.  

That is when I had a new idea.  Instead of retiring in the USA and traveling 3 months of the year, why not retire in a cheap paradise location?  That would allow me to save money for 9 months and travel to expensive places like the USA, Japan, and Europe, the other 3 months of the year.  I should retire internationally and travel from a foreign base!  

I began to realize that I could live in much of the world for much less than it would cost to retire in the USA. 

That is when I decided to begin researching and creating my new retirement plan.  

While I worked remotely on my laptop, I would research and travel to the low cost of living countries with paradise environments.  

Here was the plan.  I would live in each place and estimate how much it would cost to live there.  I would determine a sustainable retirement budget for each place.  

At about the same time, my retirement nest egg was slowly beginning to rebound.  I started to notice that there were places around the world that I could retire on my slowly rebounding retirement assets.   I wouldn't need to wait until my 70s to retire.   My research was showing that my early retirement was coming back to life.  

My new goals was to find my favorite retirement place.  I would live there 9 months of the year and travel the world the other 3 months of the year.    

During the 9 months, I would stay under budget so I could save a little money each month.  That would give me extra money to visit more expensive places when I traveled the other 3 months of the year.  

That would allow me to visit the whole world even after I retired.  

My idea worked for me.  I am living my dreams. So ... in 2016, I started Vagabond Buddha to share it with you!  

  • I have found many amazing places where you can live an amazing life!
  • Many places where a fixed low retirement budget goes past the end of the month.
  • It took me over a decade of struggles spending countless hours of research and a few hundred thousand dollars of my own hard earned money to figure out how all of the pieces of this puzzle fit together nicely.  My secrets came at a personal price to me of a decade of sweat and money.  
  • But this is not a one size fits all decision.  
    You don't have 10 years to visit each place (like me) do you?  You probably need to narrow the number of places you visit before making a final decision, yes?  That is what is different about me.  Many of the retire cheap gurus settled in one place after only visiting 10 or 20 places.  They can't describe the difference between the Philippines, Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Central or South America. Why?  Because 10 different people that have lived in only 5 places each, is not the same as one person that has lived in all 50 places.   They can't do the comparison if they haven't spent considerable time in each place.  I have lived in many of them for months, some even years.  I have created walking tours, day and night tours, and cost of living tours.  I show you by map, text, and video, what it feels like to be in each place.   I have created my retire cheap in paradise reports and videos, so you know what a $1.50 USD meal looks like in each place.  If you listen to one person that has enjoyed living cheap everywhere, ... when they compare places ... that means something, yes?  Plus, I provide cost of living and livability factors, pictures, and videos describing the pros and cons of each place.  This consistent comparison through one set of eyes would help you greatly, don't you think?  This will help you narrow the time and energy you spend in your search, yes?  That is the story of my life.  Because I have worked remotely all over the world for 13 years, I have a unique and detailed perspective, that very few people have.  Plus I know the pain of getting near and arriving at retirement age with less than you expected.  My knowledge and experience might help set you free, yes?  

But what I learned about the World is more significant than paradise for pennies.   

I learned that people are basically the same all over the world

They may look a little different, eat different foods, believe in different gods, and create different art, literature and architecture, but when you scratch under the surface, we are all very similar.

They work hard and bring home their success and share it with family and friends. They take care of their neighbors and watch out for the young, the weak, and the old.

The overwhelming majority of people in every culture are about love, integrity, fairness, and family.  

People that should know better often try to separate us by our differences.  The media even try to convince you that where you live is safe but the rest of the world is weird or different.  They may even try to tell you that the world is a dangerous place.

I have found not found that to be the case.  The opposite has been true in my experience.  Wouldn't I know?

When I started traveling, I assumed that the cheaper places would have a lower quality of life.  I assumed that the quality of daily life would be better in more expensive places.  

But what I have found is often just the opposite.  Sure, I have visited cheap places where I would not want to live.  But there are also cheap places that I absolutely love.   

In general, the more expensive places seem to have traded quality of life for visual representations of wealth.   This often seems to equate to less personal time.  Less time to develop meaningful relationships.  Less time to pursue what you love most.

In the expensive world, people are often too busy chasing dreams that require buckets of money.  They keep chasing dreams until they run out of time.  They don't enjoy life long the way.  They are not smelling the flowers along the road as they walk through life.  

You will start to think differently.

You will learn that there are parts of the world where life is just simpler. 

Things are not as rushed. People are not so consumer driven.  There are places where people drink coffee from a ceramic cup.  That is meant partly as a joke.  But it turns out to be true.  When you drop out of the rat race, you'll learn that life is more about experience each moment than constantly rushing off to the next thing.

There are places where people just don’t need as much money.  Life is just so much simpler and cheaper. There are places where life is rich and fulfilling on almost any budget.  

There are places where more money could be a disadvantage.  Places were spending more money separates you from a soul warming intimacy that would otherwise have been available to you, if you had lived simply with the locals.  

There are doors that will open to you all over the world just because people are curious about strangers from foreign lands.  People will often be interested in you just because you look different.  

You will see how different cultures value time and life differently.  You will learn how spending time doing whatever you love ... feels.  Whether reading a good book, painting, learning about a new culture, enjoying the local art and music, taking long walks without a destination, learning to dance, playing cards, making local foods, making love, hiking, sleeping in, or whatever you love ... feels ... without watching the clock.  

Life just feels different when you aren’t so worried about time or money.


Sometimes having more money actually separates you from others.  There are connections you could have created if you had integrated with the locals and enjoyed the simple pleasures of a beautiful place.   

Can I invite you into my world?  Good.  I have an idea about how we can help each other.   

You might think something is wrong because my price is too low.    

But the price is low because you are our partner.  You see, almost every aspect of my life and the information we create for our community, comes from you, our members.  Where we go, what we research, and what we share with you is in large part based upon your ideas.  We are able to keep our prices low because of the help we get from members like you.     

So, I am asking you to be brutally honest and share any ideas you have with me, so that I can continue to drive the information provided in a direction that is most valuable to you and future members like you.    

In return, I will freeze you at this crazy-low membership price until you cancel.   

Retire Cheap in Paradise


Here is what you get for just $19 dollars per month, or $399 one time payment for life, if you join right now. 

Location Reports:  First, I would like to offer you a membership in my retire cheap reports.  Each featured country has location reports that includes text and videos of me describing livability factors, cost of living, tours, things to do, restaurants, best areas to stay, transportation, plus other travel tips and secrets.  Today, there are already 124 reports of my favorite retire cheap in paradise locations in the world.  At $20.00 per report, this is already worth $2480.00.  Since I add reports each month, the value grows faster than you can consume the reports.  But that is not all you will get. 

Comparison Reports:  This is what makes me different.  Since I have spent considerable time in all of these places, I am able to discuss the pros and cons of each country.  I am also able to discuss pros and cons of different locations within countries.  These are valuable because you learn what is different about each place when compared to the others.  These reports help you reduce the number of places you need to visit before making a final decision.  Retire Cheap Reports help you short list the locations with your desired amenities. The comparison reports help you bubble the best ones to the top.  Today, there are already 19 comparison reports.  At $25.00 per report, this is already worth $475.00, but I add about 6 new comparison reports per year.  But that is not all you will get.

Planning Reports:  After 15 years living outside my home country traveling the world and living in 67 different countries, I share hundreds of tricks to save you money, time, and aggravation, on a diverse set of topics such as : banking mistakes, minimalism, expat mistakes, spending mistakes, visa mistakes, real estate mistakes, world tours, finding love overseas, slow travel tips, travel fitness, how to retire overseas, overseas risks, and making money online.  When people ask about various kinds of problems I put them on a list.  I pick which reports to write next based upon the kinds of questions and quantity I get from members.   Today, there are already 40 planning reports.  At $25.00 per report, this is already worth $1000.00, but I add planning reports all year.  But that is not all you will get.

Slow Travel Reports:  After 15 years living outside my home country slow traveling around the world living in 67 different countries, I share hundreds of tricks and tips to save you money slow traveling the world such as how to rent perfect apartments, how to save on international travels, how to enter countries without roundtrip tickets, how save money traveling on the ground instead of flying, how to pack, how to save luggage fees, how to save money on do it yourself tours, etc.  When my members ask about various kinds of problems I put them on a list.  I pick which reports to write next based upon the kinds of questions and quantity I get from members.   Today, there are already 11 slow travel reports.  At $25.00 per report, this is already worth $275.00, but I add reports when you ask great questions about slow travel.  But that is not all you will get.

The Retire Overseas Course:  Once I had published over 200 eBooks in my membership, one of my members sent me an email.  He said, "Dan , there are so many eBooks here and so much information, that I don't know where to start?"  So, I created a course where members learn everything I know about retiring overseas.  7 lessons of 30-40 minutes each that teach each stage of the overseas retirement journey.   Including an index into all of the reports so you know where to find more details when you encounter specific problems preparing for and/or living overseas.  This course could easily save you $3000 if you avoid some of the problems and aggravations I have experienced living overseas for the last 16 years.   I am including my Retire Overseas Course for new and existing members.  But that is not all you will get.

The Hobby Income Course:  For over a year now, a few of you have said to me, Dan, this all sounds good, but I need more monthly cash flow before I will be able to live my dreams overseas.  I spent thousands of dollars on online courses that taught me how to make money online.  But none of them taught everything I needed to know to generate an online income that would follow me all over the world.  So I had to invent my online hobby income stream myself.  So, as a way of thanking my existing subscribers for making my dreams come true, I am including my Hobby Income Course for new and existing members.  Based upon what I have paid for other online courses, this course is worth about $1200.00.   But that is not all you will get.

If you join now, you will get these three amazing bonuses.

Retirement Action Planner:  Your membership includes a copy of my retirement action planner. The planner describes how the world is changing and how you need to adjust to be ready for retirement. The planner includes how and when to save and invest for retirement, how to avoid dipping into your principal, how to pick a financial advisor, the best age to retire based upon your situation, a retirement calculator, how to budget before and during retirement, savings and investments, investment tips, how to pay off debt, various retirement vehicles, international tax havens, working in retirement, and more.  This book would sell for about $29.00. But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus. Plus, that is not the only bonus.


Retire at Any Age with Almost No Money:  This Ebook teaches how the world used to be and how things are different now.  The world is changing. If you already have enough money for retirement, this book is not for you.  The book includes describing how to get ready for retirement at any age, by working really hard for 3 to 5 years and building a cash flow.  Then continue working at a slower pace as you slow down into a working retirement. This allows you to slow down but still keep earning money by leveraging time, money, and automation.  By staying involved and learning, you will not only have extra money, but you will keep your mind fresh.  This book is worth about $39.  But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus. Plus, that is not the only bonus.


Maximize Social Security:  I studied this topic and came up with 8 important tips for you.  I even used one of the tips I learned to increase my mother’s existing social security check by over $1000 per month.  Plus, the increase was retroactive, so she received a check for more than $12,000 in back payments. This report would sell for about $9.00.  But you will not pay that.  It is just a bonus if you act now.


Value Summary

1. Location Reports  $2480 (growing at $250 year)

2. Comparison Reports $475.00 (growing at $100 year)

3. Planning Reports $1000 (growing at $150 year)

4. Slow Travel Reports $275 (growing at $5o year)

5. Retire Overseas Course $3000 (roadmap to escape rat race)

6. The Hobby Income Course $1200 (extra $$ from your favorite hobby)

7. Retirement Action Planner $29 (bonus #1)

8. Retire at Any Age with Almost No Money $39 (bonus #2)

9. Maximize Social Security  $9 (bonus #3)

Total Value Today $8,582.00 (But growing daily)

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$19 Monthly Membership

1. Monthly recurring membership fee of $19 per month starting today.

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6. Only the $19 Monthly Memberships has a 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  No questions asked.  

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Don't change a thing and enjoy!"

“Dan and Qiang, I've just discovered your videos and online content and I like everything you're presenting.  You're getting to the heart of the issues, listing info that I want and need, and making all enjoyable to watch.  Don't change a thing and enjoy! Thanks.”  


G’day Dan l hope l find both you and Qiang well. I have been working
my way through your “The Retire Overseas Course” which ... now has, become my bible and my go to encyclopedia and reference source when l need to research a topic, so
thank you so very much for the great effort and work you have go to in
compiling this for no other reason than to impart your knowledge and
wisdom onto those of us who follow in you footsteps. In every aspect
of life the challenges are always easier to face and overcome when you
have a coach, a mentor and an inspiration, and you are certainly all
of those and so much more to many of us.


“Good, useful and accurate info as in all of your videos. Thanks.

Your channel is one of the best we've come across for budget minded retirees, and long stay travelers in general, and we look at a lot.”

-Mac Cat


A Few More Thoughts ... 

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your customer service.  You are truly GREAT to do business with!  I want to let everyone know that what you promise you deliver ... actually over-deliver.  Your information is extremely valuable and accurate.  The reports and courses are also of high value.  To me, the "real value" is the down to earth accurate information that you consistently deliver.  Keep it up!


Thank you so much for posting this. Not only is the information very useful, I really appreciate the real life street scenes you provide. They help your viewers get a true sense of “being there” not just the “pretty” tourist shots. Very well done.”


Your business deal is the best one I've ever made in my lifetime.  I know the cost of travel. You saved me thousands of dollars and years of time.


The fact that others love what we are doing is great.  But wouldn't you love it even more if we also took all the risk away from you?  Just join our $19 Monthly Membership today and take us for a test drive.  If you don't feel like we have delivered more than you expected, we will refund your money.  The risk is on our side.  Here is our money back guarantee.  

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P.S.: Please remember your promise to me.  I am just offering you this crazy-low rate, for a short time.  In return, I need your help. I am asking you to share your ideas with me, so I can keep the reports more valuable for you and everyone else.   In return for your help, I will freeze you at this crazy-low price for as long as you remain a member.  By helping me help you make your dreams come true, you will be helping me open the same door for others.  I will be forever grateful to you.  I promise to honor your help by listening and improving Vagabond Buddha, so the door opens more easily for everyone.  

I look forward to meeting you in person, somewhere in the world, someday.  :-)  


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