Life Design 101

What is Life Design 101?

Life design 101 is an owner’s manual for human beings.  Life Design 101 is where I share successful strategies for living.  I only share ideas that have worked in my life.  Life Design is my owner’s manual for living.  When I try something that works consistently over many years, I share it.  Sharing what works brings me back to what works.  The power of my testimony is life-affirming and helps me as much as it helps you.

Life Design 101 is my observational analysis of how to live a successful, thoughtful, and meaningful life.

Eight Keys to a Successful Life

Here is a short taxonomy of the areas of study of successful living I will develop and discuss over time here on Life Design 101.  In short, Vagabond Buddha will teach you how to freely wander the planet being healthy, wealthy, and wise.  That is the gist of Life Design 101.

  1. How to Take Care of Your Body
  2. How to Manage Consciousness for Joyful Living
  3. How to Identify Your Values
  4. How to Determine Your Purpose
  5. How to Manage Your Actions
  6. How to Design Your Environment
  7. How to Live Happily With Your Mind
  8. How to Freely Wander the Planet Being Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

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