Hong Kong Layover Tour

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This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. This is my Hong Kong Layover Tour. If the above Hong Kong Layover Tour video looks fun, here is the information you need to take it.

When booking a flight from Asia back to the USA, one of the cheapest flights I was offered on Skyscanner included a 5-hour layover in Hong Kong. But the flight below that was even cheaper and had an even longer layover, 7.5-ish+ hours at the Hong Kong International Airport.

I decided to take the longer layover. That would allow me to take the Airport Express train from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Central Station and explore the city for a few hours. The Airport Express was about $10 USD roundtrip.

Airport Express

Click this ==>Google Map<== to get the Airport Express map on your smartphone.

Once you land, look for the Airport Express train signs. The train leaves every 10 minutes and takes 26 minutes to get to central once it leaves. That means you need 36 minutes each way to get to Hong Kong central and back to the airport, or 72 minutes roundtrip. Just figure 90 minutes total to be safe.

Since my layover was so long, they didn’t give me my boarding pass for leaving Hong Kong until three hours before my flight. So I needed another 2 hours to get my boarding pass and clear customs and immigration.

I wanted to spend 3 hours walking around Hong Kong minimum. So here is a reasonable explanation of the time needed.

Minimum Time Needed

40 minutes to clear customs when you land in Hong Kong

1.5 hours on Airport Express train return (there and back).

3 hours walking around Hong Kong Central

2 hours getting boarding pass and customs leaving after visiting Hong Kong Central

So you need a layover of around 7.5-ish or more hours to pull this off.

Walking Tour of Central Hong Kong

Click the above ==>Google Map<== to take roughly the same path I walked in my 2.5-hour tour. The first and last stop on this tour is the IFC Mall where the Airport Express drops you. Watch the video above and if it looks good, take my Hong Kong Layover Tour.

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