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Cheapest Tequila Mexico Tour $18 USD

[kkstarratings]  This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha.

We just created the cheapest Tequila Mexico tour for $18 USD.  The tour to Tequila starts from Guadalajara, Mexico at 18 USD, per person. Here is how you can take our self-guided tour. Take an Uber to the Old Bus Station (Antigua Central Camionera) in Guadalajara, Mexico. At this bus station, the round trip tickets to Tequila cost 158 Pesos ($8 USD) per person. The bus departs every hour but depart no later than 11AM so you can get everything done before you board the last return bus to Guadalajara at 7PM. The bus drops you in Tequila at the Jose Cuervo Circle. From the circle, use ==>this link<== to begin your walking tour of Tequila. When you get to the first stop on the tour, buy your Tequila Tour tickets for 200 Pesos ($10 USD) per person. When you have finished your day in Tequila, walk back to Jose Cuervo Circle to catch the last bus back to Guadalajara at 7 PM. You can take any earlier bus if you are ready to go home sooner.

Fun Facts about Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico:

  1. Tequila is only 60 KM (37 miles) from Guadalajara.
  2. The city of Tequila is named after the fermented drink made from the Blue Agave Cactus Plant that originates here.
  3. The indigenous people had already been fermenting blue agave for 1500 years before the Spanish arrived.
  4. Tequila was founded by the Franciscan Monks in 1530. How do you establish a place where people have lived for thousands of years?
  5. In 1600, Pedro Sanchez de Tagle built a large scale distilling operation that took the fermented indigenous beverage and increased the alcohol content. That is what we now know to be Tequila. Sanchez also started cultivating blue agave on a large scale.
  6. After Mexico threw the Spanish out, Mexico took over the tequila manufacturing in around 1815.
  7. In 1873, Tequila citizens and police had to fight off bandits, called “Tigers of Alicia” who tried to take the Tequila distilleries.

Things to do in Tequila: The things to do in Tequila are listed below this map. Here is your Google Maps Walking Tour. Click ==>this link<== on your smartphone and start walking.

Free Tequila Old Town Walking Tour:

Click ==>this link<== to get started. The tour starts in Jose Cuervo Circle where the bus drops you.

  1. Parroquia Santiago Apostol: This is the main church in Tequila Jalisco Mexico. It was built in 1649. The squares in front of this church is where tequila tour sellers will approach you.
  2. Main Plaza in Tequila Jalisco Mexico: This square runs along the side of the Parroquia Church. It is surrounded by beautiful colonial-era buildings with cafes, restaurants, and Tequila tasting opportunities.
  3. The National Museum of Tequila (MUNAT): There was some great Tequila centric art and tequila history here.
  4. Sausa Quinta: In front of the above Parroquia Church, several tour operators will approach you offering tours of the main tequila distilleries in town. The prices range from about 200 Pesos to 350 Pesos ($10 to $18 USD). We took the Sausa tour for $10 which you can watch in our youtube video (Google “Vagabond Buddha Cheapest Tequila Tour.”) We picked this tour mainly because I had seen pictures of the inside of the Sausa Family Estate and wanted to see it in person. Watch our video.
  5. Silly Tourist Trolleys: There are silly looking tourist trolleys that you can ride around town in for about $10 USD, but the town is so small, we decided to walk. If you took one of these trolleys and had fin or learned something interesting, please comment below so I can add that information to this post.
  6. Artesian Tequilas: If you really are a Tequila Aficionado, I recommend doing research before showing up to pick which of the artesian tequila distilleries or tastings you want to visit while you are in town. When we were there we noticed a few of them (Casa Orendain) were well attended.

Restaurants in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico: If you are really trying to do this on the cheap, you can bring your own food with you. The restaurants in the Griingo areas of Tequila are not cheap. You can also walk away from the Gringo area until you see a good deal around $2. We decided to eat in the Gringo Area at Restaurante Fonda Cholula. My cheese enchiladas and orange juice cost $8 USD including tip. It was delicious.

Bad News: The above bus tour is 2 hours each way. Tequila Mexico is only about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from Guadalajara. There are tours that can get you to Tequila and back in 60 minutes, depending on traffic. Some also will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodations.

If you book my recommended flights, tours (Viator Tours, GetYourGuide Tours), or accommodations, you will pay nothing extra, but we will earn a small commission.

More Tour Choices: Here are a few other tour choices if you have less time and more money.

  1. Get Your Guide Tours: Click this link for Get Your Guide Tours from Guadalajara.
  2. Viator Tours: Click this link for Viator Tours from Guadalajara.

Thanks for stopping by Vagabond Buddha, Dan

Warning: I am not offering you these prices.  These are just my notes and estimates from the time of my visit and this post.  Your costs will likely be drastically different if significant inflation or deflation occurs or the market changes after this post.  I will not update these numbers until I am on the ground again here, if ever.   

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