How this overseas retiree beats inflation every year

In this report, I will share how this overseas retiree beats inflation every year

Not all of you are interested in learning how I made $104k USD doing my favorite hobby online in 2023. So I will share that part second.

How Living Cheap Overseas Helps Beat Inflation

In Part 1, I will explain how living overseas in your favorite paradise location, you can reduce your living expenses. If you invest that savings each month, your retirement nest egg will grow giving you a better chance of beating inflation as you get older.

We have hundreds of reports that teach people the best places to retire cheap in paradise overseas. We also have videos with our feet on the ground in all these great places so you can get an idea of which places are your favorites.

Our videos let you see with your own eyes, what we ate, what we did for fun, and where we stayed in each paradise location. Not all of you will be as thrifty as we are, but I’ll bet many of you will be able to save money each month to build your retirement nest egg.

Our reports and videos show places where many retirees will be able to save an extra $500 to $2000 per month or more on their cost of living. If you sock that money away now in some safe investments, you will likely be in a much better place financially than if you had decided to stay in your more expensive home country.

Plus, our retire overseas course will help you avoid many of the mistakes new retirees make when they first retire overseas. One of the biggest mistakes new retirees make is to buy real estate too soon when they move overseas. We explain why it is smarter to wait at least a few years before buying real estate when you retire overseas. So make sure to read that report before you retire overseas.

If you are curious about all of the topics we cover in the Retire Overseas Course, make sure to watch Lesson One of the course which covers the course syllabus. But don’t buy the course today. For a limited time, we will be running a 50% off end-of-the-year sale that starts in a few days. Keep listening if you want to know more about that.

So living overseas in paradise for less than what it costs to live in your home country will likely help make your nest egg grow and thus last longer which is one way to beat inflation overseas.

How I Make Money Sharing My Favorite Hobby

Now, in Part 2, I will explain how I make money by sharing my favorite hobby online. I do this update about once a year so you will see my hobby income as it grows. After I show you this year’s growth, I will take you under the hood of my hobby business and show you where the money comes from.

Okay, now I will show you how much money my hobby made online this year. Today it is December 6th of 2023. So I don’t have all of December 2023 data yet. So I will show you the income my business made from December 1, 2022, through November 30, 2023. So, I am showing 12 full months of data that ended a few days ago.

During the 12 months of all of December 2022 through all of November 2023, the membership site made $72,555.46.


The other source of income was the money YouTube pays me when people watch my videos.


It will be easier to see these numbers when I take you under the hood of my business in a minute, but for those same 12 months, December 1, 2022, through November 30, 2023, YouTube paid me $32,011.09. If you add these two income sources together, you can see that my online hobby made ($32,011.09+$72,555.46) is $104,566.55 for that 12-month period just ending a few days ago.

But this is not a get-rich-quick business. This is a make-money slow during retirement business doing something you love. If you are like me, it will grow slowly and steadily, but there is no guarantee that you will make money.

But let me give you an idea of how slow it can be. I report income from time to time, and here is what this hobby business made over the last 5 years.

Slow Growing Online Hobby

























*12 months ending November 30, 2023

Why This is The Best Business For Retirees

I was not happy with my job and it took me years to figure out how to do this business. I took a bunch of courses and none of them worked for me.

So what I teach in this course is something I invented that is perfect for older people like me who have wisdom about something but don’t want to risk their retirement nest egg by starting an expensive business.

Here is why I think this is the best business for retirees. After I share these reasons, I will take you under the hood and show you how my online hobby generates this cash.

Low Start-Up Costs: You can get the business started with almost no money. You just start posting videos about how to do your favorite hobby. Tricks and tips you have learned over the years to have the most fun doing it, how to save money doing it, and what you would do differently if you started doing your favorite hobby again today. Once YouTube starts paying you for views, you can use that income to pay for the third-party software we teach how to set up in the course.  

No Advertising Costs. You just post webpages and videos online and people discover you when they start searching Google and YouTube for information about your hobby niche. When they learn that you are providing good useful information about how to make your hobby much easier, you will win a special place in their heart.

They will think of you whenever they want to solve problems they have doing your hobby. Eventually, when you start posting eBooks, and courses about how to do your hobby in the best way possible, they will already know and trust you and are more likely to want to pay you for everything you are teaching them.

No Shipping Costs, No Hazzles, No Boundaries. When students buy from you, they just download your information, such as eBooks, newsletters, or courses. You can be on the beach somewhere in the world or even taking a nap. You will be making money while you sleep without putting things in boxes and shipping them around the world. That means your customers can be anywhere in the world and it will not increase delivery costs.

The Whole Business is just a Laptop. I have no employees, no office, no office hours, no answering phones. I just reply to all emails within 24 hours to keep my students happy.

You Get To Share Your Favorite Hobby. The information business can be about anything. But, in the Hobby Income Course, I suggest you share information about your favorite hobby. Why? Because you already love doing your hobby.

So it will be more fun for you to share that enthusiasm you have for that subject matter. But you could also pick any subject that you know more about than most people. Then just build your knowledge over time as you study the topic and become well known by sharing what you are constantly learning in videos on your channel.

You Can Be Camera Shy. You don’t even have to share your face in your videos anymore. So long as your content helps people save time and money, have more fun, or avoid more problems from watching your videos, the knowledge and expertise you share will gain their trust and respect and they will likely want to keep learning more from you. You can even create beautiful AI characters on your channel.   Have your AI characters share information about your hobby so you can remain anonymous. 

I started this business before AI characters were available so my videos are of me and my girlfriend Qiang of Hobo Ventures showing you beautiful places all around the world.

No Expensive Courses. New or existing paid members of, whether monthly members or one-time payment for life members will have access to my Hobby Income Course at no extra charge.

My Hobby Income Course will teach how I turned my hobby into an income and why I believe it would work for hundreds of other hobbies too. So if you complete my course, and do everything I say, you might also be able to quit your job and do only your hobby someday. I can’t guarantee that my ideas will work for everyone, but wouldn’t it be great if it worked for you?

And now matter what happens with inflation in the next few decades, a growing income stream is likely to make life much easier on you.  

But don’t buy a membership today. I will be emailing out a coupon in the next week or so that will allow you to knock 50% off the regular lifetime membership. To get on my free email list, grab a free copy of my eBook, “How I Fired My Boss and Traveled the World for 16+ Years.”

The Hobby Income Course will work your fanny off but you may have a new life when all is said and done. The only promise I am making you is that it will not be easy. Thanks again for making my dreams come true. Now let’s look under the hood of my business and how it makes money.

Going Under the Hood of my Hobby Business

The video at the top of this page has the under-the-hood tour of my hobby business and how it makes money.

Thanks for reading my reports, how this overseas retiree beats inflation every year. 

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for  Thanks for watching and we will see you in the next report.