how to find beautiful lovers by retiring overseas

In this report, I explain how to find beautiful lovers by retiring overseas. 

A few years ago I read a study published in Pew Research, that “A majority of older women (71%) say they aren’t looking to date right now, compared with 42% of men 40 and older,” so the overwhelming majority of woman over 40 have exited the dating pool. Pew Research.

If that research is accurate over 70% of the women over 40 in the USA have given up dating while well more than half of single men over 40 are still out hunting for love.

When the single women over 40 were asked why, they shared that the men were missing one or more qualities they were looking for. That means for singles over 40, way more men are unwilling to give up hope for love.

But both men and women are having a hard time finding someone willing to date them who meets their minimum standards.

One of the reasons given is ageism. “38% say they wouldn’t consider” being with someone “who is 10 years older,” nor would they be willing to date someone with “children from another relationship.” Pew Research.

Other reasons people give for disqualifying people in the dating pool include political differences, educational differences, and lack of financial resources.

And, the “majority of daters across divides by gender, age, race and ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, and marital history say their dating life is not going well.” Pew Research. In fact, about half of all adults, “say dating is harder today for most people compared with 10 years ago.” Pew Research.

Is it smarter to give up hope? Or should you keep looking for love?

Imagine you are one of those people who are having a hard time finding someone you are attracted to. And years seem to be passing you by in the blink of an eye. But you really want someone special to share your life with. And you are not ready to give up on sex yet.

Maybe you even have a great life and overall you are happy. You have friends you do things with, you spend time on holidays and special occasions with people you care about, and you even have hobbies and routines that keep you busy. Should that be enough to sustain you?

You may even travel to see new places. But you still wonder what it would be like to have that special someone in your life that you could turn to when you notice a beautiful sunset or when you taste a new delicious food for the first time. You would like to share simple things with someone you love.

Maybe you have even been searching for love in your home country. But you haven’t been able to find that someone special yet. Maybe you are not one of the lucky few that is photogenic. Maybe you don’t have the fancy car, education, or financial portfolio that will help win a lover in your home country. Or maybe you have some of those things and it is attracting the wrong people.

Maybe you have already given up hope.

What if one day you are scrolling through YouTube videos, and you notice a video with an older foreigner on a white sand beach, lined with palm trees gently swaying in the wind, with a beautiful younger local?

If you are from a Western country where ageism is rampant, your initial assumption might be that this older foreigner is rich. That beautiful young local is only there for the money.

Maybe you are right. But you keep seeing multiple different old foreigners with beautiful young locals who say they are living this amazing life on budgets that are nowhere near rich! So you start to wonder … maybe normal people are able to love more easily overseas.

What if you found out that the older foreigner you are watching with that young beautiful local is not the kind of rich you need to date someone like that in your home country? What if that foreigner was just another normal before he left his home country?

Maybe those foreigners are just able to live a new kind of normal because they moved overseas. Maybe there really is an alternative universe overseas that you can’t fully contemplate from where you are sitting.

What if you found out that these old foreigners were so normal in their home country that they couldn’t even afford to retire in their home country? What if he you found out he moved overseas because he could afford to pay the rent and he could afford to take his beautiful local out for a nice meal a few times per week?

What if you found out that this foreigner was living this beautiful life, in this beautiful place, on a lower budget than you can afford to survive on in your home country? What if you found out that this foreigner was living a better life on less money?

What if you watched more videos about that foreigner and the beautiful local, and you learned they were shopping in open-air markets, eating foods in local restaurants that you have never tasted before, and they were hiking around in beautiful mountains with waterfalls you may never get to see?

What if that foreigner was leaving footprints as he walked so you could follow? What if the videos showed where they ate and what it cost? What if the videos and reports showed where he stays and how to live the new normal life in this beautiful place?

What if the reports showed you places to visit, and local transportation to ride instead of driving expensive cars, requiring expensive repairs, and auto insurance? What if the reports show you how to travel between beautiful places all over the world on buses, trains, airplanes, and your own two feet?

What if the videos convinced you that this foreigner wasn’t really that special and this life was available to other normal people like him, or normal people like you?

What if you found out that he was able to retire years earlier in life because he was willing to live this simple life in these magic places? Would you still work until 65 or 70? Or would you start your retirement adventure much sooner?

Would you work 10 more years to have a big house in your home country? Would you work 10 more years in your home country to have a bigger garage with more parking spaces and more fancy cars? Or would you sell off all those possessions and leave your worries behind 10 years earlier than expected and start writing your autobiography in real time as you lived this adventurous new life?

Maybe it is time for a new dream. Should you put your toes in these white sand beaches a decade earlier when you have more energy and life left in you? Do you need 5 extra rooms in your house or should you put 5 extra countries in your passport?

Something tells me you know these are not trivial questions. These questions live at the heart of the meaning you choose to give your life. How you choose to spend the last few decades you have on this beautiful earth is the final question for your life.

This life isn’t all rose peddles and puppies. Some days are downright tough. Adventures overseas are not for everyone. And no matter where you are in the world, you will have to work hard for whatever you go after in life.

But when is enough enough? When does your me time start?

Pick carefully what you go after in your remaining years. But don’t give up just because you are normal. We can try to kid ourselves but we are all just normal. But the beauty of life is that normal people do extraordinary things every single day of the year.

You may not have enough money to fly away yet. I sure didn’t. I busted my ass for 3 years straight getting my business off the ground. But now I am a free man. A normal man yes, but a normal man that was willing to do extraordinary things.

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Thanks for reviewing this report, The American Dream retired early overseas but some stay and work until Death.  I’ll see you in the next video.