How to screw up retirement in 16 easy steps

In this report, I’ll explain how to screw up retirement in 16 easy steps.

One. Give up on sex. If your sex is getting routine or you’re not having any, you need to look into that a little bit. Read some books, watch some videos, mix it up a little, and have some fun.

Two. Don’t get excited about anything. Look, if you’re in retirement and nothing excites you, you’re doing something wrong. You need to figure out something that excites you. Whether it’s a new hobby or new friends or some travel or something get out and meet some new people. You need to get excited when you’re in retirement.

Three. Serve only yourself. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do things that you enjoy in retirement. I’m just saying if you figure out a way that you’re serving other people while doing what you enjoy, then you really are looking at something where you’re gonna have a feeling of fulfillment, of purpose, in addition to doing something that you enjoy.

Four. Die with a shitload of money in the bank. I get it. You have a family, maybe you want to leave money to your spouse. There’s gotta be enough money for them and your kids, upon your death. But once you’ve set that up, if you’re dying with a shitload of money in the bank and, you’re not doing anything fun, or if you’re not really enjoying your retirement, then, then you’re wasting that money.

Five. Don’t learn anything new. Remember this is how to screw a retirement in 16 easy steps. If you don’t learn anything new, you’re not challenging your mind, you’re just kind of going through the same old things. You’re not keeping your mind fresh. You’re not learning anything exciting.

You’re not motivated to do anything out of the ordinary because you’re not learning about things happening around you. Maybe you’re interested in art, maybe you’re interested in history, maybe you enjoy war history or muscle cars. You need to learn something new.

Now, I know that all these are not going to apply to all of you. But these are just some things I’ve noticed. I’m 62. I left the USA in 2007 and I’ve noticed some of my friends that are retiring are doing some of these things, and it’s causing them some boredom. And so I just thought I would mention them to you.

Six. Watch negative people on TV all day. If you’re just sitting there on TV flipping through channels, hearing how horrible the world is, you may be screwing up your retirement. Maybe spend a half hour a day reading the news. Just don’t make your life about that.

If you are stuck in your head only thinking the world is a horrible place. It’s not worth living. Eventually, you’re gonna really lose your joy of living. Living in just negativity is not a good place to be in your life.

Seven. Never get your heart rate up. That’s a great way to screw up your retirement. You see, whether you are walking or running, whatever your doctor okays. Riding bikes or rowing, get your heart rate up, playing tennis, making love, whatever it takes to get your heart rate up as much as the doctor gives the okay for, you need to do that. If you’re not doing that, you’re not sending a signal to your body that you want to live.

You’re not helping your lymphatic symptom. Which removes garbage from your body, and you’re probably running a higher risk of dying early, unnecessary disease because you’re not telling your body that you want to live. So talk to your doctor and then get your heart rate up. Figure out something that you really love, that will help you live. Maybe you like ballroom dancing, something should get your heart rate up.

Eight. Don’t become a cynical hater. I hate these people or those people. Those people are ruining the world and these other people are the only good people. If, you’re focusing on all these groups all the time and you know, and, and you’re just in the minutia of how the world’s screwed up and why these people are wrong, and these people are great and this country sucks and, and that country’s horrible, that’s just not really a good place to be.

If your mind is only focused on negativity, you’re not gonna have any fun. You’re not gonna be any fun to be around. Your friends aren’t telling you. Cynical people are just not really fun to be around if that’s the only dish they serve to their friends.

Nine. Never go anywhere new. Just sit in that chair all day. Watch TV all day, maybe drive to the same two or three restaurants. Maybe go to only poker night and bowling night. Nothing new. None of your friends at poker night or bowling night want to take you fishing or go, maybe go gamble a hundred bucks away in Vegas.

Or maybe learn how to paint the garden in your yard. Do something new, learn new stuff, and do new things. Don’t, don’t just sit around in retirement.

Ten. Never have any fears. Good heavens, don’t do anything that gives you even a modicum of fear. You don’t want any fear in your life. Don’t want to go anywhere or meet anyone or learn anything new. Those people are weird over there. Don’t get to know them. That food. Oh no, I might get sick. You need some adventure in your life in order to feel alive and that may include some fear.

Retirement should be a time of self-exploration, learning new things, meeting new people, and traveling. If you don’t have any fear in your life, that means you’re just in the same old boring routines. Nothing new going on.

Eleven. Never make a fool of yourself. Good heavens, don’t ever make a fool of yourself.

Sit there quietly, politely, never get up and dance. Never jump around like an idiot. Never tell off-colored jokes. Never drink too much with your friends. Never make a fool of yourself. Good heavens. Maintain that composure; never break out of your boring old life. That’s a great way to screw up your retirement.

Twelve. Make sure you care what other people think. That’s a great way to screw up your retirement. If you sit there and all you’re worried about is what they think? Am I dancing weirdly? What do my friends think? If I make friends with that person over there, are my friends going to get mad at me? Because that person is weird.

If you’re worried about what people think all the time, break out of your shell, and you’re going to be dead. You’re gonna die. No one will remember you in a hundred. Figure out what is interesting to you. And don’t worry so much about what people think. Get out of your closed little group you’re in, or the same people you talk to all the time.

Go meet someone who thinks crazy things. Figure out why they think that. Read a couple of those books and break out of just worrying about what people think about you. That’s just kind of boring.

Thirteen. Value things over experiences. That is a great way to screw up retirement. Get a bunch of really nice things all around you. Make sure they’re all clean and nice, newly painted. You know, that’s your whole routine. Just have a bunch of things around you.

Look, there are things that will give you great experiences. I’m not telling you not to buy a race car and drive it 150 miles an hour. I’m not telling you to not buy a motorcycle. I’m saying don’t value the motorcycle, value the experience of going 150 miles an hour. Don’t value things over experiences.

People worry, if I don’t drive the right car, people will look at me and they’ll think I’m poor or stupid. That’s the only car he can afford. What country did he travel to? That’s a bunch of poor people living in that country.

Don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about you. That’s a great way to screw up your retirement. That’s really important.

Fourteen. Don’t raise your consciousness. If you get your heart rate up, you’re telling yourself you wanna live. Plus you are raising awareness and perception level, which is consciousness. You got the blood flowing through your body now. You’re doing new things, meeting new people. You’re alive, man. Be alive in retirement. That will make you alive in your consciousness.

You won’t be rethinking the same old things you’ve been thinking about, the negativity, the putting people in boxes. You, need to really figure out what the world is about in retirement. Learn something about yourself. That will raise your consciousness.

What I mean by consciousness, it is the depth at which your mind experiences new ideas, the nuances in your thinking, and the blood flow in your body, all of that will raise your consciousness. If you’re a spiritual person and you’re not raising your heart rate and you’re not raising your consciousness, your relationship with your spiritual leader, God, whatever you want to call it, is very limited.

You can not even know your spiritual self as well unless you raise that consciousness by getting your blood flowing in your body and; becoming as healthy as you can. I’m not saying you must get super skinny. I’m just saying take care of yourself.

Focus on the positive. Do you really want to screw up your retirement? Here’s a great way to do it.

Fifteen. Don’t read or write anything. Just stay in your little world and watch TV. No, if you want to learn about yourself and the world around you, you’ve got time now, right? Your whole life, you’ve been working, and you haven’t had time to really discover much about yourself.

It’s time to start doing some reading. Read subjects that you enjoy. But follow some of the things that you read that excite you down rabbit holes. Something excites you. I’m not saying to become a conspiracy. But if you learn more details about the world that you’re living in by reading that may excite you. Consider writing also. Maybe write a little bit about yourself.

Write about your life. Write about your kids or your family or, or people you’ve met in your life, or experiences you’ve had in your life. You will reattach to those experiences. Discover what it is you’ve loved most in life. And that’s what reading and writing will do for you. It’ll put you back in touch with your history and what it is you’ve loved about life and what.

What it is you have loved about life, what haven’t you loved? And what changes do you want to make now that you have more personal time?

Sixteen. Stay in the same old ruts. If you really want to screw up your retirement, just stay in the same old ruts. The same old ruts you’ve been running down for 50 years. Don’t do anything new. Don’t make any new friends. Don’t learn anything about the world.

Don’t travel. You know, just get in your car. Go to the same two or three places you do every day or week. Then get home in that rocking chair and watch that tv. That’s a surefire way to screw up your retirement.

Now, I’m not judging you if you’re doing any of this. I don’t even know you. It is your life. Do whatever you want. I’m just telling you from my experience of people that get out and explore their surroundings, and the world they’re in, meet new people, eat new food, and learn stuff about the world around them. That is to me what is an enriching retirement. Those are just some thoughts I had on the subject.

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