Huatulco Mexico Best Apartment, Restaurants, Markets

Huatulco Mexico Best Apartment, Restaurants, Markets

This report covers Huatulco Mexico Best Apartment, Restaurants, Markets including the best places to eat, shop, and live as you watch our daily life.

Huatulco Mexico Best Apartment

The first part of the above video shows the apartment where we stayed in Huatulco.  The apartment is just a few blocks off the central park in our favorite part of Huatulco.  Try to book it with the landlord before you arrive:

If she is already booked you will need to find another apartment. To learn how I find the best apartment in each place when slow traveling the world, watch and read the steps on this web page.

Huatulco Mexico Best Restaurants

Our favorite restaurants appear randomly in the video but favorites are ranked in order below.

Chahue Beach: Restaurante istmeño Bladu’yú: I had bean and cheese tamales with delicious salsa and Qiang had nice pork and cheese Tlayuda. This beach is fun to have a picnic and bring your own food but if you want to eat there this was a nice restaurant.

Baha Fish Tacos: Alfredo’s: This restaurant has both Mexican and Italian Foods and is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Huatulco.

Mole: El Sabor De Oaxaca: Qiang had a nice Huevos Rancheros here and I had a nice Queso Mole. It was a bit expensive but had a lovely atmosphere and delicious traditional food.

Rooftop Bar: Hotel Nonni: Nice place to have a cocktail and check out the view. It was 2 for 1 drinks (2 for 60 pesos)(2 for $3 USD) during happy hour.

Cactus Tostadas: Los Gallos: First time in my life eating cactus tostadas. It was delicious and the salsas were also great. Cheap family-owned restaurant. Almost as cheap as a food cart.

Street Food: Taqueria Mariela: Pork tacos and salsa 12 Pesos each or $0.60 USD each.

Nice Breakfast: Tauro Restaurante Bar: My Queso Enchilada Verdes was delicious and it came with coffee and papaya fruit and multiple delicious salsas and bread for $3.75 per person.

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen: We were cooking most meals at home because I am a brilliant chef and we wanted to reduce our risk of catching Covid 19 during the pandemic. The markets we shopped at are listed with a Google map next.

Huatulco Mexico Best Markets

Here is the Google Map of our favorite places to shop for food.

The markets are in this order on the Google Map.

Fruver 🍓, Carrizal 906, H, 70987 Crucecita, Oax: Best places to get fresh fruits and vegetables from locals. There is even a cheaper one a block north of it but it is not on Google Maps yet.

Tienda de Autoservicio Santa Cruz, Carrizal No. 802, Centro de la Población, 70989 Crucecita, Oax: This is a small local grocery store with dry and canned goods, milk, alcohol, meats.

Soriana Híper, Blvrd Chahue Lt 10, T, 70987 Crucecita, Oax: This is another ex-pat grocery store. The next one has a better selection plus clothes, electronics, and everyday needs.

CHEDRAUI HUATULCO, BLVRD. CHAHUE LOTE 23-A MANZ 02 COL. SECTOR R, 70989 Oax: This is what I call an Expat Grocery store. Huge expensive selection including imported foods. Shop local first, and come here just for odds and ends you can’t find elsewhere. This is walkable from the old town area we love around the first 2 markets.

Saturday Market: There is a nice Saturday market where you can enjoy local foods, organic produce, and crafts. It is held on the first and third Saturday of each month in the park in front of Playa Santa Cruz and every Saturday during high season. This is just a fun Saturday morning where you can taste Mexican delights of all kinds.

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