Huatulco Mexico Living Expenses November 2020

Here is our approximate Huatulco Mexico Living Expenses for November 2020.

Expense MXN USD Subtotal Total
Rent 8000 $400
Groceries 7354 $368
Restaurants 1706 $85
Taxi 920 $46
SIM 500 $25
Snacks 231 $12
Tips 797 $40
$975 $975
Tours 3170 $159
$159 $1,134
Alcohol 1660 $83
$83 $1,217

Above is about what we spent while in Huatulco during the month of November 2020.

Qiang mentions set prices for Taxis in Huatulco in the above video. There are signs like this at Taxi stands in Huatulco so you won’t need to negotiate prices.

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