Our Favorite Beaches in Huatulco Mexico

In this report, we show you our favorite beaches in Huatulco Mexico.

Throw a sandwich and something good to drink in the cooler and head to any of these beaches in and around Huatulco Mexico. A few you can walk to in 10-15 minutes from La Crucecita, our favorite area to live while we are in Huatulco. The others you can get to fairly quickly by taxi as discussed below.

Make sure to bring sunblock and an umbrella you can stick in the sand if you want to spend the day on the beach here without getting sunburned. You can grab the food, sunblock, and umbrella here at CHEDRAUI, the largest expat-type grocery store in Huatulco.

Two of these beaches are also in our Huatulco Mexico Boat Tour of Bays so keep that in mind if you are going to take that tour also. The Spanish word for beach is PLaya so that is why all of these beaches are called Play.

Here is the Google Map of the best beaches (playas) in Huatulco Mexico:

Playa La Entrega: This is a gorgeous beach not far from Playa Santa Cruz Bay. There are restaurants here or you can bring your own food and drink. The taxi is 60 pesos each way ($3 USD).

Playa Santa Cruz: This is the most populated beach because it has many restaurants, it is closer to both La Crucecita and the more hotels, it is the largest ship harbor, and it is where the large cruise ships dock. For that same reason, it is the best place to people watch and appreciate both Mexican culture and wide-eyed foreign tourist visitors. This beach is also on the bay tour. You can bring your own food and drink on this beach. We always walk to this beach but a taxi is 35 pesos each way ($1.75 USD). Behind this beach in the plaza is where they hold the local Saturday Organic Market that we reported on already.

Playa Chehué: This beach is about a 15-minute walk from the central part of La Crucecita. This beach is a good place to have a picnic because there seemed to be fewer people and a larger beach than Play Santa Cruz, the other beach closest to La Crucecita. There are restaurants here or you can bring your own food and drink. The taxi is 35 pesos each way.

Playa El Maguey: This is another beautiful beach. There are restaurants here or you can bring your own food and drink. You can see rays when you snorkel at this beach. They were everywhere when we were there. The taxi is 70 pesos each way ($3.50 USD). This beach is on the bay boat tour also.

Playa San Agustin: This is probably the most beautiful beach and the furthest from La Crucecita. All of the boat tours of bays in Huatulco stop here for lunch, so you will be going here if you take our bay tour. A taxi to this beach can be expensive so you may just want to take the bay tour. The taxi is about 350 Pesos ($17.50 USD) each way and the bay tour starts around 350 Pesos ($17.50 USD) per person and it includes all the beaches and bays between Playa Santa Cruz and Playa Agustin. So you will see more beaches on the boat bay tour for less money.

La Bocana Beach (Mud Bath Beach): This is a large quiet beach where you can get a mud bath massage for 150 Pesos ($7.50 USD). It is also the best surfing beach in Huatulco. It does not compete with Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, which is likely the best surf in all of Mexico. But it is a very relaxing long beach with driftwood shade tents. Bring a cooler and drinks and spend all day under one of the driftwood tents. The driftwood tents are 300 meters (1000 feet) to the left as you enter the beach. You can also just enjoy the view and have a beer in one of the two beachfront bars. The taxi here is 150 pesos each way. But get the driver’s text number so you can text them when you are ready to leave.

Here were the taxi fares around Huatulco from La Crucecita at the time of our visit. They are set by the city.

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