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Porto Portugal Best Food and History
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Here are our Porto Portugal Best Food and History.

We were in Porto for 2 weeks. It only rained about 4 days during those 2 weeks. We just work more on our online businesses when it is raining.

Parque Centro Porto: There was a great vegan/vegetarian booth in the food court in the basement of this temporary mall. It is the booth with the words “Vegetarian/Vegan” on the blackboard out front. We shared a single 6.5 Euro meal here and were both full.

Majestic Café: This is a beautiful art nouveau cafe. It is on the best shopping, walking street in Porto. So if you go there, can do some window shopping and have a cup of coffee and pastry, or something to eat.

Cultura dos Sabores: This is an all you can eat Vegan buffet. Make sure to try the fake meats while you are there. 8.95 Euros includes food and tea but not alcohol or dessert.

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen: We cooked most of our meals at home, in our Airbnb kitchens. We just love the LIDL grocery stores in Portugal. We keep buying food there and cooking at home. We are eating high-quality meals for about $2 EU per person, per meal.

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Porto Facts and History

Click here or on the above map to zoom in or out on Google Maps. Here are some interesting facts about Porto from Wikipedia. I am in Porto now.

  1. Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. About 250,000 people within Porto proper and about 2 million people in the metro area. Porto was elected the best European City in 2014 and 2017.
  2. Porto was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It was elected as the Best European Destination in 2014 and 2017.
  3. The first known inhabitants were Celtic tribes in about 300 BC. During the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, Porto was an important commercial port. Porto fell under the control of the Moors in 711. The Christians and the Moors fought for centuries over the Iberian Peninsula, but eventually the area we now call Portugal was back in Christian hands by the 12 century.
  4. In 1387, King John I of Portugal married the Philippa of Lancaster creating the longest recorded military alliance in world history, the Treaty of Windsor.
  5. In the 14th and 15th centuries, Porto’s shipyards contributed to the Portuguese Age of Discovery. The Portuguese Age of Discovery included such expeditions as finding the sea route to India going east from the southern tip of Africa.
  6. To counter the passing of Port wine production into English-owned firms, the Marquis of Pombal established a Portuguese firm receiving the monopoly of wines from the Douro valley to ensure the quality of the wines. This was the first attempt in Europe to control wine quality. The small winegrowers revolted on burning down the Marquis’ monopoly firm.
  7. In 1908, Carlos I of Portugal was assassinated which ended the monarchy rule in Portugal.
  8. Since the end of the monarchy in Portugal, there have been three revolutions, 1910, 1926, and 1974. The revolution of 1974 ended the right-wing Estado Novo to create the Third Republic, which remains in power today. The three main groups of the Third Republic are the conservatives, the socialists, and the communists. Because the Third Republic is a democracy, Portugal was admitted to the EU in 1986.

That completes our Porto Portugal live cheap retire early guide, we hope you enjoyed it.

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