Retirement Visa in the Philippines–Do You Need One?

Today I ask the question–Retirement Visa in the Philippines–Do you need one?

In a previous video, I explained why I have not bothered to get a retirement visa yet. I have put a link to that and two other videos at the bottom of this page:

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Today, I want to explain that in a little more detail using the Philippines as an example and our 18-month tour around SE Asia as an example.

One. Until you have lived somewhere for a few months, you don’t really know if you will like it long term. Not only should you spend time in the country, but I suggest that you find your favorite place in the country doing an exploratory visit.  That means traveling around the country and seeing for yourself.

Two. Many countries require a deposit in a local bank, some fees, and paperwork proving your income or assets. Do you really want a bunch of money in a foreign bank before you are sure you are even in the right country?

Three. Even if you really love a place, how do you know you won’t like another nearby country even more? So you have to do an exploratory visit to your target country and a few others around it.

Four. It may take a few years to find your favorite country and your favorite part of that country. It is cheap to bop around SE Asia, Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe, and other cheap parts of the world. That is why I have decided to do exploratory visits for the first few years instead of deciding to get a retirement visa.

Five. But you have to decide what is best for yourself. I am not a professional advisor. I am just sharing what I have learned.

Philippines Government Webpage:



Private WebPage: This is very interesting information, but I have not been able to verify everything said on this web page. But I suspect most of it is true.



Interesting Concepts Shared on Private webpage:

  1. 30 Days on Entrance (150 Countries)(list of exceptions)
  2. 29 Day Extension to 30 Entry Visa
  3. Alien Registration Card and future extensions:
    1. Extend every two months for a maximum of 16 months? Or?
    2. Must do a Visa run before end of 12 months, unless …
    3. Some people can stay up to 36 months without visa?
      1. Some say they had to prove adequate income, others said no … just keep paying fees up to 36 months … then do visa run?
    4. Sorry this is not clear, but that is life here.
  4. Philippine Embassy in your country may give you up to 1-year tourist visa before you come? F
  5. Married to Filippino you can get a free 1 year on entry.
  6. Special Resident Retirement Visa (SRRV): $10-15k USD depending on age and other factors.

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