Siem Reap Nightlife

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Siem Reap Nightlife

If the video of our tour looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below interactive Google Map on your smartphone and enjoy the tour yourself.

Here is a Nightlife walking tour of Siem Reap Cambodia. Think of spots on this map more as markers that we want you to walk by to make sure you see all the fun spots in town for nightlife. As you go, just listen for music that you enjoy enough to stop for a drink. After a few, move along until you find your perfect spot. Read the boards in front of bars and restaurants to look for happy hour deals.

Beatnik Speakeasy: Four nights per week, there is an acoustic guitarist here that plays and sings songs from the 1960s through more recent times. He plays free raising money that feeds the street kids of Siem Reap so be generous with the tip jar.

Temple Club: If you feel like dancing, check out the Temple Club on Pub Street.

Pub Street: This is where most tourists go after a day of temple exploration to let off some steam. Make sure you walk this two-block area and listen for music that suits your fancy.

Classic Hip Hop: If you are feeling like some classic hip hop after all of the techno music on Pub Street, you are not in luck. We didn’t find any old school hip hop in Siem Reap. But there were a few pubs along the way to the last stop on the tour that you may be interested in.

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