The Philippines Open February 10 2022

According to several credible international sources including the Philippines Country Immigration Websites, the Philippines are opening for International Tourism starting February 10, 2022.

The Philippines government will begin allowing fully vaccinated foreigners from over 100 Visa-Free countries to enter the Philippines including the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and most of Europe. The link is provided to the Philippines government webpage with the list of visa-free countries.

The government webpage says that entry will be allowed for both government and business purposes for fully vaccinated foreigners with six or more months remaining in their passports. The stay is for not more than thirty days, but that is the same language they have always used when they also allow foreigners on tourist visas to extend for up to 3 years. You still need, as always a return ticket or onward flight leaving in the first 30 days as usual.

The Philippines Presidential spokesman, Karlo Nograles said that foreigners will now be allowed to enter the Philippines and neither fully vaccinated Filipinos nor fully vaccinated foreigners will no longer need to be quarantined if they have a negative PCR Test within 48 hours of their departure time in their home country.  Source

Philippines IATF Resolution No. 159, states that the Classification of countries as Red, Yellow, or Green shall be temporarily suspended.” Fully vaccinated foreigners need only present a “negative” PCT Test taken within 48 hours of departure and “self-monitor” for the first 7 days upon their arrival.

The resolution also states that the forms of Vaccine Certification that will be acceptable and unvaccinated foreigners will be allowed to go to the Philippines if they present a negative PCR test and stay in government quarantine for a period of 5 days, and then quarantine at home until the 14th day after arrival.

The accepted proof of Vaccination will include WHO Certificates, VaxCertPH, and National and State digital certificates accepted under reciprocal agreements with or otherwise accepted by the Philippines Immigration.