The Slow Travel Wheel And Cheap Apartments Overseas

In a previous report, one of my guest stars Iggy and I shared our ideas about how to save money on accommodations while slowly traveling the world. Today, I will update you on the slow travel wheel idea and what you need to do next personally.

One. I will briefly explain what a slow traveler is.

Two. I will briefly explain what a slow travel wheel is and how it could save you time, money, and hassle if you travel the world slowly.

Three. I will briefly share the surveys you completed defining your perfect slow travel wheel.

Four. I will explain what you can do if you want to help Iggy get the first slow-travel wheels off the ground.

Email Iggy here and ask to be on his slow travel list: 

What is a Slow Traveler?

A slow traveler moves forward through the world one destination at a time, from one destination to the next, without flying home between destinations. They stay in each destination for weeks, months, or even longer.

They may return to their home country once every year or two to visit family or friends, or to attend special occasions. But, they may not pay for an empty bed anywhere in the world because they are not sure when they will return.

Some slow travelers do pay for an empty bed in their home country for a feeling of security, especially when they are new. But many get tired of paying for empty beds and may eventually let it go when realize they can get another empty bed later if they change their mind.

Some slow travelers reduce their expenses greatly by exploring multiple adjacent countries in one region of the world, for months and even years, often traveling via ground transportation between destinations in that region, before taking intercontinental flights to another continent of the world. This amortizes expensive intercontinental flights over many months or years.

One problem slow travelers face is keeping the cost of accommodations down. That is what made Iggy and I think about how to create alternative ways to solve the slow travel accommodations problems at affordable rates.

What is a Slow Travel Wheel?

A slow travel wheel is a sequence of accommodations a slow traveler can stay in while traveling through a region of the world. The key is to place the accommodations at a sequence of locations that are so enticing to slow travelers in general, that they are willing to book the entire wheel.

A slow travel wheel would allow a slow traveler to spend more time exploring destinations on the wheel and less time finding and negotiating individual accommodations each time they moved destinations.

Slow travelers could then just jump on a slow travel wheel and much of the administrative work of the organization would not be required by them. They would just read about the wheel and if they liked the locations on the wheel, and how long they would stay in each location, they could just book themselves on the slow travel wheel that fit their needs.

What to do if you are interested?

Iggy has decided to create slow-travel wheels. So, you need to join Iggy’s email list if you are interested. You may be interested in being a slow traveler on slow travel wheels. You may also decide that you want to be a local resource in a slow-travel wheel city that helps Iggy get this off the ground.

Maybe you are an expat or local living in an ideal city for slow travel wheels. Maybe you would like to play a role in serving slow travelers in a city on the wheel, such as tours, finding rental property, answering questions, etc.

So whether you just want to travel on slow travel wheels or be involved in helping create them, you need to get on Iggy’s email list and let him know what you are interested in.

Iggy has worked on multi-million dollar projects before so he has way more knowledge and expertise in organizing people and resources than me. I just don’t have the time or money to help Iggy with this project, so I am bowing out gracefully and will not be involved in this project other than to encourage Iggy.

I will continue to encourage Iggy because I think slow travel will become much easier for all of us if we had slow travel wheels to make slow travel life easier. So, without any pecuniary benefits, advertising payments, ownership rights, management, or control of the project, I will interview Iggy from time to time so you and I remain aware of how his slow travel wheels are developing.

I sincerely hope his project is successful because it will make slow travel more easy. But do jump on Igg’s email list so you can learn directly from him how things are progressing and so you can join when you are ready, or help him build to and service locations on the wheels.

Okay, I did two surveys trying to figure out what you all thought would be the perfect slow-travel wheel. Here are the two videos, reports, and surveys, that I did a few months ago. Just click the second link below this video to see the two previous videos and surveys.

Video 1.

Survey 1: Slow Travel Wheel Survey 1

Video 2.

Survey 2. Slow Travel Wheel Survey 2.

Email Iggy here and ask to be on his slow travel list: