Things We Hate About Travel

In this report, I will discuss the Things We Hate About Travel.

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Hate is a strong word but it gets my point across. Life is not all roses on the highway of the traveling life. So, we will make suggestions about how to solve each of these problems before they occur.

So this really isn’t really about hate. It is about making your life easier by reducing the pain caused by the things we hate about travel.

We will cover these in reverse order so you will have to stay until the end to learn the toughest problems and how to solve them. But there is no need to take notes, everything we cover is in writing on our webpage. Plus, we will give you a link to the webpage at the end of this video.

Unclear/Incomplete Visa Rules:  Talk to Local Expats, Facebook Expat Pages–Ask questions (search to see if it was already answered)

Finding Neighborhoods, Safety, Walkability, Groceries, Laundry:  Google (“Safest Neighborhood in City name”), Google (“Good local Food in City Name”), Google (once arrived) (“Laundry near me”), Facebook Expat Pages (Search “safety” “groceries”)

Menus without Prices: Never Eat Anywhere Until You Know Prices, Have Waiter point at menu item and price, Don’t order anything they can’t point at with a written price.

Ripoff Taxis at Airports:  Take Uber/Lift/Grab, Facebook Expat Pages (Search “airport transfers”), Have landlord record price and directions in local language on WhatsAp, Play the WhatsAp message to the taxi driver (before they quote you the price).  

Immigration/Airline Officials (Documents for Entry, How to dress): Google (“What documents do US Citizens need to enter Thailand?”), (Confirm your google search data with Kayak), Dress business casual (to pass through immigration), Print everything (first place you are staying, onward flight, Covid test)

Anticipate Local Scams: Google (“Tourist scams in Marrakech”), Here is my example video of Marrakech, Morocco

Food Restrictions/General Communications: Google Translate (“I am allergic to carrots”), Create Table of Common Phrases (English left, Local Language right), Trust Your Taste Buds, Use the word ‘allergic’ in the translation. 

When ATM Cards or Machines Quit Working:  Have safety dollars, euros with you, Have backup cards, two different banks in your home country, two sets of ATM and credit cards, one set at each bank, Read my report/video on international banking tricks.

Bad/Slow Internet Connections: Have Landlord run att test: ATT Wifi Speed Test, Read all the reviews, Don’t book long term until you know the bandwidth, Boots on the ground run ATT Test, Buy Local SIM and use your Smart Phone as Hotspot Backup plan, Watch how to find best apartments (renting process)

Slow Traveling the World too Fast:  Stay in each place a month (or more) if possible.

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