Top 4 Expat Health Insurance Scams

In this report, I share the Top 4 Expat Health Insurance Scams (?) shared by Alex in his eBook and this interview. Are these scams or just terrible business practices that you should know about?

I recommend getting a copy of Alex’s eBook and reading it before you buy expat health insurance. Here is the link to sign up for a free copy of Alex’s eBook.

I know nothing about health insurance. Many expats who have bought medical insurance from Alex say he is honest.

Many of you asked me about where to buy health insurance, so I decided to interview Alex. I read his eBook that teaches how to spot a good health insurance policy from a bad one.

He is not paying me for this interview and he is not paying me if you buy medical insurance from him. I have not independently verified anything Alex shares in this video or his eBook. So conduct your own diligence before purchasing health insurance.

Hopefully, this interview will help you decide what questions to ask as you research these issues. I ended up buying the insurance Alex discusses in this video.

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Alex is available on WhatsApp: +1 (829) 371-4534

Questions Alex Answers in the above Video Interview

Welcome Alex, many ex-pats that I know personally speak very highly of your character, and for that reason, I have invited you on my channel to answer expat health insurance questions. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

  1. What is the difference between travel insurance and medical insurance with respect to accidents, emergencies, and a diagnosed medical problem that needs treatment?
  2. Should people look only for insurance in countries with well-regulated insurance laws and agencies? If so, what countries would those be?
  3. The financial stability of an insurance company often rests on the stability of the underwriter company. Is there a way on the internet to determine the “A” rated underwriters?
  4. Your eBook mentions that there allegedly are insurance companies that will take your money and reject your claims. Without naming names on my channel (avoiding defamation or slander suits), is there a red flag that you might see with such companies? (Answer: they will accept your money without asking any medical history questions).
  5. Good Policy Language versus Bad (A) Bad: All pre-existing conditions are excluded.  (B) Good: Pre-existing conditions that you only could have been reasonably aware of, were symptomatic for, or had consultations for, are excluded.  (C) Red Flags: “medical certainty” or “reasonable medical certainty.
  6. What are the practical consequences of Bad Language in an insurance policy wording:  Hospital Choke, The Third Degree, Onus and Burden of Proof
  7. What should people look for in the policy that will allow them to sue the insurance company rather than be forced into arbitration? And how is a Government Insurance Ombudsman better for buyers of insurance.
  8. Expats talk of getting droped from insurance at age 70 or 75. Is there a way to make sure you can get insurance after that age and if so what shold they look for to make sure?
  9. What is the difference between pre-authorization and pre-certification and what should you be carful of before being treated?
  10. What countries do you offer policies for people living outside their home country?
  11. Are you an agent for just one company or do you offer policies from various companies?
  12. Do I call the insurance company when I get sick or do I call a doctor?
  13. Do I pay for everything myself and get reimbursed or does the insurance company pay the hopsital first?
  14. What is the maximum coverage per year?
  15. What is the procedure if they refuse coverage?
  16. If it is not an emergency … but I need some surgery or treatment that is done better in another country … and I can find my own doctor in another country that I want to do the surgery (other than the USA) will they cover me in my choice of country?
  17. What happens when I am 75, 80, 85, or 90 … are they required to keep writing coverage for me?
  18. Are there caps on rate increases?
  19. What if one year I get a big treatment (outside the USA) that costs them a serious chunk of money, can they just not offer me renewal the next year
  20. What have average annual rate increases been over the last decade or so?