What I pack to travel the world

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the YouTube channel for VagabondBuddha.com. For years, people have been asking me for a list of what I pack to travel the world. If I did not have a YouTube Channel, I would travel as Minimalist Dan. I will share that list first.

Then I will share everything I pack because I produce videos and eBooks for my YouTube channel (Vagabond Awake) and retire cheap in paradise reports for my membership site (VagabondBuddha.com). That requires a checked bag.

Minimalist Dan (1 BackPack)

As a minimalist, I travel with one carry-on backpack (9kg) only (No checked luggage). So any liquids would have to be 100 ml (3.4 ounces) or less since they are in your carryon. Here is my packing inventory traveling as a minimalist: (1) Laptop computer, (2) power cord, (3) Mosquito repellant, (4) Toothpaste, (5) Sunblock, (6) Hair wax, (7) floss, (8) toothbrush, (9), (10) Shampoo, (11) Deodorant, (12) Unlocked Android smart phone with built in camera, plus charger, (13) Backup power supply for cell phone, (14) Bluetooth USB speaker and cable, (15) Handsfree earphones-mic for cell phone and computer, (16) cheap polaroid sunglasses, (17) Vitamins (food based multi and C), (18) Pharmacuticals (aspirin, antibiotics), (19) Spices (italian and chili flakes), (20) coffee, (21) electric adapters, (22) credit cards, ATM cards, passport, vaccines records, USD safety cash, (23) ink pen, (24) mosquito net, (25) flip flops, (26) 4 pairs of socks, (27) 4 tshirts, (28) one dress shirt, (29) coffee container, (30) single cup coffee filters, (31) collapsable backpack, (32) 4 underwear, (33) masks, (34) resistance band for working out, (35) black running shoes (double function as evening wear), (36) 30 Liter Osprey Backpack, (37) long sleeve wet-dry shirt (helps block sun), (38) Khaki shorts with a million pockets, (39) wide brimmed hat for sun protection, (40) blue jeans, (41) board shorts (for swimming and running), (42) rain coat.

YouTube Hobbyist Dan (2 Bags)

As a YouTuber, video graphing the world, I travel with 2 bags, 1 backpack (7 to 9 kg), and one checked bag (20 to 22 kg). Liquids of greater than 100 ml (3.4 ounces) are allowed if placed in the checked bag.

Here is my packing inventory for my checked luggage: (1) 22-inch monitor, plywood cover, and bungee cords, (2) wireless keyboard, (3) blue jeans, (4) pajama pants, (5) sunglasses, (6) 3 hats, (3) family photos, (4) posture brace, (5) razors, (6) 3 android cell phones and charging cables, (7) cannon M50 camera, charger, and 3 batteries, (8) two HDMI video cables, (9) finger nail clippers and file, twizer, bottle opener, and sewing thread, (10) extension cord, (11) resistance band, (12) reef googles, (13) thermometer, pin drive, (14) garlic press, can opener, knife, knife, scissors, spoon, chop sticks, (15) spices (cinnamon, chili flakes, salt black pepper, italian herbs and spices, curry, cayenne pepper, curry, (16) back up sony camera, (17) toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, moisturizer, deodorant, sunblock, razor, soap, hair wax, mosquito spray, vaseline. Tooth floss, (18) multiple random USB cables, (19) JBL Bluetooth speaker, (20) masks, (21) basalmic vinegar, (22) electric hair shaver, (23) stevia, (24) Pharmacuticals (aspirin, antibiotics), (25) 2 whole wheat pasta, (26) electrical plug adapters, (27) interview microphones extensions, and interview lights, (29) notes, recipes, flash drive, (30) braggs apple cider vinegar, (31) passport cover with vaccination records, (32) 10 Terrabyte USB hardrive backup system, (33) coffee espresso grind, (34) flip-flops, (35) starbucks portable coffee holder and single cup coffee filters, (36) video monitor base, (37) mosquito net, (38) bathing suit (board sorts), (39) 6 black socks, (40) running shorts, (41) 6 underwear, (42) long sleeve wet dry shirt, (43) 2 long sleeve cowboy shirts, (44) black long sleeve dress shirt, (45) 7 tshirts, (45) khaki shorts with million pockets.

Here is my packing inventory for my 30 Liter Osprey Backpack (carryon): (1) Laptop computer, (2) power cord, (3) laundry bag, (4) rain coat, (5) posturdedic foan pillow, (6) power coard for monitor, (7) microphone with dead cat wind resistor, (8) Cannon M50 Camera (wear around my neck when I fly), (9) Surge protector power strip, (10) charger plugins and cords for phones, (11) 2 USB cell phone back up power supplies, (12) extra masks, (13) 4 USB Hardrives for photos and videos (the drives my 10 terabyte drive backs up), (14) Handsfree earphones-mic for cell phone and computer, (15) mic I use to do voice overs, (16) equal sweetener, (17) Deet Mosquito repellant, (18) portable luggage scale, (19) cheap polaroid sunglasses, (20) backup batteries supplies for cameras, (21) ink pen, (22) paper check books, (23) foreign money collection.