What Parts of Mexico Are Safe For Travel Now

What parts of Mexico are safe for travel now?

The US State Department rates areas of the world according to the safety level to travel there. These levels are called the Travel Advisory Levels.

Europe is presently rated Level 3 which is Reconsider Travel.

Mexico has areas the state department considers more dangerous than Europe. Those areas of Mexico are shown in Red. Red means Do Not Travel.

However, the US State Department rates some areas of Mexico as safer than Europe. Those areas are shown in Light Yellow, which means Exercise Increased Caution.

The US State Department does not rate the safety of the USA as a travel destination because Americans live there.

But if the USA rated itself, it would probably be rated as Do Not Travel. That is because the USA has 4% of the world population but 25% of all deaths in the world caused by coronavirus. Here is the data showing how lethal the USA is to human life right now.

Because the USA has been poorly managed during the coronavirus, Americans are not welcome in many countries right now.

There is a CNN article out today that describes all the countries that Americans can travel to without a COVID-19 test. It also lists countries Americans can travel to with a COVID-19 test, health insurance, quarantine conditions, or other requirements.

The countries where Americans are unconditionally welcome include Albania, Belarus, Brazil, Mexico,  Serbia, Turkey, and Zambia.

There is another set of countries requiring a negative test, quarantine, health insurance, or cash deposit before Americans are allowed to visit. Because of these restrictions, many people will be unwilling to travel to these other countries. (List Provided).

Mexico is our first choice because we (Qiang (Malaysian) and I (American)) are allowed to enter Mexico in areas that are relatively safe (Level 2- Yellow) for six months without doing a visa run.

So we can slow travel around Mexico for 6 months without worrying about our visa. However, we would probably decide to stay only in the Level 2, Yellow areas, as follows (as of today):

Mexico Level 2 (Yellow) Locations We Would Feel Safe

We list the places that we would feel safe traveling, each with a link to our retire cheap reports for that location if one presently exists.

Caribbean Side Mexico

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Playa Del Carmen Retire Cheap Report

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Isla Mujeres Retore Cheap Report

Central Mexico

Mexico City Retire Cheap Report

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Queretaro Retore Cheap Report

Guanajuato Retire Cheap Report

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Pacific Side Mexico

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Oaxaca City Retire Cheap Report

Puerto Escondido

Thanks for consuming our information about “What Parts of Mexico are safe for travel now? We did the research for our own use, so why not share our conclusions with you.

These are the areas of Mexico where I would feel safe at this time. But after 40 years of going to Mexico and 13 years traveling all over the world, what is safe for me may not be safe for you.

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  1. We are loving Puerto Escondido now. You will love SE Asia too. Go for it. You only live once as far as I know. Best, Dan

  2. I made it too Oaxaca Mexico 3 days ago. I stay her for 30 days then booked Puerto Escondido for 30 more days and I think I’ll be staying put in Puerto Escondido thru January 2021.
    USA is a mess.
    Election Rioting and violence is worsening
    After Mexico ASAP I will be traveling to Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia and settling in the Philippines .
    I’m 64 I’m traveling with my friend he’s 69 and we’re done with the stress related news
    Philippines here we come.
    You guys take care
    I’ll be in Puerto Escondido on October 22 2020

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