Where is Dan Today

In this report, I answer the question, Where is Dan Today?

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Our Present Location Information

Our present location information is only available to members presently logged in at VagabondBuddha.com.

I received an email today that I want to share with you right now.

After reading the email, I decided to set up a way that you could find our Present Physical Location in the World, in real-time.

I will explain how to find our present physical location after I read this email:

***** Begin Email*****

Hi Dan

Finally, after 18 months of work and planning – I have made it.

I have sold everything that I owned in the United States, and I arrived near midnight on July 6th in Bangkok, Thailand, and got the 30-day visa-free entry stamp.

On the plus side at 11pm at BKK airport I spent all of 60 seconds in the immigration line and all of 2 minutes after I handed the nice officer my Passport, Covid Card, and Boarding Pass I had my “stamped” passport and I was done. Thailand could not have made my visa-free entry any quicker or easier than that.

I have spent the last 3 days organizing my life –

I have a fabulous hotel (review coming 😊 for my channel as well )

I went to Thai Immigration two days later and got the standard 30 day extension, so now I am here in Thailand for 60 days. After a long transit from Dallas, Texas to Bangkok, Thailand I am not in a hurry for another long transit right away.

I have booked a hotel near Sukhumvit Road and Soi 18.

I have my next flight booked on Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur leaving Bangkok at the end of August 2022.

I know you are busy and more likely than not far away, but if someday we are in the same country, I would love to have a beer and some great food.

I’m a 67 years young digital nomad working for an International IT Company.

I retired in 2004 at age 49 after owning seven different companies from the age of 19 (six were data based – some were pre-internet), then I played professional poker and did the professional poker tour circuit and then I got bored at age 60 and grabbed up a 100% remote IT job in 2015 for something to do.

Now, while in Asia, I will be a digital nomad working remotely on the Toronto Time Zone schedule.

I have team members located in Toronto as well as the EST and CST time zones. I am committed Monday thru Thursday (a 4-day work week) I will be working (available to the company 😊 for video meetings and such) from 4 pm Bangkok time to around 2 am … They pay me too much for too little work, plus I have friends that I work with. This schedule lets me experience things in the daytime as well.

The way you release your videos it is hard to tell where you may be at any time. Even though your last 7 videos are from a country you may have already left.

You may only be 10 miles away somewhere in Bangkok. After all, Thailand is such an easy country to enter again. I watch all your videos and would love to have a few beverages and some food with you and Qiang.

I intend to be traveling Southeast Asia for at least the next year or so.

I really hope we can meet-up sometime – I am somewhat a planner so I know for the next 4 months I will be in Thailand, then Malaysia…


***** End Email *****

Reading Mark’s email was a very positive experience for me. Mark’s email shares an incredible story of an amazing life, and how his life is likely to get even more exciting.

Mark is making dramatic international changes in his life that are likely to be both challenging and life-affirming.

This email made me realize that I am missing the opportunity to sit down and have a face-to-face chat with some very amazing people around the world. So I decided to create a way that 700 of you will be able to find out, “Where is Dan Today?” And send me an email when I will be in your neck of the woods.

I have been hesitant to release our present location information publically. I have wanted to keep a low profile so it will be easier to protect Qiang from any crazy people.

I am sure that 99.9% of you have your heads screwed on right, but I am not ready to share our location data with my 85,000 Youtube subscribers. But all of you, subscribers or not, should feel free to ask questions in the notes below any of my Youtube videos.

Another 4000 of you, have also become subscribers of my free email list. Any of you can jump on my free email list just by grabbing a free copy of my eBook, “How I Fired My Boss and Traveled The World for 15+ Years.” All of you on my free email list can also leave questions in the comments below my videos or you can reply to the email when I send you the free eBook.

But 4000 people on my free email list still seems like too many people to know my present physical location, if I am trying to protect Qiang.

So how do I reduce the set of people that have access to real-time information? I have been asking myself this for a few years now. In the past, I decided not to tell anyone, and I never publish a video disclosing where we are until after we are gone.

But today, after reading Mark’s letter I have decided to share our present physical location with about 700 of you. So, how do you know if you are one of my 700 insiders?

I just created the webpage you are reading right now.  On that web page is a paragraph near the top called “Our Present Physical Location.”

We have about 700 paid members of VagabondBuddha.com. If you are one of the 700 people that have a current paid membership to VagabondBuddha.com, you will have access to that paragraph. If you are curious about membership benefits, watch this video or read this webpage.

You are probably thinking that I have thousands of subscribers. But that is not true. Between our paid monthly members and our one-time payment for lifetime members, we only have about 700 members.

With such a small and intimate set of members of VagabondBuddha.com, it should be a breeze for us to meet you face-to-face when we are finally in your neck of the woods. We look forward to meeting you in person someday.

As you may know, we slow travel the world as we please. When we like a place, we stay longer. When we don’t like a pace, we move along to another place near or far that we think we will like more.

That means we don’t always know exactly where we will be in the distant future. We often only know where we are now plus the next few places we intend to go. We are generally not long-range planners. We love the freedom of this lifestyle.

But I will share information about our intended path over the next 2 to 3 months. That will allow members like Mark to send us emails like, “Hi Dan, I see you two are slowly traveling south through Thailand and expect to be in Pattaya over the next few weeks. Let’s get together in Pattaya and have a chat.”

That will give us a better chance to meet up with many of you. To be able to read our below present location information, make sure you have logged into your current paid membership at VagabondBuddha.com. If you have lost your password, watch this video.

This is Dan from Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for VagabondBuddha.com. Thanks for stopping by.  The World is your home, what time will you be home for dinner?