Things to Do in Paracas Peru

Things to Do in Paracas, Peru
Things to Do in Huacachina and Ica, Peru
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Cost of Living in Paracas, Peru
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Things to Do in Paracas, Peru

[kkstarratings] This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. Here are the things we did in Paracas, Peru:

Paracas Nature Reserve Tour: The above picture is taken from the Paracas Nature Reserve in Peru. The following Ballestas Island Tour is also within the Paracas Nature Reserve. It might be better to call this tour the above picture from the ‘land portion’ of the reserve. On the land portion, you will see Flamingos (and many other species of bird), wide open deserts (the driest climate in the world), red sand beaches, gorgeous cliffs plunging into the Pacific, and a museum explaining the history of people and animals that have lived here.

Ballestas Islands National Reserve: The above picture is from the boat portion of the reserve tour. This tour takes you out on a speed boat that holds around 20 people. It first goes past the following famous Candelabra geoglyph and then takes you around Ballestas Island. As your circle Ballestas Island, you will see seals, birds, and penguins. The guide will point out many different kinds of birds and tell you the political significance of these islands. There was even a war fought in part over these islands because the birdshit collected from these islands every few years is worth millions as fertilizer.

Candelabra geoglyph: The above picture is taken from the water portion of the tour. The above carving on this mountain is believed to be about 2000 years old. The exact date is unknown because you can’t generally carbon date dirt, but human mummies have been found in the vicinity that are carbon dated to be about 2000 years old. Some believe that this geoglyph is a symbol of the cactus. The cactus was a ceremonial hallucinogenic the original people here (Nasca) used to communicate with God. These are the same people who are believed to have carved the famous lines in the desert a few hours from here in Nasca.

Huacachina (Ica, Peru): Grab a tour to Huacachina. Huacachina is a desert oasis about 1.5 hours away. Our Airbnb host Beatriz arranged our Paracas tours and Huacachina tours for a total cost of s/165 or $50 USD per person. That included transportation and English speaking guides for everything we did in Paracas and Huacachina, but not government taxes which were minor. The service was door to door from our Airbnb apartment. The Paracas tours are described above. For a description of what the Huacachina part of the package included, click here: Things to Do in Ica and Huacachina, Peru.

I recommend using either Viator Paracas Tours or Get Your Guide Paracas Tours. These are tour aggregators. That means they just publish tours conducted by third parties. Some tours are better than others. So you need to read the reviews. Look for a tour that has at least 5 reviews that sound good, and 2 of those reviews should be within the last few months.

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