Best Online Business for Retirees in 2025

Here is why I think this is the best online business for retirees in 2025.  

If you enjoy helping people solve problems then you may want to consider this online business I am about to show you. I will explain why now.

My name is Dan. I am 63 years old now. If you are like me, you probably have lived more lives than a cat. In my latest life, I started a business helping people learn how to solve problems online.

I don’t need to worry about money anymore. I am not rich or anything. But I have enough now to travel the world as I please. The video you are watching is of me and my girlfriend traveling the world together.

After I explain why problem-solving is the best online business for retirees, I will take you under the hood of my business and show you how it makes money. And I will show you exactly how much money my business has made in the last 12 months.

Why is this the best online business for retirees

Real-Life Experience Matters: Retirees have experienced life and life is just one damn thing after another. And the longer we live, the more problems we learn to solve. So old people have seen and solved more problems than young people. Plus, we are a little better at spotting pie-in-the-sky promises because we have already heard them all. We know that people exaggerate when they want our money.

Retirees Have Experience Doing Things: People doing something for the first time, waste time and money. What retirees know by experience can help others save time and money.

If you share something you have learned by experience that saves people time and money, they will be forever grateful to you.

For me, I decided to share my favorite hobby. I love living overseas for less money. I find all these great places to retire in paradise for pennies and I share it. I decided to share this because it is my favorite hobby in the world.

I have been to 70 countries. So sharing what I have learned as I travel the world is a natural subject for me. That is why I suggest that people share how to do their favorite hobby.

Here are some examples, but you could share about anything: Gardening, Growing Your Own Food, Remodel Your Home, Muscle Cars, handyman, Playing Guitar or Harminca, Homesteading, Dividend Income, Real Estate Investment, BitCoin, War History, Politics, Criminal Law, Reducing Taxes, Van Life, Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE), Mountain Climbing, Marathoning, Body Building, Attracting Love, Yoga, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Tantric Yoga, Martial Arts, Stocks and Bond, etc.

Questions about how to do things we have done before are being typed into Google or YouTube search engines every second of every day. The key is to share what you have learned by experience so you save people time and money.

Quality of Information and Personal Identification: People always say to me, “Dan, there is already someone online teaching how to wallpaper homes.” “Don’t I need to find a subject that nobody is doing already?” Let me explain why that is not generally a good idea. It could take years to create interest in a subject that is not already online. You want something with an already proven audience online.

Why is that? The past success of others on your topic proves people are already searching on that topic. Proof of a successful growing topic online is better than trying to develop an interest in a new subject.

Because there are two parts to success online: Quality of Information and Personal Identification.

So your job is to focus on the quality of the information you create. You just focus on the quality of information. If you have good quality, people will watch you instead of other people sharing the exact same topic because they identify with you personally more than the other guy.

There are other people sharing what they have learned about retiring cheaply overseas, but there is something about me that you identify with personally.

I can prove it too. My average viewer is a man between 45 and 70 years old who identifies with me because of my age, my sex, my attitude, and my personality. They also identify with the way I am living my life overseas as I travel the world with my girlfriend Qiang.

Because I keep talking about retiring overseas for cheap, Google and YouTube search engines learn who to recommend my videos to. The key is to manage quality and let the search engines find viewers who are likely to keep watching video after video.

Okay, so that is why this is the best online business for retirees. Now I will explain why this business is the best to experience personal freedoms in retirement. After that, I will take you under the hood of my business and show you the money.

Why is it the best online business for retirees?

The online business I am going to show you is the information-sharing business. Here is why I believe it is the best business for retirees.

One. No Inventory. You don’t need to import anything from China and ship it to Amazon. You don’t need a shipping and receiving department. No returns, no repairs, or replacement of physical products.

Two. No Delivery Costs. When the customer buys, they just download the information you are selling, such as eBooks, newsletters, or watch videos.

Three. No Advertising Costs. You just post webpages and videos online and people discover you organically in their Google searches. In fact, if your YouTube videos get enough views, YouTube will start paying you each month.

Four. No Employees. No payroll, no hours, no training employees, no turnover of employees. You are the only person in the business.

Five. No Office Expenses. No rent, no mail correspondence, no phone, just correspond with your customers by email.

Six. No Hours. Just work when you want to. You have to immediately respond to customer service requests but you can create content at your own pace.

Seven. Low Start-Up Costs: You can get the business started with almost money. You just start posting YouTube videos in your information niche. Once YouTube starts paying you for views, you can use that income to pay for the third-party software we teach how to set up in the course.

Eight. No Geographical Limitations or Boundaries. You are free to roam the world as you grow the business. You do not need to show up at certain times and places.

Nine. You Get To Share Your Favorite Hobby. The information business can be about anything. But, in the Hobby Income Course, I suggest you share information about your favorite hobby. Why? Because you already love doing your hobby. So it will be more fun for you to share that enthusiasm you have for that subject matter. But you could also pick any subject that you know more about than most people.

Ten. No Expensive Courses. New or existing paid members of my information business, have access to my Hobby Income Course that shows over-the-shoulder videos of how I set up my online business. And right now, the Hobby Income Course is a bonus at no extra charge. When membership prices change in the future, existing memberships are frozen at the lower price.

Last 12 Months Income

After I show you the last 12 months of income, I will take you under the hood of my hobby business and show you where the money comes from. Then you can decide if you want to try it for yourself. More on that in a minute.

Today is July 4th, 2024. Happy 4th of July to you. Here is the last 12 months of income from July 1, 2023, through June 31, 2024. So, for the 12 months ending June 30, 2024, which was 4 days ago, the membership portion of my income, made $77,995.18

The other source of income was the money YouTube pays me when people watch my videos.

For the same 12 months, YouTube paid me $40,807.46.

If you add these two income sources together, you can see that my online hobby made ($77,995.18+$40,807.46) is $118, 802.64 USD for that 12-month period just ending in June of 2024, 4 days adgo.

But this is not a get-rich-quick business. I have spent thousands of dollars on those. They turned out to be disappointments. But here is how this one grew slowly for me.

Slow Growing

This is a make-money slow during retirement business doing something you love with very little risk. If you are like me, it will grow slowly and steadily. But there is no guarantee that anyone will make any money.

But if you want to try, I have some good news for you. But first, let me give you an idea of how slow it can grow. I report income from time to time, and here is what this hobby business made over the last 5 full calendar years.

























One last thing and then I will take you under the hood of my business and how you how it works.

Hobby Income Course

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My Hobby Income Course is my over-the-shoulder course showing you how I turned my hobby into an income. So if you complete my course, and do everything I say, you might also be able to quit your job and do only your hobby someday. I can’t guarantee that my ideas will work for everyone, but wouldn’t it be great if it worked for you?

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Going Under the Hood of My Online Business

Towards the end of the video at the top of this page, you will be able to see me go under the hood of my online hobby business at and my YouTube channel Vagabond Awake.

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