Quitting the rat race saved my life

In this report, I explain how quitting the rat race saved my life.

I will show you images I took traveling the world since I quit the rat race while I explain how quitting the rat race saved my life.

By age 46, I had what most people were striving for. I had a nice job paying around $100k per year and my own office with a view. I owned my own home plus, a few investments, a beautiful older convertible car, and my 401(k) was starting to look healthy.

On the outside, people were probably thinking I had life figured out. But it didn’t feel that way on the inside. I was just going through the motions. There was nothing left to get excited about in my work life anymore. I was bored.

If I could just get myself to go through the motions for another 20 years, I would have a very nice retirement at age 65. But twenty more years seemed like a slow walk to death. So, I would find myself staring at the wall in front of me, wondering …. “is this all there is to life?”

The problem was, I knew there was more to life. I had worked for myself before college and loved it. But having a cush job didn’t feel as good as being your own boss. Plus, I wondered, would I still be healthy enough to travel the world in my late 60s?

Staring at the wall, I somehow knew I had something more in me that needed to get out. I wanted to be proud of myself again. But I didn’t want to just turn the ship a little to the left or right. I wanted to pick the ship up and move it to another sea. Win or lose, I wanted to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

You see, I had worked for myself most of my life. I didn’t even go to college until I was about 31 years old. In high school, I believed college just prepared people for jobs. And jobs were just for people not creative enough to start their own business.

I had started several businesses in my teens and 20s thinking I would get rich working for myself. I thought I could sell a thriving business and retire early in my 40s or 50s and travel the world.

But I never got rich working for myself. So I went to college as a backup plan starting in my 30s. College was just a backup plan. So, after graduating college, I decided to take a full-time job for a few years. I wanted to see what a job felt like, but I thought I would jump back into business.

The job would turn into a backup plan in case I never got rich in business. But I never quit my backup plan. I just kept the job and wondered if I would ever have the nerve to quit again.

So, there I was at age 46, sitting at that desk, still living my backup plan. I often found myself staring at the wall, wondering …. “is this all there is to life?” Do I have anything left in me? You see, working for myself just felt so much better.

An employee is just a paid soldier in someone else’s army. Most jobs have no way of losing or winning big. You just put your time in and keep the boss happy, and let time pass.

To make a long story short, I was eventually able to work for myself again. I am making a nice living now doing my favorite hobby, traveling the world with a beautiful woman, 67 countries so far. It feels really great using my creative energy.

For more specific details about how my life went from normal to miraculous, grab a free copy of my eBook, “How I Fired My Boss and Traveled the World for 14+ Years,” link provided. With any luck, maybe my methods will help you quit the rat race and live your dreams.

Quitting the Rat Race Saved My Life

The way I feel when I wake up in the morning is totally different. I am proud of myself again. I am in charge of my life. I know it sounds odd, but quitting the rat race saved my life.

I don’t have a desk anymore. I just have a computer and a camera. I feel alive again.

We get up every morning and we decide what we want to do. We go wherever we want and stay as long as we want. We make videos and eBooks about whatever we learned each week. We just share what we have learned: Where to retire early for cheap in paradise overseas, best countries to find love in paradise, or how to make a living in the new economy, links provided.

I feel like I have my life back, and some of you may be able to get your life back too. There are two things that will help you master your life in the digital economy. If you are like me, you will need to learn two things to quit the rat race and save your own life.

Two Things to Master to Prosper in the New Economy

There are hundreds of ways to make it in the new economy. I meet people doing it differently all the time. But I tried for years before finding something that actually worked for me. What worked for me is what I will share with you.

But I have another video that will teach you everything I tried that didn’t work. What doesn’t work is just as important as what does work, in my opinion. I spent thousands on courses that didn’t work. Watch that other video too, so you don’t waste your time or money on courses that cost thousands of dollars, link provided.

There are two things I did to win my freedom. First, I reduced my cost of living while I was growing my new online business. Second, I grew my new online business income until it exceeded my reduced cost of living. As soon as your new business income is greater than your reduced cost of living, you are free. It is that simple.

Okay, now I will explain how I did these two things in more detail.

Reduce Your Cost of Living

You probably know that there are parts of the world where you can live on much less money per month. I was starting a new business. So I decided to live in low-cost living places around the world so my savings could last longer while my new business grew.

Now, I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t have quit my job before my new business was earning enough to pay my living expenses. But I didn’t have a choice. I lost my consulting contract in 2018. So I didn’t have a job to quit at the time.

So, instead of looking for a new contract in 2018, I decided to work full-time at my new online business. I also set some of my savings aside. I decided that I would work full time on my new online business as long as the savings I set aside lasted.

Increase The Hobby Business Income

Second, I had to increase the income from the new online business so the income would pay my lower cost of living. If the new online business income grew fast enough, to support my cost of living, I would not need to get another consulting contract.

Luckily, it worked. My new online business income grew fast enough so I didn’t have to go back to consulting. We just travel the world now and live off the income from the online business. My hobby business income now exceeds our cost of living overseas.

So, when you are starting a new business online, you need to reduce your living expenses. The lower you can get your living expenses, the longer you will have to grow your business income until it exceeds your living expenses.

But if you are not frugal, but live high on the hog, you may run out of savings before your new business can support you.

One of the best ways to keep your living expenses low is to live somewhere overseas with a low cost of living. As we travel the world, we publish retire cheap in paradise reports. These reports include estimated costs of living around the world for budget-minded people. So you can use these reports to find places to live at a lower cost of living.

I have another video that will teach you how to start your online business with almost no money. That YouTube video is called “How to retire in 36 months starting with no money,” link provided.

Finally, do you know why most people fail when they start a new small business?

Why Most Small Businesses Fail

Most small businesses fail because they run out of the capital required to carry them until the income exceeds the expenses. You see, the business I teach is almost free to start so the business won’t need much capital from you to start. But you still have to continue to pay your personal living expenses while you wait for your business income to grow.

If you are starting a small business, which means you will probably be the only investor, you can overcome that problem in one of two different ways. Either reduce your personal expenses or keep your regular job until the business income grows enough to pay your personal expenses.

So either way, if you can get your personal expenses low enough, you won’t have to wait as long to quit your regular job. With your expenses as low as possible, your business will be able to meet your personal expenses more quickly than if you live high on the hog.

I believe this is the reason most people are unable to start their own business and succeed. They try to live the same life they were living while they had a job. But if you are able to live a more simple life, you are giving your business a chance to succeed before you run out of money.

Most People Over-Value Material Things and UnderValue Freedom

You see, most people overvalue material things like nice cars, a nice house, designer clothes, beautiful dinners out with friends, and electronic toys. If you try to maintain that style of living in the first 3 to 5 years of starting a new online business, you are putting too much pressure on how much money the business needs to make in the first few years.

That means, you are undervaluing the freedom you will have if you are able to get your online business up and running. Your present need for materialism is more important to you than the geographical and p[ersonal freedom you will have if your business succeeds.

Try to place less value on material things now so you can have more personal and geographic freedom for the rest of your life.

Why is My Hobby Income Course The Best Digital Economy Business

My hobby income course is the best online business. Here is why I believe it is the best business. These are my personal observations after studying online businesses for over a decade.

One. No Inventory. You don’t need to import anything from China and ship it to Amazon. You don’t need a shipping and receiving department. No returns, no repairs, or replacement of physical products.

Two. No Delivery Costs. When the customer buys, they just download the information you are selling, such as eBooks, newsletters, or watch videos.

Three. No Advertising Costs. You just post webpages and videos online and people discover you organically in their Google searches. In fact, if your YouTube videos get enough views, YouTube will start paying you each month.

Four. No Employees. No payroll, no hours, no training employees, no turnover of employees. You are the only person in the business.

Five. No Office Expenses. No rent, no mail correspondence, no phone, just correspond with your customers by email.

Six. No Hours. Just work when you want to. You have to immediately respond to customer service requests but you can create content at your own pace.

Seven. Low Start-Up Costs: You can get the business started with almost money. You just start posting YouTube videos in your information niche. Once YouTube starts paying you for views, you can use that income to pay for the third-party software we teach how to set up in the course.

Eight. No Geographical Limitations or Boundaries. You are free to roam the world as you grow the business. You do not need to show up at certain times and places.

Nine. You Get To Share Your Favorite Hobby. The information business can be about anything. But, in the Hobby Income Course, I suggest you share information about your favorite hobby. Why? Because you already love doing your hobby. So it will be more fun for you to share that enthusiasm you have for that subject matter. But you could also pick any subject that you know more about than most people.

Ten. No Expensive Courses. New or existing paid members of my information business, at $9 per month or at $99 one-time single payment for life, have access to my course as a bonus at no extra charge. When membership prices change in the future, existing memberships are frozen at the lower price.


Thank you for reading my report. why quitting the rat race saved my life. 

The short story is that I travel the world and post videos and eBooks about the best places to retire cheap in paradise.  People enjoy my content and many buy memberships to my eBooks.

Just a few months ago I posted a video showing how my hobby business made $6500 that month. If you would like to see the internal workings of the business click and watch the below video, link provided.

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