Can overseas retirees make extra money online

I want to ask the question, can overseas retirees make extra money online? 

Something has been troubling me for a couple of years and I want to get your advice about how to handle it. I already have about 80 retire cheap in paradise reports up on Vagabond Buddha and there are about another 100 places around the world that I have already been that I want to film and tell you about.  

If I visit and filmed all of these places myself, for just one month each, it will take me another 8 years to get all the reports posted that I wanted to share with you. However, there are already ex-pats that have been living in most of these places for years.

So, about 2 years ago, I started thinking, … is there a way that I could get other people involved in this process of filming and gathering data about my favorite places in the world to retire cheap? Since there are people in these places that love them as much as me, why do all the reports we post online need to come from me?

Since I have been to most of these places myself already, I would be able to do comparison reports, I just need the cost of living and livability factors to reflect today’s data for comparison purposes.    

So I was thinking about creating a course that teaches people how to film and gather data about my favorite places around the world and create retire cheap reports. Then, Vagabond Buddha would be able to provide more choices of places to retire cheap in paradise more quickly.  

Plus, if we could figure out a way that people already living in paradise locations could make extra money helping others settle in paradise, it could be a win-win situation for everybody. So I will share a few ideas about how this could work, and then I will wait for feedback from my family of listeners to see if there is any interest in this concept.

You may remember about one year ago, I asked people if anyone would be interested in learning how to set up and start a hobby that makes money online. Well, I received an overwhelming demand for a course that taught everything I know about my hobby.

So, I translated that demand into the hobby income course and gave it as a bonus to my paid subscribers (whether $9 monthly or $99 one-time payment for life) so they could set up a webpage and youtube channel that makes money with their hobby.  That was a lot of work but I decided to give it to my paid subscribers as a bonus for helping me make all of my slow travel dreams come true.  

So, I was thinking, … if enough of you would be interested in helping others retire in paradise for cheap, whether by taking phone calls about the city you live or responding to emails helping people arriving in your area of the world or by providing information to people about what you know about your part of the world, I would be willing to set up an infrastructure that created some sort of income stream to you based upon the demand for the information you are willing to share with people.

Okay, so let me give you some examples of how this might work and the types of information people are looking for in each country. But these examples are not intended to be limiting. I would be very interested in your ideas about what people moving overseas would need help with, especially if you think you could serve well as a paid specialist in some new area I am not thinking about yet. 

Can overseas retirees make extra money online doing these things?

Location Specialists: If you have been living overseas in some part of the world and you are familiar with the neighborhoods and rents, you may be able to help new people moving into that area find a place to stay. We could set up an application that people could use to set appointments to talk to you. You could set times of days, and days of the week you would be willing to talk to people. The application would allow people to book appointments with you during your set hours. You would receive an email or text when someone set an appointment and you would have to be available at the scheduled time to talk to the people.

People would learn about you from the retire cheap reports that you would help create for that area. They would know who you are because you would be a guest star on Vagabond Awake and there would be a “contact me” widget where they could schedule to talk with you in the retire cheap report for that area.

Visa Specialists: If you have knowledge of the visa processes for a country you could act as a visa consultant for people that have questions about the visa in that country. It could just be information you provide or possibly helping people complete the forms. We could publish a listing of specialists for each retire cheap country and you could field calls and emails generated via that specialist listing. The application would book calls from people according to the posted times you have set to help people. You would get paid by the amount of time spent on the phone answering questions or by whatever documents you help process.  

Healthcare or Insurance Specialists: If you are aware of the various insurance policies that are available in the paradise country where you have retired, you could keep current on evolving insurance choices and help people learn about which are best for their age and other conditions. The application would book calls from people according to the posted times you have set to help people. You would get paid by the amount of time spent on the phone answering questions.

Financial Specialists: People that live in a country that stay abreast of the best and cheapest ways to get money into and out of each country with lower transitions fees and hassles without getting into any trouble. The application would book calls from people according to the posted times you have set to help people. You would get paid by the amount of time spent on the phone answering questions.

These are just a few ideas I am throwing out there to see if people would be interested in helping other people. We could set the application up so that you set the hourly rate you wanted to charge and the hours and days you were willing to field calls about what you know.

These are just a few of the specialists that come to mind when I was thinking about this concept. I would also be interested in hearing from you about other information you would be willing to provide to people that you have learned living overseas in paradise, I would like to hear from you what they are in the notes below.

If you think you would be interested in helping people get through problems you have already overcome moving to paradise overseas, please type the word “Specialist” in the notes below this YouTube video. Type “No Thanks” if you are not interested in helping others or you otherwise think it would be a waste of my time to set this up.

If enough people type “Specialist” in the notes below this video, I will develop an application that will help you help others. Also, feel free to type the name of a new specialty you would be willing to help people with if you have one in mind that I have not mentioned.

Like my Hobby Income Course, if enough of you are interested and type “Specialist” in the comments below, I will create a way for you to offer these services to people that need help and to and figure out a way for you to get paid for your valuable time.

Thanks for reading Can overseas retirees make extra money online.

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