Cost of assisted living in the Philippines

In this interview, my guest Alma answers the question, what is the cost of assisted living in the Philippines? People ask me about the cost of assisted living from time to time. This video gives two price points, basic and more advanced care costs.

Dan: Is it true Alma, that after living 30 years in the USA, and after raising your children in the USA, you moved back to the Philippines 13 years ago to start an assisted living facility?

Alma: Yes Dan. That is correct. I decided to come back to the Philippines after living in the US for a few decades because I saw the need for safe and professionally operated assisted living in the Philippines

Dan: At what stage of a person’s life do they generally come to reside at one of your two facilities?

Alma: People normally get in touch with us when they or a family member is in need of someone to take care of them or in many cases when they’re in a health crisis.

How is your facility different or similar to assisted living facilities in other progressive countries, like the US or Europe? Our two Life Care facilities in the Philippines may have similar qualities to many of the US-run assisted living but it is also unique in many ways. We not only offer professional staff proficient in English, good tropical weather, compassionate care, and more importantly; we are most affordable compared to other Western countries. We offer so much value for the money. We have several clients who brought their family members from the US and moved to the Philippines to stay with us permanently. One of whom has been with us for 12 years and counting

Dan: I understand that your facility is one of the pioneers in this industry in the Philippines. What are you able to offer to expats or anyone looking into retiring in the Philippines?

Alma: Thank you for asking about this Dan. When people decide to retire in a certain location; they may not be thinking about what happens after their nightlife, scuba diving, and golfing life is done with. They sometimes forget that eventually they too will get old. In the eventuality that life throws them a curveball like a debilitating injury, stroke, decline in health or Alzheimer’s; does their adopted country have facilities that are reliable and accountable for their well-being?

We at Life Care are uniquely in the position to be there for these expats in those eventualities.

Our two facilities have a total of 16 years of experience in caring for persons with disabilities and the elderly.

We have licensed nurses and caregivers with professional experience in an assisted living setting.

Our senior officers and staff have the leadership and management skills needed to run an efficient operation.

We are also able to assist them in acquiring their permanent visa from the Philippine Retirement Authority.

Dan: Where are you located and what is the present size of your two facilities?

Alma: We are in Cebu City in the Visayas and Morong, Rizal in Luzon.

Dan: What are the demographics of the residents?

Alma: We have a good mix of expats, returning Filipinos and locals

Dan: What services do you offer and what is the starting price for basic costs for residents?

Alma: Our two locations have different rates. The basic rate starts at P62K or $1,070.00 a month with the present exchange rate of P58/$1 USD.

The basic rate includes a private room equipped with a bed, A/C, fan, television, closet, shared Nurse and caregivers, three meals a day with afternoon snacks, utilities (water, electric, and limited A/C use), housekeeping, laundry, and various in-house activities like exercise, games and different ways of engaging our residents.

Service fees may increase based on the level of care required after a comprehensive geriatric assessment. (In the above video, Alma shares an example of higher costs for a patient with Parkinsons which requires a much higher level of nursing and caregiver attention.

Dan: How do interested people contact you if they have further questions?

Alma: To learn more about our services; they can visit our website at Answer our Inquiry form and we will promptly get back to you with a phone call or email.

Disclosure: If you use Alma’s Assisted Care Facility (, we will not receive any compensation. Additionally, Alma has not paid us to appear in this video. Finally, we have not visited this facility or done any investigation. You must conduct your own due diligence.