His Basic Cost of living is $490 month in Bali Indonesia

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, and today we have one of our old favorites guests back on the channel, Bobby. We met, first met Bobby in Mexico and then he moved to Bali. We interviewed him once about Bali, and he’s still here two years later. Welcome to the channel, Bobby.

Robert Meade, imagination coach (More Information, 2 links)):

  • One. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NevilleGoddardMysticTeachings
  • Two. https://truecosmic.com/academy/robert-meade/

Where does Bobby live in Bali?  

Google Map Link:  Lovina Beach, Bali Indonesia

Here are Bobby’s first three interviews:

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Bobby in Bali Indonesia Video

Good to be back, rediscovered each other again.

That was amazing because I had just started looking at your site again. Dan’s in B right now. Oh my God. I have to figure out how to contact him. And so, we managed to contact each other again.

I met Robert or Bobby in, Mexico for the first time. And he, at the time I think you had decided to retire at 62, is that right?

Yes. Yeah. retired at 62. It was right at the beginning of the covid before they had vaccines or anything. It was March 2020. Right. And I had been considering a little bit, you know, about retiring early, and then honestly, a lot of it was your fault. , one of your I discovered your channel and my I’d, our, even before Covid started, I was in a search for several months considering a future and how I wanted.

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Lived this beautiful life traveling on islands and beach life, and I came across your channel one of the things you talked about is considering retiring earlier or not the long-term goal was always to come to Southeast Asia. I hadn’t even, even hadn’t even narrowed it down to B yet, but I knew it was gonna be Southeast Asia because I’d been to Indonesia and I’d been to Thailand before and I’d been to Fiji.

And I just love that this part of the. . However, because of Covid it was impossible. The only place that was open was Mexico. Mexico was the only place. Mexico has never shut down. Yeah. Yeah. So it was dangerous and I shouldn’t go. It was terrible. But I, of course, I moved to Bali. You, if you watch my other video with him about Mexico, you’ll see that.

Yeah. But yeah, so I moved to, moved to Mexico and I was I went through all the different steps in scuba diving. I did over a hundred dives, primarily in the cenote, in those K Oh. Yeah. Underwater caves and in the ocean too.

And then you moved over here. How long, how long have you been here?

I’ve been in Bali now for almost exactly two years. I arrived on March 27th, 2021.

The amazing thing about Bobby is that he sources really great apartments for real, really reasonable prices. And apply. Del Carmen, you, you found an apartment for 400 bucks a month and we interviewed you there and, , we talked to you here and you found one for $83 a month, and now you’re in one, even cheaper.

Is that right?

Yeah. It’s almost, it’s almost embarrassing to say because unless you’re in with the locals and you know, where, how to go about finding places. Pretty quality place. Really? Yeah. I saw the, we’ll show them the photos. Yeah. So the video, yeah.  The first place was a three-bedroom for $83, so that was a thousand dollars a year right after that lease was up and I’d visited the United States to see my family and I came back, I, I needed to renew with another ho, another home.

I leased a two-bedroom home in North Valley in an area called Kali Book. Book, which is in Lavina. In North Bali, close to, a town called Sing Raja in the province, you could say Ang if that means anything to anyone. So, I was very close with a Bali family up there, and my buddy Eddie took me around and we found a home, a two-bedroom home gated for $600.

That is per year, $600 per year. That’s crazy. I mean, I literally have no rent. I mean, of course, I paid it in full immediately. Right, right. , so yeah, 50 bucks a month is kind of, yeah. You know, I’m not trying to outdo anybody. I just can’t pass up a good deal.

No, it’s really great because, you know, There’s a lot of people in America that all over the world that, you know, because of what’s happened over the last 20 years, the economy doing this sort of thing, and it’s more of it now.

They just don’t have as much money as they thought. And the idea that you could live somewhere so beautiful and that would be your rent, that opens a lot of doors for people. And I’m not saying everybody is gonna be as smart as. Be able to go out and find something like that. But then, just the fact that even if you know even if their rent’s gonna be 500 or 400 a month, it’s much less than it might be in their home country.

And it’s a beautiful country. So, absolutely. Tell us a little bit about what it is that you like about living, on this beautiful island.

Well, Bali is amazing. When you live in Indonesia, particularly Bali, you never leave the forest. You never leave the jungle. It’s literally green everywhere. So you don’t finally find the one part of the island that’s not green

It’s just beautiful. And literally, you can walk in the forest and of course, much of it is private property or whatever, so you gotta be careful. But you could walk through the jungle and never need to buy food really. I mean, literally fruits of every kind are.

In the jungle. I mean, banana tea trees, coconut trees, and then the exotic fruit they have here. Right. It’s just so lush. I mean, if you’re not in the jungle, I would call it. Right. You’re on agricultural land. Right. Which is basically jungle that has been cleared out for rice patties or Yeah. Rice or for agriculture.

Yeah, exactly. And they grow everything here. Yeah. Yeah.

So, so we have an idea of what your rent is. You actually have a larger pension than you really need to live here, don’t you? I mean, yeah. What do you think?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s plenty. Again, I retired early, so my social security that I took early is only about 1700.

Okay. A month. Yeah, it went up a little bit. You get a raise every year, right? Right. But I was worn by my family. Of course, that was not gonna be enough. And you’ll be sorry. And yes, I did. I did build a cushion. Yeah. And I still have a bit of a cushion, but frankly, I really haven’t needed it much.

Yeah. It has proven to be enough, definitely. Right.

So give us an idea. What are, what are some of the other things that you spend money on other than rent? Like, what do you spend on groceries and going out to restaurants? And maybe not, you don’t have to be exact, but just, just round for

I think you’re gonna have the breakdown for me.

Yeah. When you do, do you want it? I can give it. Oh yeah. I actually, he sent this to me before. I had never done the research on myself to really get the details. I mean, that’s how much I don’t care about, yeah, about money, I guess, but if you keep your thumb on there, it’ll stay up. Okay, perfect. So this is what I’d estimated my cost.

So a one-year home, $600, 50 bucks a month, groceries an average of $150 a month. Restaurants are a little bit more in restaurants, so probably at least, I put 260 as an average. Right. So that can vary, but how many times a week would you say you average you go out? Oh, probably three or four times a week? Yeah.

Okay. Yeah, sometimes more. Okay. But we also, I also cook at home internet 1650, $16 and 50, $16 and 50 cents. Okay. Electricity, $33. Okay. Yeah. Water, is $2 and 30 cents. Right. One that I forgot to list, which I’ll add is laundry. Right. About a hundred thousand Rupiahs which is about eight. It’s a little less, I think.

Yeah. 15 to one right now. Seven. Okay. So yeah, close to seven, maybe seven bucks a month. Yeah. For laundry. And that’s sourcing it out. Garbage pickup. Yeah. So you don’t have to do it, you just bring No, no. You drop it off and then couple of days you pick it up and it’s all iron folded and, oh yeah. No, no, it’s amazing.

Garbage pickup. $3 and 30 cents. Now I listed the next one as items miscellaneous. and so forth. So for miscellaneous, I put $75, right? No, let’s see. Oh, shopping, miscellaneous $75. And then other things like helping family and, or, you know, if, if I’m, you know, dating and so forth. Right. Another hundred dollars a month.

Right, right. And that number can. Can be higher at times. Yeah, sure, sure, sure. You’re dating more. Yeah. Put some that are probably in the restaurant, can’t you? Yeah. Yeah. There you go. . So I have a subtotal of $490. That’s crazy. So without getting doing much extra. Right. Like scuba diving and you know, traveling much and all that.

It would be right around $500 a month. Right. Which I’m still shaking my head at. I’m looking at that and I go, well that’s actually my numbers. So now what I did is, I added that on, so I added on travel and recreation. Oh good. So for travel, recreation, and hotels. That said, I probably come down to this area in the South Valley and the rest of Bali and I’ve traveled to Java and I’ve traveled to other islands.

I probably do something like that once a month. Okay. Yeah, once a month. That’s great. So I do travel a lot. That’s great. Even though I’m living in paradise. Yeah. And I put down for that an additional 400 to $600. So if you add that four to 600 to the original 500. Right. You could just get by on the 500 if you just get by, you’re just frugal.

Especially if you’re single and you, you know, you, and again, I don’t drink much, so that also makes up so I don’t have a big alcohol tab. So add that in if you’re Yeah. If you’re a drinker, that’s not part of my groceries really. It’s an average of $1000 to $1,200 a month.

Yeah, no, that’s great because even if you’re doing just the getting by mode as you called it mm-hmm.  You’re near the beach, aren’t you? Yeah.

By getting buy mode is still going to restaurants four or five times a week. You know, you, you see the cost here. You’re, you’re here now, so maybe, you know, 30 to 50,000 for a really, really good meal. Oh, yeah. Really? Which is, which is like, you know, three bucks.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. , right? Yeah. And so this, this extra four to six. Even then you’re only up to around 1200 or so, give or take.

Yes. And not all of that is necessary. Now I’m not including the once-a-year travel back to the United States to see my family. Right. Or something like that. Right, right. You know, and that can be another thousand dollars per flight, easy.

Yeah. Tw twice a year or once a year. Once a year. Yeah. Once a year. Yeah. So that four to 600 extra was just in Indonesia, travel and traveling around the island. And, and we, we, you know, I go for it. I mean, I stay in nice villas and nice hotels once in a while, which could be well, 30, 40 bucks.

Yeah. It’s still, still, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it.

Especially when you post, your photos on Facebook or your friend’s team and go, what?

I can’t believe I just said that 30 or 40 bucks a night, that’s still super cheap. It’s still super cheap, but when you live here, that’s not cheap. It is not cheap.

Yeah. No. Yeah. It takes, you can find hotels for 12 bucks a night, so. Yeah.

Yeah. You know, so, so if you could talk to Bobby of four years ago when you were thinking about. What, what would you say to him?

I would say something I said in one of my previous videos with you, and that is whatever you decide to bring, leave 90% of it home.

That would be, one strong piece of advice. Right? You’re not moving to a third-world country where they don’t have anything. Bali is extremely modern. Indonesia is very modern. Yeah. Can you find more primitive areas in, in this land of. 50,000 islands. Yeah. Yeah, you can. Yeah. Yeah. But no, you’re never too far.

I mean, there’s more, I’ve seen more markets here and more access to stuff. Yeah. Whatever you need. Yeah. Shoes, shirts, shampoo, all the stuff you think. Yeah. Furniture, whatever you need. Yeah. Furniture, electronics, in the way of shirts and clothing. Leave most of it at home. Right. Come with the bare minimum.

and buy stuff when you get here. Yeah, that would be, that would be my advice. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So other advice would be one, I want to say cautiously because I don’t want to go into it too deeply, but I will say it anyway, that if you’re going to date wait till you get here. Okay. You can meet some wonderful people online, you know, with dating sites.

But and I did, but I would recommend just coming solo. Nothing is set up. Right. Set up. Get yourself settled in. Yeah. And then start considering, and it could be somebody you considered that you were considering online, but get established first. Right. And be here. And again, that’s nothing against dating sites.

I’ve used them off and on for years. Yeah. Yeah. But I would just recommend out of the gate, no. Come. First, yeah. Settle in and then either meet somebody you know, organically, as they say, which is super easy here, by the way. Yeah, yeah. Or you can do it online also, but then you’re, you’re all you’re already settled in and got your guy that got your feet on the ground.

One of the things that ex-pats or people from all over the world worry about when they leave their home country, they somehow think that where they live is safe and that the rest of the world is dangerous. What are your thoughts about that? 

This is probably the safest place that I’ve been in my life. And I’ve been, I don’t know, not, not as many as you, but I’ve been to 20, 25 countries. I felt safe in Mexico and Ply Del Carmen, right? But compared to P Play Del Carmen you know this is ex compared to anywhere. This is extremely safe. So, Mexico was safe compared to the United States. Yeah. Sorry. Don’t be mad at me

Cuz everybody wants to think that Mexico’s dangerous and Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you go on the certain parts and you, you know, you want to. and you can certainly find some dangerous areas. Yeah, sure. Just like us but I felt no danger there. Yeah. I did have a couple, just some incidences where I, where I, I, I made sure I exercise caution, but here no.

I can feel like I can walk anywhere, anytime. You’ll see, see female tourists and ladies here. Yeah. Yeah. Walking alone all the time. Yeah. Indonesia in general is extremely safe. Yeah.

What, what do you attribute that to?

Well, particularly in Bali, it’s karma. Karma. It’s karma. It’s their Hindu faith. And they strongly believe that what you do goes around, comes around.

And so they are kind by nature, but they’re also kind because they strongly believe in good and evil. And there’s a evil gods out there and good gods. And they strongly believe that you can curse your life and get in a lot of trouble by doing someone wrong. So it’s really inherent.

that’s, I hear that everywhere I go. I love asking the locals, I always say to them, you’re also happy here, and you’re also friendly and you have smiles on your faces. What do you attribute that to? And they all, 9, 8, 9 times out of 10, say karma. And that’s what my feeling was before I asked the question about being here.

It’s the, they really have this idea. That what goes around comes around. And so they’re protecting themselves by being nice to you

thing, Dan is that they’re it’s not just a feeling that they’re forced to be that way because of religion or because of karma. Yeah, they’re naturally that way. Just, you know, all you need to do is just smile and they smile back.

I mean, they’re so polite. If you go in, what would be considered a quick mart. They don’t have 7-Eleven, but you know, like a stop-and-go. They have go by different names here. Yeah, yeah. Alpha Mar, endo Mart, they’re so courteous and when you walk in the door, if they’re not busy with somebody at the register, or even if they are, usually they look up and say welcome, or How can I help you in, in, in Indonesian?

Of course. And then yeah, they’re just, they’re. . If you need something, they come out from behind the counter, great customer service, and we’ll walk you to the aisle where you can find it. Right? Yeah. They’re just polite, friendly, nice people, and they’re ready to engage you and talk to you and be friendly.

Yeah, they are. It’s, it’s a lovely situation. So, so another thing, when people move to other countries they have to work through in their minds, is healthcare. What, what have you, what are your thoughts about healthcare?

You know what? I’m probably gonna know l less about that than anything you could ask me and you know, I just, first of all, I’m extremely healthy and I rarely get sick, but I’ve never had to use a healthcare facility in two years. I did have a friend who needed to go to a, a clinic. We didn’t go to a main hospital, but to a clinic. And they were very effective, very efficient, and.

Medication was needed, they were able to prescribe that and so forth. So it was really really pretty simple. Right. And that was without insurance and it was relatively I thought it was very affordable. Yeah. So I think overall it’s gonna be good, especially if you’re down here and where you are now and Ubud or further south and Denpasar area, the main city they have a lot of medical facilities.

I don’t know how it would compare to other countries like Malaysia. Thailand is known for really good healthcare, but, or the Philippines. But I think it’s probably gonna be okay. Yeah. Yeah.

So you are gonna be 65 this coming up, right?

No, no, no. How dare you? I’m gonna be 66 0 66, you know, in May. On May 20th I’ll be 66.

My son Clay. Is 33 on May 15, and we celebrate. We’re gonna celebrate our birthdays together. Oh, nice. Nice. He’ll be exactly half my age, 33 to 66.

and it looks like you hit the gym. So I do. Do you have a, do you have a gym that you work at here and is it equipped and what does it cost?

Yeah. I go to the All-Star Gym. It is it was 80,000, now it’s 90,000. That sounds right. Which is about five, or six bucks. Is that per month? A month. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. And they have all the equipment and No, it’s a nice gym. Yeah. All the equipment. A very nice gym. Yeah. And they’ve got beverages. You know, if you need a protein drink or water or an energy drink or whatever, they’ve got all this, all that stuff too.

Right? And they provide a towel and yeah, no, they keep it clean. There’s a lady that’s going through cleaning and mopping and cleaning the equipment. Very sanitary. So they have spray bottles too. We’re supposed to do it really, you know, the spray on before or after. So they’re very conscious, not really worried about Covid anymore, but they’re very clean conscious.

Yeah. Yeah. So one of the things that my subscribers always say about you when you’re on my channel, like, is this your third or fourth? Is it seems like the fourth, but maybe it’s the third. It’s fourth. It’s fourth. Yeah. Didn’t we do two in Mexico? We did two in Mexico. One where you showed your apartment and then one on the beach where you went through the analysis.

We did do two of why you picked 60. And then when you moved here, you showed us, you explained your apartment. My first, my first your first apartment. That’s Bobby. Actually. House. House that I, and we’ll put, we’ll put all of, if you wanna watch Bobby, we’ll put all three below. Yeah. So this is my fourth time here.

It’s your fourth time. Yeah. So everyone’s always saying it’s such a great attitude bringing back on the channel. And so one of the things about you, and the reason we get along is you always have a really good attitude about life. And tell us about that and tell us you’re actually helping people with that now, aren’t you?

Yes, I am. I’m actually what’s called an Imagination Coach. Right. What is an Imagination Coach? Well, basically it’s a life coach. I work with people online on Zoom and by phone. Right, right. None of my customers are local. They’re all, it’s all international. I’ve had clients down in uh, 45 countries.

Wow. And currently working with two or three people. Every week I’ll get another two or three. And the coaching can last anywhere from one week to five weeks. Right. They’re always welcome to extend. Yeah. And so there are different costs for all of that. Sure. We’ll get into that. But yeah, basically it is based on what most people are familiar with the law of attraction, but specifically, the Law of Assumption, which is different.

And I won’t go into it too deeply if you’d like to know more. Yeah. Go look up Neville, God. Neville Godard is a fantastic man. He was considered a mystic and just he wrote 15 books and he did hundreds of videos, most of which were recorded and can be found online. Yeah, I’ve watched a few, they’re not actually videos, they’re audios cuz he passed in 1972.

Okay. So you can find his work, on YouTube if you want to, if you wanna check it out, you know. Yeah. But can I mention on Facebook? Yeah. How do people contact you if they wanna learn more about it? Oh, shoot. Well, we can put it on the screen here later. Yeah, we’ll give it to you. We’ll give it to you later.

But I belong to a Facebook site called Neville Godard, mystic teaching Neville Godard, mystic Teachings. And we’ve gone from 3000 members to 48, almost 49. In a year and a half year span, right? People from all over the world.

That’s what I really enjoy about it, is I work with people from India, from Africa, from Europe, right. Of course. From the United States. Yeah. But Asia, literally all over the world, and so much fun.

And the thing I like about what he’s teaching this, this concept of imagination is that, In life, we all have a tendency to look at what’s negative around us.

Mm-hmm. , instead of focusing on what we really need to be focusing is what we want our life to be. And that’s the imagination part and looking at it as if it’s already true and that holds true. For me and not just not only does it work in my life, but also it makes sense to me from a logical point of view.

It’s sort of like getting your heads right so that instead of focusing on the wrong things, you’re focusing on the right thing. And I, it just seems so natural. One way to put it, Dan, is, you know, the saying I need to see it to believe it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Others will say, you need to believe it to see it.

Yeah. Well, actually it’s both and let me explain. . You need to see it in your mind’s eye. You need to imagine it. Right. And believe it. True. And then you’ll see it. Yeah. Yeah. It might take days. It might take months, right? It could take over a year. It’s not about how long it takes. Right. But if you keep that vision in front of you Right?

As already done as. As if it’s already true. Yeah. Yeah. So you have to not just believe it. . See it as you’re believing it. Imagine it. Yeah. It might sound complex, but it’s not. No, it’s great. I love it. So, yeah. Yeah. Good. So we’ll put a link below so people can find you on the webpage.

How do they find you? No, there’s just they can just type in Robert Mead. Okay. At the top there’s a magnifying glass, and if I, if they just look through the post, they’ll find me. They’ll have to join first. So they’ll get approved to, to join. Yeah. If you go through my post, I’m, you know, I post something Yeah.

Several times a week, so it’s easy to find me. Yeah. And then you can just say, PM me or whatever. And I can if you want to get personal contact. Yeah.

I would say keep watching this guy’s sight, because I, as I said, I blame you for my early retirement, which I don’t regret, and I’m so glad that I, that I did, I, if I had to do it over again.

Yeah. I would change very little. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would change very little. Like I say, I would pack less. and the other things we talked about. But other than that no. I, I, I just like, some say I wish I could have done it earlier. Yeah, yeah. But in my case, I really don’t think I could have done it earlier.

So 62 worked, worked for me. And I’ve been able to supplement it with my coaching. So it’s all, it’s all worked out. That’s great. Well, Bobby, thanks for coming back on the channel.

I’m sure we’ll hear again from people. Bring Bobby back and I’m sure we’ll see you again somewhere in the world. But it’s so nice to see you again. Oh, it’s great to see you again and travel on. Yeah, yeah. Thank you so much, Dan. All right. Take care.

Before trying to do what Bobby does, watch this video.  It is not very easy to do what he does.  You are taking many different kinds of risks explained in this video.