Increased quality of action in present moment awareness

Dan here of Vagabond Buddha. I want to talk about the effect that presence has on quality. There is an increased quality of action in the present moment.

If you are present during a task, and I mean you are living in perception effortlessly concentrating on the task rather than on whatever thoughts are flowing through your mind each moment, the highest available quality will be present in the actions you take.

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Present moment awareness is an effortless concentration. There is an effortless concentration that arises in present moment. There’s no effort to concentration in presence. There’s an elegance to it. There’s nothing to remember. You don’t think about what you have to do after this task. You are concentrating on the task while you perform it. It is a form of living meditation where all human suffering ends. The level of performance that arises in presence with a quiet mind is complete. A quiet mind level of presence during a task. There’s no conversation going on in your head about your family, there’s no conversation about money or problems in your life. There’s just being present to the task.

When you are present to a task as you take action, that is the highest level of quality that you can attain in action.

There’s nothing you can forget in a present state. Because your mind is not noisy. The mind is not bored trying to think of what’s next. The mind is not doing 2 things, it’s not distracted from the task. It’s a deep concentration. You could say that you don’t even know you are a person doing a task. You are being the task; the task is like a dance it’s happening.

And since your problems, your conversations, your life story, how you arrived to do this task, why you should be further ahead in your career, who got ahead of you, who’s behind you, other problems–there’s none of that. There’s only the task.

You don’t even know what time it is. You don’t even think about whether you’ve had lunch or not. You’re just being a task. And this is the highest level of quality that a human can attain.

It is sort of like an effortless concentration that arises in present moment awareness. There is not even the thought, “Oh, I am concentrating well right now on this task.” There’s only being with the task. Like when you are being with a flower that you smell in the forest.

When present to awareness, there’s thinking about whether it is good or bad that you are performing a task. You are just being a task. You could even say, you’re not even there in the personality sense. You are the one consciousness.

Your consciousness performing a task without personality awareness or personality concerns. That’s the highest level of quality that you can bring to life whether performing a task, making something, painting, making love, cooking, etc. .

There’s nothing missing nor any pain caused by paying attention to something your mind thinks other than the task. The level of. life force going into the task is the highest possible.

That’s what quality in the present moment means.

That goes for music, art, life. There’s a quality of living in your life in the present moment that is captivating, joyful, and painless. .

It’s different from being a mind, that is being in your personal story instead of in your present senses that are alive every single moment.

Most people live in a story about what in their life needs to be improved or fixed before they are happy. This is the pain that gurus are speaking about. You don’t really want to be there. Because you have this problem you your mind laid out some problem for you and your mind has brought that story into your concentration. So you are present to something else while you perform a task.

But the concept applies to everything in your life. You are being in your story instead of living in your life. Life occurs in the present moment. It doesn’t occur in a memory or a pain about something that’s wrong in your life. That is living in memory. If you are living in imagined futures, then you’re living in strategized concepts that you hope to execute. That is not living in your life.

When you begin to live in the present moment you are present to perception. And so quality is about living in your life it’s about living in the present moment. All the goodies, all the quality about life arises in the present moment, including a natural effortless concentration. OK Good.

This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. Thanks for listening and have a have a great day.