Panama $400 Rent Caribbean Island Tour

In this Panama $400 Rent Caribbean Island Tour, we show you our $400 per month apartment that includes utilities and WIFI. We also show you around the area so you will see what kind of life is available if you choose to visit or retire in Panama on the Caribbean side.

We left the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and decided to investigate the costs to live or retire in Panama next. We are touring Panama now to show you life in some of the more popular ex-pat retirement destinations in Panama.

So leave a comment below about where you want us to go in Panama and we will sincerely consider your ideas. This channel has grown almost exclusively from your ideas so we listen carefully to your input. This island is called Bocas del Toro in Panama.

We will start with a tour of the apartment where we stayed but then we will show you how beautiful this place really is and what other things cost on the island such as restaurants and tours.

Panama $400 Rent Caribbean Island Tour

The above studio apartment is where we stayed in Bocas del Toro. We paid about $20 per night because we only stayed for a week. But the owner gives a price break for month-long stays. For much of the year, the price is around $400 including utilities, AC, and WIFI.  Here is the landlord’s WhatsApp contact number +50767869709.   We will not get a commission if you rent this.   

There is also 1 Bedroom apartment that rents for about $50 more per month which we showed in the above video. They charge more for high seasons like Christmas and New Year. But it is in a great area of town.

We also saw a sign for a 1 Bedroom for rent across the street from this restaurant while we were there. It was $500 hundred per month. Of course, we don’t own these properties and the above link is not an affiliate link.  We are just collecting information for our subscribers. 

Here is our process for finding long-term furnished apartments around the world.  

StarFish Beach Do It Yourself Tour

Our favorite tour in Bocas Del Toro was a do-it-yourself tour we took to Starfish Beach. Just click the link on the below Google Map and catch the bus shown in the picture below at Simon Bolivar Park. Go to the red dot on the map.


Here is the bus you are looking for. Make sure to get on the bus labeled “Boca Del Drago.” It shows up about every hour and it will cost you $2.50 per person and will take you to Playa Boca del Drago.

The bus dead-ends at Playa Boca del Drago, a beautiful beach. You can hang out there if you like or people will approach you and ask you if you want to take a small boat to Playa Estrella (Starfish Beach). That costs two dollars per person.

The video we are showing you is of our do-it-yourself tour to Starfish Beach. You can also just join a tour for about $25 USD per person and they will take you from Bocas del Toro to starfish beach on a boat with a bunch of other tourists.

At Starfish Beach you will find national beers for $1.50 USD each and several restaurants with reasonable prices. So no need to pack a lunch. You can stroll along the gorgeous beach and pick your favorite spot or just sit in any of the chairs provided by the restaurants at no charge so long as you have a $1,50 beer or something to eat or drink.

This was my favorite tour because it was cheap and we got to see what the inner part of the islands looks like. Plus we had a better feel for what local life was like and where the locals lived. This is a local public bus so we were the only foreigners on the bus.

It felt perfectly safe to us. There is no need to write anything down. Everything we are sharing with you is on our web page which you can find by clicking the more information, the first link in the description below this YouTube video.

Our Favorite Deserted Beach in Bocas del Toro

Playa Bluff was our favorite deserted beach in Bocas del Toro. It felt like we were the only ones on the beach that day. They say it is not a safe beach to swim in because of the undertow, so maybe that is why we only saw about 4 other people there.

Plus the sand was not as white as other famous beaches in Bocas del Toro. But we heard it is a beautiful, rugged, undeveloped place so we headed over there. There are very few resorts or hotels the closer you get to Playa Bluff.

Grab the 13-seater van with the words “Playa Bluff” on the windshield. You catch it almost in the same spot as you caught the Starfish Beach bus, just about 100 feet south of there. It costs $3.50 USD each way. We exited the van and played at the beach in front of Playa Bluff Lodge.


After we played on the beach for a time, we walked from the beach to the Playa Bluff Lodge and had a few Beers. Then we headed back to Bocas del Toro. The van goes back and forth between Bocas del Toro and Playa Bluff. As the driver the last time he goes back to Bocas.

I am not sure why they say this is such a dangerous beach. It was quite a delightful place to swim in on the day we were there. Playa Bluff is a very long beach and also one of the places in Bocas where people go surfing. But the surf was small when we were there.

Qiang made friends with this dog when we were in Playa Bluff. The dog wouldn’t let the drone land. He was jumping up to catch it. So I had to get Qiang to hold the dog so I could come in for a landing. Many of you have been asking me to get a drone. Your wish is my command.

So please like this or comment if you were one of our friends that said we need to add a drone to our channel. It is very peaceful seeing a beach in the air. Next up we show you a few of our favorite spots to eat and enjoy happy hour. It is just a $1 boat taxi ride from Bocas.

Spend the Day Carenero Island

Grab a water taxi for $1 USD from Bocas Del Toro to Carenero Island for lunch at Leaf Eaters Restaurant. Then enjoy the beach until 4PM when Happy Hour starts at Receta Michila Beach Front Restaurant. Stay for sunset and dinner before taking the water taxi back to Bocas.


The Beers are $1.50 USD at Receta and the food was absolutely delicious. All of the information provided in this video is in writing with Google Map links to everything I have discussed. Just click the “More information Link” in the notes below this video.

Also, look forward to several more videos about the best restaurants, the best nightlife spots, and the best places to shop in Bocas del Toro. We will investigate all the best places in Panama and share them with you before we leave.

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