Puerto Escondido Mexico Releasing Baby Sea Turtles

In this report, we share our favorite day in Puerto Escondido Mexico releasing baby sea turtles.

We also show you our favorite beach resort to relax and enjoy the day with great food and sunsets. We share how much everything costs and the most important tricks to making this day go smoothly.

This is a full day or half-day self-guided tour. You are going to want to stay and watch the sunset before heading home. Make sure to Google the time of day that the sun will set on the day you take this tour. You will need it to give your taxi driver as I explain in a minute.

We really loved this day because it was just so easy. After we release the turtles, we just laid around and enjoyed the beautiful beach club at Playa Bococho. The food was excellent and it was nice to just sit under a palm tree in the shade and watch the beautiful world pass us by.

Normally, our life is going, go, go, so it feels really good to just blow off an entire day without feeling guilty. Just relax entirely and take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful beach with the smell of the ocean and jumping in the ocean or pool whenever we felt warm. This was our best day in Puerto Escondido.


You can go earlier, but don’t go any later than 4:30 PM. You want to be at Playa Bacocho no later than 5:00 PM because that is when they begin releasing the baby turtles. It is only about a 15-minute taxi ride from most places around Puerto Escondido, so grab a taxi to Playa Bacocho (Bacocho Beach), in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, no later than 4:00 PM. The taxi will be about 60 pesos from Zicatela or Punta and about 40 Pesos from Puerto Escondido central.

When the taxi driver drops you at Playa Bacocho, tell them to pick you up 30 minutes after sunset. So if the sunset is 7 PM, tell him to pick you up at 7:30 PM. Give the driver the exact time to pick you up. Verify that the return fare is the same. Take a picture of the taxi so you will recognize the number on the side when it returns to take you home. Each taxi has a different number on the side.

Things to Do at Playa Bococho

Here are the things you can do on this perfect beach day.

Release the baby sea turtles: There is a nonprofit NGO that monitors the fledgling baby sea turtles. Check their webpage to make sure they will be open on the day you intend to go. The baby turtles are not released every day of the year. Check their opening time also. They usually start releasing turtles about 30 minutes after their published open time. Just look for the building shown in the Google link I have provided when you arrive at Playa Bococho. It will be to the right when you enter the beach. I will discuss the costs at the end of the video.

Relax and Enjoy the Beach: Before and after the time you release baby turtles into the sea, you can swim and enjoy Bococho Beach. I saw people who brought their own beach umbrella, food, and even coolers. Some were drinking mixed drinks and alcohol. I didn’t see anyone cooking on the beach so I don’t know if that is allowed. As always in life, you may be able to save money by bringing your own food and refreshments. The food sold in the beach clubs is more expensive.

Club de Playa Villasol: There is not much shade available at Playa Bococho. If you forgot to bring an umbrella, food, and drinks, that is not a problem if you have brought a few hundred pesos along with you. You can enjoy the shade, swimming pools, ping pong table, restaurants, and bar at Club de Playa Villasol. They charge an entry fee but you can spend the full entry fee on food and drinks sold on the premises. I will discuss the costs at the end of the video.

Enjoy the Sunset: Make sure to stay for the sunset. It is a spectacular beach to see it from. We took some of our best photos of Puerto Escondido at the Playa Bococho sunset.

After the sunset, head back and jump in your taxi 30 minutes later.

Costs for Everything

Here is what everything cost us during our perfect beach day releasing the baby sea turtles.

Taxi: The taxi to Playa Bococho from Playa Zicatela and from Playa Bococho back to Playa Zicatela was 120 Pesos, or 60 pesos each way. Per taxi, not per person.


Releasing Baby Turtles: 100 Pesos per person ($5 USD). The money helps the NGO stay afloat and protect the turtles and habitat.

Club de Playa Villasol: This may vary by season, but when we were here in October of 2020, it was as follows: 100 Pesos ($5 USD) per person if you arrive on or after 4PM; and 200 Pesos ($10 USD) per person if you arrive before 4 PM. They open around 10 AM. Remember to eat and drink as much as you paid to get in since they don’t refund any of it.

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