The new Bali entry requirements is it worth it

In this report, we cover the new Bali entry requirements is it worth it?  Plus we show you our $12 USD Room and a typical $2.00 USD meal in Bali Indonesia.

Here is what was required on the day we entered along with what wasn’t required. I am not telling you what will happen to you when you enter. I am telling you what happened to me when I entered on February 1, 2023. These requirements are subject to change.

One. Register for eVisa and pay 500,000 IDR (about $35 USD). Twenty-six countries are eligible for the eVisa. Qiang did not need one (and didn’t have to pay, possibly) because she is from Malaysia, an ASEAN country. Download the eVisa and save it to your phone so you can show immigration upon entry. They did ask for this one at entry at immigration in Indonesia.

Two. Customs Declaration Form. Click and fill out the form. Then download the QR code onto your phone. Wave the QR code over the scanner when you are walking past customs upon landing in Indonesia. They did ask for it.

Three. PeduliLindungi App. You must install the PeduliLindungi App on your Android or iPhone. Just search for the name PeduliLindungi in the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store. Once installed, answer the questions after registering the App. The Indonesian Immigration webpage said I needed to register my COVID vaccination card in the PeduliLindungi App, but the registration process never asked me to upload the card or for the dates and times of my vaccines or boosters. Although I am vaccinated and boosted, I have never been asked by anyone *ever* (so far) to see my vaccination card or to view the PeduliLindungi App installed on my phone since landing in Indonesia 1 week ago. Not even immigration at the airport asked to see anything about COVID including vaccinations or tests.

Four. COVID Insurance/PCR Test. The Indonesian Immigration says COVID insurance is no longer required and PCR Tests are no longer required.

Five. Return Ticket or Onward Flight. The airline asked to see a return or onward ticket leaving Bali when we boarded our flight in Malaysia, but immigration did not ask to see it when we landed in Indonesia. The Indonesian Immigration web page says I need proof of return or onward flight leaving Indoensisa in order to enter Indonesia. So we had one in case they asked. But immigration only asked when we are leaving Indonesia and we verbally told them the date of our exit flight. But they never asked to see the ticket or itinerary. So only the airline asked to see it at boarding. When we don’t have an onward flight (such as when we don’t know how long we are staying somewhere), we rent one for about $12 USD. We rent them (they actually list you on the flight for the period of time to clear customs) from any one of the “Onward Ticket Companies” (there are many) such as

Six. Airbnb Room: $12.00 USD per night when we stayed here for 5 nights. I am not setting the price on this. I am just telling you what I paid to stay here. Indonesian Immigration did not ask us for proof of where we were staying during our visit but we did have the above 5-day Airbnb booking in case they asked. We have been carrying that proof since countries started randomly asking that without warning during COVID. They did not ask for it here.

Seven. Passport. It goes without saying but every country in the world expects you to have a passport valid for at least 6 more months and open pages for their entry stamp or sticker.

Example Local Restaurant in Above Video: My meal was 35k IDR ($2.33 USD) and Qiang’s was 20k IDR ($1.33 USD). Totally delicious. We loved both dishes. The great thing is that this is normal pricing if you eat local foods in local small family-owned restaurants. If you eat non-local foods or from high-end restaurants you could easily pay $10 per meal. Our upcoming full report on Bali Indonesia will include our top cheap local places to eat (and a few expensive places).  Stay tuned.  

Thanks for reviewing my report, the new Bali entry requirements is it worth it?  

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