Best $2 White Sand Beach Day in Cozumel Mexico

Here is our Best $2 White Sand Beach Day Cozumel Mexico.

Our favorite beach in Cozumel is San Martin Beach. It is on the east side of the island. It is a public beach so there is no entry fee. But if you don’t have transportation, you will need to get there somehow. The cheapest way is by collectivo.

The collectivo taxi normally costs about 20 pesos ($1 USD) per person each way, or $2 USD per person round trip. This is where you catch the collectivo. They will call out “Playa San Martin” when they arrive at our favorite beach. But the collectivo is not running right now because of Covid. But you can also rent a scooter for the day.

Below is a Google Map that shows you where to rent a scooter to drive to our favorite beach in Cozumel.

Google Map


The first stop is where we rented a scooter for $20 for the day. The second stop is our favorite beach in Cozumel.

San Martin Beach has a convenience store and a small concessions stand across the street from the beach. But bring a smaller cooler with food and drink for the greatest savings and selection. Here are a few grocery stores to pick up snacks along the way. Store 1. Store 2.

Make sure to bring some sunblock because the sun is very strong in this part of Mexico.

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