Best Countries to Find Love in Retirement

Today I want to share the Best Countries to Find Love in Retirement based upon your dream lifestyle.

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for Vagabond Buddha. We share how to retire cheap in paradise and how to travel the world for cheap.

I am going to share pictures I took from around the world including my girlfriend Qiang as I describe the best countries to find love in retirement.

After 65 countries and 13 years of travel, I want to share the best country to find love for three different lifestyles. The best country to find love varies according to these three different lifestyles you could choose.

Three Different Lifestyles

The three different lifestyles are (1) someone that wants to be in a long term relationship while they slow travel the world, (2) someone that wants a long term relationship but will live primarily in one place eleven months of the year, and (3) someone that is not interested in a long term relationship but would prefer casual sex, however frequent.

I will cover these three types in that order. No need to write anything down. I will share a link to all of this in writing at the end of this video.

Someone that wants to be in a long term relationship while they slow travel the world

This is me. I love being in a good long term relationship while I slow travel the world in retirement. I think it is more fun to have someone I love by my side as I explore the world. I would slow travel the world even if I was single. It is just more fun to turn to my love and talk about the world as we explore, compare our favorite past places, and plan the future places.

I am not judging you if you are interested in the other two lifestyles, but let me explain which are the best countries to find love in retirement compatible with the slow world travel the world lifestyle.

To slow travel the world, it is easier to be with someone that can go to many countries without a visa. So to make this determination, we need to know which passports will allow your new love to slow travel the world with you with as little visa trouble as possible.

The Henley Passport Index is a nice resource to find the best passports. (link provided). In the Henley Passport Index, you will see that there are 20 countries that have passports that can visit 185 countries or more without obtaining a visa before flying there. The Japanese passport is the best with 191 countries.

Love is not defined by visa numbers, but if you fish in the right pond for love, you may increase your chances of finding a love that can live your dream lifestyle with you. If you fish in the wrong pond, you may need to leave your lover when you travel or just travel less than you hoped.

I did not know this when I met Qiang Hui of HoboVentures in Malaysia. It was only after we began to travel together that I noticed she could go almost anywhere with me without getting a visa. But it could help you if you start fishing in the right pond before you fall in love.

Qiang’s passport has saved us hundreds of dollars in visa fees and hundreds of hours standing in Embassies all over the world waiting for our turn to apply for a visa.

If you scroll down the list, you will see the number of retire-cheap-in-paradise countries that each of these passports can visit without any visa troubles. You will also see the gross domestic product (GDP) for each country in 2017, converted into US dollars. Now let me explain why these two numbers are important in deciding where to fish for your long term partner to slow travel the world with you for cheap.

Passport Holders of these Countries Countries

No Visa

2017 GDP


Japan 191 $42,000
Spain 188 $39,000
Portugal 186 $33,000
Singapore 190 $95,000
United States 185 $60,000
Canada 183 $47,000
Hungary 182 $29,000
Poland 181 $30,000
Malaysia 178 $30,000
Argentina 170 $21,000
Mexico 159 $19,000
Costa Rica 150 $17,000
Peru 135 $14,000
Guatemala 133 $8,000
Ukraine 129 $9,000
Colombia 127 $15,000
Ecuador 91 $12,000
Thailand 78 $18,000
Indonesia 71 $12,000
Philippines 67 $9,000
Vietnam 54 $7,000
Cambodia 54 $4,000
Laos 50 $7,000
Myanmar 47 $6,000

Number of No-Visa-Required-Countries

The number of countries your new love can visit without getting a visa is a big deal if you want to travel the world with as little hassle as possible. If you are traveling with a high no-visa-required passport in your pocket, and you find someone with a similarly high no-visa-required passport, the two of you will be spending more time having fun, less time doing paperwork, and less money on visa fees.

Low GDP Countries

Good. The GDP number cuts both ways. If your lover is from a low GDP country, they are likely to be completely comfortable staying in most of the retire-cheap-in-paradise countries. Additionally, they will have similar sensibilities about spending too much on extravagant hotels, flights, and restaurants. They are less likely to need AC 24 hours a day in hot places. They are unlikely to go crazy if the Internet crashes for 48 hours. They are more likely to come from a chill place and understand that life is a privilege, not an entitlement. If they are more chill, you will be more chill as you slow travel the world.

Bad. If you noticed, there is a correlation between low GDP and low no-visa-required countries. So a low GDP means you’ll probably be sitting in a bunch of embassies with your love waiting for approval from immigration officials. Sometimes they will be rejected. Then you have to decide to go without them or go to another country they can go without a visa.

Sadly, there are countries that require you to submit the entire paid-for itinerary with the visa application so your flexibility is greatly reduced if you decide you love a place and want to stay longer.  If their visa application is rejected, you may not be able to get a refund.

Even if you can get a visa for them to visit a new country, you may have some delay in getting them out of their home country.

One of my neighbors here in the Philippines that is in his 50s, was unable to take his girlfriend in her 20s to another country even after she was awarded a visa there. The home country immigration official said, “What if you decide to leave her in that country?”  They weren’t allowed to board their paid-for flight.

So, he had to get a letter from a local lawyer drafted that he guaranteed to fly her back to the Philippines if she wanted to return for any reason. He could not leave her stranded. That seems obvious to me, but I guess some foreign men in the Philippines have treated Filipinos poorly. He had to change all the reservations and flights and pay change fees.

I like what this immigration official was doing, I just want you to be aware of troubles that low GDP citizens have. So, with GDP and ease of visas in mind what are the best countries to find love in retirement compatible for slow traveling the world?

Best ponds to fish in for a long term relationship to slow travel the world.

One. Malaysia. Malaysians can visit 178 countries without getting a visa. They learn English in school so they can speak the international language. The country is more developed than other parts of SE Asia and the locals have quality healthcare if you need to take your love home for healthcare. There are also fewer western men living in Malaysia competing with you because of Islamophobia. If you are Christian, agnostic, or atheist, you can date the Chinese and Indian Malaysians in that case. With a $30k GDP, you will find many that are as worldly, educated, and as interesting as you (probably more).

You will not need to compete with as many other western foreigners as in other parts of SE Asia. I recommend fishing for love in Malaysia, mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Malacca, in that order. There are beautiful people running everywhere but I found Qiang on the Tinder dating application. It is cheap to live there so you can relax and take your time to find the right fit.

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Two. Poland. I was surprised by the beauty of Poland. Not just the architecture, countryside, or the easy life, but also the beautiful people there. I was amazed to learn they could visit 181 countries without a visa and yet the cost of living there is almost as cheap as Malaysia. I was only there for about one month. I was already dating someone at the time, but if I was single I would throw up my dating profile the next time I am in Poland. The country is still developing with a GDP of $30,000 USD so they would probably be comfortable in the chaos of my retire-cheap-in-paradise countries around the world when you started slow traveling. I would fish for love in Warsaw, Gdansk, and Krakow.

Three. Portugal. With a relatively low GDP of $33,000 and a high no-visa-country-count of 186 (more than the USA or Canada), Poland would seem to be a natural place to find a love that could slow travel the world with an unexpectant, un-entitled, and adventurous attitude. Plus, the Portuguese started exploring the world back in the 15th century so they are natural adventurers. Further, many speak English if you don’t speak Portuguese. I would fish for love in Lisbon and Porto.

Someone that wants a long term relationship but will live primarily in one place eleven months of the year

The next lifestyle is someone that wants a long term relationship but will live primarily in one place.  They would only leave to vacation once a year for a few weeks or go home to visit family for a few weeks. Otherwise, they would stay in a retire-cheap in paradise country and enjoy their long term relationship. So, what are the best countries to find love in retirement if you plan on staying in one place for eleven months the year?

In this case, I recommend that you pick your favorite country to retire-cheap and then find your love in that country. Since you will be there 11 months of the year, and only travel a few weeks per year, it won’t be that big a deal if your love’s visa gets rejected. You will be back with them after a few weeks anyway.

Of course, picking your favorite country to retire cheap may also include considering a country where you are most attracted, whether women or men. If you are attracted to a higher percentage of the people you see walking around, then you are more likely to find one that will be suitable for a long term relationship that you also have the hots for. Nothing wrong with that. Here are the retire-cheap in paradise reports we recommend you consider in picking a new home country for retirement. (link provided).

Someone that is not interested in a meaningful relationship but would prefer casual sex, however frequent.

So, what are the best countries to find love in retirement if you define love as casual sex?

One. Thailand. Thailand is a sexually open society. Adults in Thailand do not harbor much guilt for having consensual sex with other adults. That said, I do not recommend paid sex anywhere in the world. That is not good for your self-esteem or your pocketbook and is a high-risk activity. Also, it is not good for the Thai culture when villagers are recruited to work in sex tourism. It is unforgivable if they have not reached the age of consent. You already have the upper hand when meeting Thai people because you are the exotic person from a foreign land. So just be yourself and have fun. Be honest in what your intentions are so you don’t break someone’s heart by misrepresenting yourself. Since you are not interested on a long term relationship, you don’t need to worry about whether or not they can get a visa.

Two. The Philippines. The Philippines are also a fairly open society sexually. There are beautiful people running all over the Philippines. Just be clear that you are not looking for a long term relationship. The ones that want the white picket fence will know not to waste their time with you. However, just realize that economic pressure may keep some of them hanging around hoping you will change your mind. The GDP is half as much in the Philippines ($9000) as it is in Thailand ($18,000) so desperation for self and family may affect their decision making. If you sense that, then let them be.

Three. Ukraine. With beautiful people, a super low cost of living, a GDP of $9,000 per person, foreigners from higher GDP countries are fairly attractive to Ukrainians. But there is a huge language barrier if you pick someone that doesn’t speak your language. But since you placed yourself in the category of casual sex, you may not be interested in sophisticated conversations.  My favorite city in Ukraine is Lviv, by far.

Four. Argentina. With beautiful people, the tango nightlife, a super low cost of living, a GDP of $21,000 per person, foreigners might draw more than their fair share of attention here.  I suggest Buenos Aires.

Five, Malaysia. In the last few decades or so, educated post-college Malaysians have been moving to the larger cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Malacca and have started to display more western-style values. They have the discretionary incomes to party more, explore sex, and wait until they are more established in their careers before committing to long term relationships.

To find out how I fired my boss and traveled the world to 65 countries in 13 years, click the Free eBook link at the top of You will also find over 50 reports there, that will teach you how to retire early for cheap in paradise. The world is your home, what time will you be home for dinner?

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  3. Korea is one of the strongest economies in the world and they can travel most places without a visa. Chinese people are often required to get a visa so they have a harder time traveling.

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