Best stops on Tram 28 Lisbon

[kkstarratings] Above is the video of us taking our best stops on Tram 28 Lisbon.

Below is the interactive Google map of the best stops on Tram 28 Lisbon to jump on and jump off.

Free Tram 28 Tour Directions

  1. Buy your full day public transportation pass at this underground metro stop: Martim Moniz.
  2. It costs 6.50 Euros and allows you to jump on and jump off Tram 28 all day and night. For the 6.50, you can use any Lisbon public transportation for a 24 hour period.
  3. Now, go to street level and board Tram 28 at the same metro stop: Martim Moniz.
  4. Go early so you can get a seat on the left side (better views).
  5. Board at 7:00 to 7:30 AM so you can get a seat, on the left side.
  6. Pick Pockets: The best pickpockets in the world will be on Tram 28 with you.
    1. Remove all valuables from any and all pockets.
    2. Place valuables (and watch) in a backpack with zipper.
    3. Wear the backpack on your front.
    4. Do not speak to anyone you don’t know.
  7. Ride Tram 28 all the way to the end first. You will know it is the end because they will make you exit the Tram. At the last stop, visit the Cemetery of Pleasures. It is right in front of the tram when you exit the last stop. Then get on the tram and take the following exits, Click the below google map so you can see our best stops on Tram 29 Lisbon. When the Blue dot on the map reaches one of the following stops, jump off. Explore. Then jump back on at the same spot you jumped off.
    1. Cemetery of Pleasures
    2. Bica Grafitti Elevador
    3. Praça Luís de Camões
    4. Lisbon Cathedral
    5. St. George Castle: The tram doesn’t stop at the castle, so just follow the signs to the castle from the Lisbon Cathedral.

Best Stops on Tram 28 Lisbon

After reading the above instructions, click the below interactive Google map (or this link) to know the best stops on Tram 28 Lisbon to jump off and then jump back on. The below map only tells you where to jump off and back on. You have to follow the above instructions to know where to start the tour.

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