Best Things to Do Camiguin Island

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Best White Sand Beaches on Camiguin Island Philippines  
Best Things to Do Camiguin Island Philippines 
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Here are the best things to do Camiguin Island Philippines. Watch the above video of the best things to do in Camiguin Island. If the above video looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below map to take this scooter tour. We rented a scooter at our accommodations (See links above) for $7 USD per day. The police waved us over and accepted my US driver’s license.

Best White Sand Beaches in Camiguin Island Philippines: Since we cover so much detail on white-sand beaches, it has its own video and interactive Google Map.

Mambajao City Main Market: You can visit a traditional Filipino market where locals go to save money on fruits, vegetables, and meats. There is also a modern mall across the street from the main market if you are curious.

Katibawasan Falls: This is a beautiful waterfall that lands in a pond surrounded by lush greenery. We recommend visiting early in the morning if you want to have the falls all to yourself. 50 Pesos per person.

Ardent Hot Springs: I would call this room temperature springs. But it is a beautiful setting and definitely worth a visit and swim. Make sure to walk around the grounds and see all the beautiful flowers. 50 Pesos per person.

Sunken Cemetery: The same volcanic activity that destroyed this side of the island submerged the former graveyard about 1 meter below the surface of the water. The environmental fee, guide fee, and snorkel equipment fee is about $6 USD per person.

Old Spanish Church Ruins: A volcano that erupted in 1871 destroyed the former town on this side of the island, the Church, and hundreds of people. 20 Pesos per person.

The BeeHive Driftwood Cafe: This is not officially on the tour, but stop here and have a nice lunch and view on the ocean side between the church ruins and the

50 Pesos person.

Tuasan Falls: This is a beautiful drive up the mountain to another gorgeous waterfall.

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