Day Tour of Nacpan Beach from El Nido

In this report I share our $10 Per Person Day Tour of Napcan Beach from El Nido Palawan.

The locals say Nacpan Beach is the longest most beautiful white sand beach near El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. So, we decided to go there for the day.

We rented a scooter in El Nido and headed out using the below Google Map. Just click and start driving north as Googel Voice directs you to the two beaches on this tour.

The first beach is called Lido Beach and the second Beach is called Nacpan Beach. You wilkl reach the first beach in about 15 minutes. The second Beach is about 20 more minutes.

Google Map:


We rented a scooter for 500 pesos ($10 USD) and rode it 45 minutes north to Nacpan Beach for the day. On the way north we stopped at Lio Beach just 10 minutes

When you eat at Ruby’s Restaurant in Nacpan Beach, they do not charge you for the beach chairs under the shade of a tree.

Qiang had the Squid for $5 UUSD and I had the greens for $3 USD. We had coconuts for $1 USD each. Plus we spent less than $2 USD on fuel for our Yamaha 125 CC scooter we rented.














$20 USD

So our do-it-yourself scooter tour cost the two of us $20 total, or $10 per person.

Thank you for reviewing our Day Tour of Nacpan Beach from El Nido.

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