Enlightened Listening

One of the ways you can bring light into the world is by enlightened listening.

The extraordinary nature of actually being listened to, may be something that people have very rarely experienced in their life, and so that is a form of grace, or gift that you can give to people that creates space in their life.  

Even your pre-enlightened consciousness may have been wise, and from that data set, you might feel encouraged, or just out of love, want to help with some wise advice.  

Enlightened Listening is Trans-formative

Yet, even kind advice is not the same as the space created in someone when they are instead listened to for the first time. It is possibly one of the most magnificent openings that you could give to someone.

Better than money, better than time, better than any advice you might have.  Just the simple kind act of listening, and being in their energy field.

There is a difference between joining their story and just listening to it.

Listening has a value that will dissolve story.  Because when someone speaks to you, they’re either trying to get you to agree with them which will reinforce their story, or they’re trying to get you to disagree with them, which will reinforce their story, almost equally.

But by the grace of listening to their story, they might be able to hear their story for the first time.  That might create a clearing in their consciousness for them to actually hear that they are being a story.

And that their story is what’s keeping them in a mindset, rather than being present to their life.

And by being a mirror that’s not repeating their story back to them, positively or negatively, but just listening, without agreement or disagreement.  

That might be a sort of grace that there is no one else conscious enough to give to them.  No one has the grace of being that listening space.

And honestly the mind, their mind, really has no space for advice, and has no space for listening.  And so, if you can be that grace, you might be the first one who has ever been in their life, to listen.

Listening Makes The Present Moment Available to Them

If you think about what is it about being in the present moment that’s different than being mind identified, and it’s the ability to listen to your own mind, while you think. It’s the awareness that your mind has a position.  And that your mind is justifying its position to itself.  And it is negating the position of others. And it’s glorifying its own purpose in the world.

The mind is playing a win game.  It’s in a game of pointing out the factors that prove why it’s winning and why it’s spouse, or children, or parents, or employer, or employee are wrong.  The mind is prepared to defend its position.  

And so if you become a listening and reflect back what the mind of another saying.  That mirror might be the first time they observe their own story about why they’re right about the situation that they’re arguing, feeling, or promoting.

In their mind, they need to persuade the world to see their position.  Their sales pitch to you, is their justification for the position taken.  And they’re trying it out on you, how does their position fit? Like putting on a suit or dress. And do you agree with them?  Is their position correct?  Are they right and proper?  Are they going to win?  Is the other person wrong?  They are looking for justification from you for heir mind manufactured position.

Don’t Agree or Disagree: Just Be A Non-Judgmental Listening

And by not agreeing or disagreeing and only reflecting, they’re seeing someone else look at their story they’re watching your eyes. And when you don’t agree or disagree, they might see their story, possibly for the first time.  Which is different when they tell that story to themselves, while they are agreeing.  They are their biggest advocate. They’re patting themselves on the back you doing victory laps when they tell their story to themselves.

Almost imagine a best friend in high school who listens and agrees with every word. And adds to the fire throws a log on, and what about this, and what about that.  

And so they pitch their story to people who agree with their story, and get the same reaction when they pitch the story to themselves.  

But when they pitch that story to the opposing party, they will calm it down a little possibly, but that party, may see the story  from their point of view.   They will disagree with them.  And so their mind often lives in a world where there’s agreement and disagreement.  But they may never have looked into their own eyes and heard the sales job.  The story about why they’re a victim and how things need to change.

And by being a mirror to them, they get to possibly for the first time in their life, see what it feels like to see whether they’re honest.  Not in a lying sense but an exaggeration sense.

And it gives them the worldview of their story.  How is their story actually perceived by others.  And given that they actually have all the facts about their story, unlike when their best friend is listening, and doesn’t know all the other facts.  They may choose to see their story objectively for the first time.  

All the data they only heard here the data that they’re given they know the other side of the story and so. It gives them the opportunity to. Be their own judge and jury.  And see their own mind how their mind acts.

And see that sales job that they put together, and if they’re aware, and this might be the first time in their life they had the chance to become aware, where they actually have someone being a mirror.

They might begin to see that there’s actually what is so, and then there’s what you feel about what is so.  

There is just a set of facts that one party could feel one way, and the other could feel the other way about it and that nothing is really added by the drama, about the opposing emotions about the same set of facts, certainly nothing constructive, in the general sense.

The Emotions They Attach to Their Story Are a Mind Function

So it opens a door for them, to see the facts and the emotions that their positions are taking.  And since the story is a mind function, not the facts of the story, but how you feel about the story, and how they are demonizing other people, and making themselves the white knight.

If you can see the mind in your life.

Aren’t those crickets wonderful?

If you can see that you have a mind and you can begin to be your own mirror, and to understand that your mind is running a game on you, called, I WIN and everyone else loses.  And that there’s no joy in that.  When everyone else loses, and you’re right, it’s a very lonely place to be.

And a more interesting place to be to just simply have the awareness that you can be in the present moment and you can be a fact gathering perceptive being, whose job it is to love yourself and love those around you and to let the all of those feelings, come and go.

Be The Present Moment: Story Adds Unnecessary Drama to Your Life

And to realize that a dramatic story adds nothing but drama to your life, and your life does not have to be about drama. It can just be about being in the present moment loving everything around you.

And dealing with real problems if they ever do come up or when they do come up. And not manufacturing a set of reasons why they’re wrong and you’re right, and being upset about those reasons.

And so being a mirror to someone might be the first time in their life.  Where they’ve ever seen that.

So anyway thanks for listening. This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha.  Have a great evening.

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