Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees

This report discusses the Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees.

Our last two reports, covered Where can I retire on $1000 per month, and Is it better to retire in SE Asia or Latin America?  But I got a few comments talking about how the world is so dangerous. How people should just stay home and hide in their home countries. So, today I decided to do a little reading on the topic and report the data I found about the Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees. In our next few reports, we will continue to discuss our favorite retire cheap destinations around the world. Make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss anything.

Now I will discuss the Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees.

For almost every country I post information about, someone will post a comment about how I am giving bad advice. People shouldn’t go there because they will get murdered. I suspect many of them are just Internet trolls because they almost always name a place that you should go instead and even paste a link in some cases.

Since I have such great travel Karma I often just chuckle. I have never been murdered before in 65 countries and 13 years. I have never even had a violent action taken against me anywhere in the world, except the USA. The world feels safe to me. But I also have some street smarts and I stay away from high-risk behaviors and areas.

But it got me thinking. So today, I decided to do some reading on the Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees. I am going to share some scary data first, but stay until the end or you may hide under your bed for the rest of your life. I will summarize what I think it all means towards the end.

I show you my beautiful world travel pictures while I discuss this horrible topic while. However, the pictures I display are unrelated to the safety data I am discussing. But we have reports on over 50+ retire cheap in paradise destinations all over the world available at VagabondBuddha.com.

There is no need to take notes as you listen. I will provide you with my written notes for this Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees report towards the end of this video.

Are Expats Getting Murdered Overseas?

I received a comment implying people should not go to the Philippines because Expats are “walking targets” getting murdered there.

So I did a quick Google search and found an article that said 2017 was a bad year for ex-pats in the Philippines because around 8 people got murdered. I did not independently verify that article’s data. But even if the number 8 is correct, it would only be useful if we knew whether the murder rate as a percentage of the population was higher for ex-pats in the Philippines than in your home country, right? So I did a little digging.

I found this article that said, “around 177,000 foreign citizens [are] living abroad” in the Philippines. That is 8 deaths per 177,000 ex-pats in 2017. That translates to 4.52 deaths per one hundred thousand ex-pats in 2017. But is that high compared to other countries?

I found this article on the FBI webpage that says that in the USA, “There were 5.3 murders per 100,000 people in 2017. So if all the data is correct, and my calculations are correct, the murder rate of 5.3 in the USA is higher than the ex-pat murder rate of 4.52 in the Philippines. If that is all true … could it be safer for Americans to live in the Philippines than at home?

I wanted data from more reliable sources first, so I kept searching. You won’t believe what I found. If you are finding any value in this video, could you please like, comment, share, or subscribe? That would move us up the rankings and grow our channel faster. Thank you so much. Okay …

What Are The Highest Murder Risk Countries for Early Retirees?

I found an article that has the “most dangerous countries for Americans to visit as measured by State Department … by actual deaths.” The article even provides a link where you can download the data yourself.

Mexico has the most travel warnings issued by the US State Department during a recent 8 year period, but they are not countrywide. They are in areas of Mexico where crime syndicates are active. Whereas the article states that “tourist destinations” are generally considered safer.

The other countries with as many US State department warnings are terrorist risk locations in the middle east and north Africa. You know the ones, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

But travel warnings by the US State Department are not the same as the number of murdered people. So the article next shows the deaths of Americans by country traveled too (link provided). The table lists countries and the number of Americans murdered.

But the number of murders is only relevant for comparison purposes if it is related to the number of people traveling to that country. So if 10 people travel to a country and they are all murdered, that is riskier than if one million people travel there and 10 people are murdered.

Once you see that comparison, you will see why many people like me also think leaving America is safer than staying home, for most countries. To see that comparison, you need a number called the murder rate per capita of Americans traveling to that country. That is the data you need to know for comparison purposes.

Here are the violent death rates per 100,000 Americans traveling abroad in each country. You can view the complete table in the article. Thailand 3.2, Philippines 2.28, Belize 1.02, Mexico 0.84, Guatemala 0.68, Ukraine 0.36, Ecuador 0.35, Nicaragua 0.34, Costa Rica 0.33, Colombia 0.29, Dominican Republic 0.25.

So are Americans safer in any of these countries than they are in America? To answer that question, we need to know the murder rate in America.

In 2018, there were about 327 million Americans living in the USA. In 2018, the FBI has data showing 16,214 Americans murdered in the USA. So the murder rate in the USA for the year 2018 was about 5 Americans per one hundred thousand citizens.

Now I am not a statistician, but I think that means you are more likely to be murdered in America. Because 5 per one hundred thousand Americans living at home is a higher murder risk than the Thailand 3.2, Philippines 2.28, Belize 1.02, Mexico 0.84, Guatemala 0.68, Ukraine 0.36, Ecuador 0.35, Nicaragua 0.34, Costa Rica 0.33, Colombia 0.29, Dominican Republic 0.25, per one hundred thousand American ex-pats.

If anyone can cite data sources they can point to and they also have the statistical knowledge to scientifically refute what these articles seem to be saying, please clue us in? Otherwise, I am just going to laugh louder the next time someone says it is safer to stay home in the USA without any data sources to back up their claims.

I am not guaranteeing the correctness of the data in the cited sources. Nor am I a trained statistician so do not rely on my calculations.

Liability Disclaimer: While we have done our best to share our travel data with you, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained using this information. All information is provided “AS-IS,” with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness, or for the results obtained using this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will we be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information for any consequential, special or similar damages. Any reliance on the information in our videos or the comments below is strictly at your own risk. Instead, you should consult with legal, medical, financial, tax, and/or other such appropriate professionals familiar with your unique and detailed factual situation before taking any actions.

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