How I make money with my hobby

In this report, I will share how I make money with my hobby and how you can try using my methods too.

I get paid to do my hobby on the Internet. My hobby is teaching people how I retired early and travel the world. About 2 months ago I shared that I was making $4000 a month doing my hobby online. I also said I would develop a course teaching how to make money online with your hobby if enough of you expressed interest.

I have some very good news about that. Today the course is live. I have started creating that course. It is called The Hobby Income Course. I have already posted the first two lessons. I will be adding about one new lesson per week until the course is complete. There will be about 9 lessons when I am done. So you can take one new lesson per week and do the homework to get your hobby live online.

As a thank you to my paid subscribers, I am giving you the course for free during the course development.   Go ahead and get started here.  You will also maintain access to the course, so long you remain a member, monthly or lifetime. It is my way of thanking you for making all of my dreams come true.  Getting paid to do my hobby is a dream come true for me, and you have made that possible.

So in deep gratitude and appreciation, I am giving you, my paid subscribers, access to my course gratis, nada, zip, free, on the house. Thank you so much for supporting my dreams. Now I want to return the favor. I want to support your dreams by teaching you how to make money online doing your hobby.

I was doing my hobby for over 10 years before it started making me money. I was paying for everything myself. I left the USA in 2007. I have lived in or visited over 65 countries so far in my life. But until this year, my hobby of world travel was costing me money. I was a regular guy doing an online job and using my salary to pay for my world travels. Not anymore. Now my hobby pays for my life. Imagine how great that feels.  🙂

Now I get paid to do my hobby. I no longer have a regular remote job doing someone else’s bidding. I no longer use my salary to pay for my travel expenses. If you follow us, you know that Qiang and I budget less than $2000 a month for living expenses. We are able to live a beautiful life on that much money in paradise locations all over the world.

That $2000 used to come from my online job mostly. That is no longer true.

For a few months now, my hobby income has been producing more than we budget for traveling the world. In June 2020, I received $838 from Youtube and $3107 in paid memberships. In July 2020, I received $1296 from Youtube and $3644 in paid memberships, and in August 2020, I received $1358 from Youtube and $2997 in paid memberships.

So my hobby income of $3945 in June, $4939 in July, and $4355 in August have exceeded my expenses for several months now. That is why I have decided to give my existing paid subscribers my Hobby Income Course, free. I want to say thank you. You have given me a life where I am paid to do what I love most. So I couldn’t be more grateful.

The course will teach you how I turned my hobby into income and why I believe it would work for hundreds of other hobbies too. So if you complete my course, do everything I say, you might also be able to quit your job and do only your hobby someday. I can’t guarantee that my ideas will work for everyone, but wouldn’t it be great if it worked for you?

My life has been simplified this year. With my hobby income exceeding my living costs, I just do what I love now. I don’t commute and I am not just a cog in someone else’s dreams now. It is just me and my hobby now. I get up every day and live my hobby income dream now.

So what do you do if you want to take the Hobby Income Course but you are not yet a paid subscriber? For a limited time, I will allow new paid subscribers into the Hobby Income Course.

You will get all of the other benefits of a paid subscriber plus access to the Hobby Income Course so long as you remain a paid member.

So go ahead and enroll as a  Member and you will be allowed to take the course. If this video is still up, then you can still join and complete the course while you retain your membership.

If you are already a current paid member of Vagabond Buddha, you already have access to the course. Go ahead and get started here.

If you are not yet a paid member, I have some homework for you to do to catch up with the others. You see, the existing paid members already know the functionality of our membership webpage. So as I teach them how to use my templates to set up their web page and YouTube channel, they will know why what I am teaching is important.

So here is the new paid member homework so you will understand why you are being asked to set up certain templates in the Hobby Income Course lessons. Follow these steps before starting the course.

One. Get a copy of my Free ebook. Download and skim the free eBook, and read the introductory emails I send you over the next five days. When we teach email capture and email campaigns, you’ll know why.

Two. View my video sales letter (completely) and enroll by clicking the buy button at the bottom of the video sales letter.

Three. After joining as a paid member, download a few ebooks and skim them.

Four. Watch a few videos on my Youtube channel and click the link in the notes below a few Youtube videos to see how my blog post (chunks) have embedded YouTube video (chunks).

You must see this interaction with my webpage and Youtube channel in order to appreciate the software structure my course teaches you how to use. You will understand how the templates I provide you in the course will allow you to just plug your hobby into them and go live with your personal hobby each step of the way.

This course will work your fanny off but you may have a new life when all is said and done. The only promise I am making you is that it will not be easy.  Thanks again for making my dreams come true. Now let’s get to work on your dreams?

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for Please remember to like, comment, or subscribe. The world is your home. What time will you be home for dinner?

6 thoughts on “How I make money with my hobby”

  1. Hi Pam,
    Are you the kind of person that can sit at their computer spending hours and hours on Google trying to find out why something isn’t working?
    Are you comfortable self-learning by Googling and reading and watching youtube videos about how to do something new you have never tried before?
    If so, you will be fine. If you are someone that gets bored in the middle of doing problem research and walks away, then probably not.
    Persistent self-learning is the quality that makes people successful with online businesses.
    It is a pure do it yourself course. I don’t support the course with email or text questions.
    I just show you what I did mostly with videos of me doing it myself onscreen and you are on your own to make it work.
    I say this because I don’t have the time to support you.
    I am not selling the course. I am selling the eBook membership and the membership course is just a thank you to paid subscribers.
    I am as busy as a 1 armed wallpaper hanger over here creating content for my members.
    You will be very challenged and frustrated but there is light at the end of the tunnel if you bring passion and natural curiosity.
    You will spend hundreds of hours building this membership site system, possibly thousands over the next few years.
    That is how much time I spent and I didn’t know how to do any of it when I started.
    Just trying to be realistic here,

  2. Hi Dan,
    I am a retired psychologist and very interested in your course. However, I consider myself “challenged” when it comes to most things digital.
    Is there hope for me in this course?
    I am sincerely excited about the possibilities!

  3. All the luck in the world to you Ted. (mainly it is a bunch of hard work, but luck does help too.) Best, Dan

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Yes, it is straight forward. Any paid member has access as my thank you to you! So Thank you, Dan 🙂

  5. Thanks, Dan. I’ve been trying to liquidate my life here in SoCal to move to either Bacolod or Dumaguete. Thankfully, my Social Security is sufficient for a comfortable living there but it would be nice to develop additional points of income.

    Wish me luck!


  6. I am intrigued …
    I just got home from a vacation to Amelia Island, staying at the Hoyt House Bed and Breakfast for six days, celebrating my twins 19th birthday; I have 3 boys attending Jacksonville University.

    Enjoying your video’s,

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