How people with specialized knowledge get work permits overseas

In this report, we discuss how people with specialized knowledge get work permits overseas.  In this example, doctors and other professionals with specialized knowledge live and work in paradise before retirement age.

There are two ideas this report shares with you.

First, there is an American doctor in the Dumaguete area.  He explains why an American doctor was allowed to move overseas to a scuba diver’s paradise in the Philippines before retirement age and practice his profession as a chiropractor.

Second, if you have some specialized knowledge that is needed in paradise, you can move to paradise and practice your profession before retirement age. Right now there is someone watching this video with a specialized knowledge or service that is not available in a paradise location somewhere in the world. If you are that person, paradise needs you.

So, in this video and report, my new friend and American Doctor, Scott Cuthbert, explains why he was able to leave a stressful life in America before retirement age and live his dreams in paradise. He also explains how to find out if your specialized knowledge is eligible.

But first, if you are looking for chiropractic care near Dumaguete, feel free to contact Dr. Scott’s Office:

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Dr, Scott recommends contacting the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA) to see if your knowledge specialty can obtain a work permit with an SRRV Visa to work in the Philippines.

For other countries, I recommend Googling and talking to a visa agent to determine the requirements for obtaining work, retirement, or business visas that allow you to live and work in other paradise countries based upon specialized knowledge or other similar choices.

Facebook Expat Pages for each country may also be a source for finding out this sort of information. Just search on Facebook for “Expats in Coutryname.” and start asking questions in the community.


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