How to Fail at Retiring Cheap Overseas

In this report, I describe How to Fail at Retiring Cheap Overseas.

In this report I am going to explain the actions I believe are most likely to lead to a failure in your ability to happily retire for cheap in another country.

How to Fail at Picking Your New Country and Home

Pick a Place Where Your Feet Have Never Been

Failing to Compare Multiple Possibilities

Underestimating the cost of living

Failing to Imagine and Map Your Daily Life in Each Possible Location

Failing to acknowledge that you are a Homebody or A Slow Traveler

How to Fail At Putting Down Roots After You Pick

Failing to Create Your Imagined Life in this new place

Trying to recreate your old life in a new country

Showing no interest in or losing interest in the culture you selected

How to Run out of Money in Your New Country

Not having back up plans for things that can go wrong.

Not monitoring your burn rate realistically.

Failure to Surrender or Adjust 

Let yourself wallow in denial

Failing to have new life plans when back-up plans don’t work

Don’t assume you can live as cheaply as we do. Here are six resources that explain why most people will be unable to live as cheaply as we do:

You Should Not Retire Internationally Unless

Why Expats Should Not Buy Foreign Real Estate Unless,

Why Many Expats Can Not Live Cheaply,

Do not get a retirement visa before your exploratory visit,

The Risk is on You

How the cost of Living table works.

I do not want to ruin your dreams with negativity. I just want you to try to think of all the back plans you may need before you act.

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