How to find the best place to retire early internationally

Here we teach you how to find the best place to retire early internationally.

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube channel for Vagabond Buddha.

I have been traveling the world since 2007. But I am not just a tourist. I have lived in many of the countries I recommend for months, some even years.

My retire cheap reports about 50 of the best places in the world to retire cheap will save you the most time and energy in finding your own personal retirement heaven.

But today I am going to teach you how to use several of the other tools I provide. I recommend watching the above video even if normally you prefer text to videos. What I am describing are video tools and you will understand better by watching.

First, I will start by explaining how to find what you are looking for on my Youtube channel.

What country, what city, that sort of thing. Of course, any time you are watching one of my Youtube videos, you can scroll down and click the ”More Information” link to get to the Vagabond Buddha webpage with all the links I talk about in the video.

However, the Youtube Channel, Vagabond Awake, is another tool you have available to you. Just click the words “Vagabond Awake” on the Youtube Channel to our Youtube Channel home page.

The Home page has a video about our memberships price and benefits, and the topmost played videos on Youtube and our playlists.

If you click the “Videos” tab next to the Home tab, you will see all the videos we have uploaded in the sequential order of the most recent uploaded to least recently uploaded. So if you wanted to binge our videos in order, you could play them forward or backward in order of time.

Order is important if you are following in our footsteps to save time or money or traveling the world. We do the work and you just have fun.

However, we have posted hundreds of videos. So you may want to do a search if you are interested in a specific country or part of the world.

In that case, you can scroll to the top of the Vagabond Awake Youtube Channel to the search box. For example, if you were interested in just Mexico, you would type “Vagabond Awake” Mexico in the search box on our Youtube Channel.

If you are on Google, you would type:

Youtube “Vagabond Awake” Mexico

You could search for a country or a city in both Google or Youtube.

Of course, you can also go to and look at the reports directly. There are many more cities in the videos than in the reports. We only write reports on places we are recommending for retiring early or cheap.

I also show you an example retire cheap report in the above video. Thanks for stopping by to learn how to use both our Vagabond Awake Youtube Channel and Vagabond Buddha to find what you are looking for.

The world is your home. What time will you be home for dinner?

4 thoughts on “How to find the best place to retire early internationally”

  1. We didn’t run into a Mosquito problem when we were there. But if you are worried about that check out the Pacific side of Mexico. Maybe Huatulco or Puerto Escondido.

  2. Hi Dan,
    I’ve watched a couple of your Mexico videos and note that you both liked Puerto Morales most. Wondering if you can comment on what I hear from other sources about mosquito issues in certain months (probably coinciding with algae influx into beaches)? Those other sources were talking Tulum, or more generally Quintana Roo, but interested in your perspectives. Mosquitos have a way of ruining one’s time there, so would like to know if an issue in Puerto Morales, and, if so, which months are clear of these painful creatures.
    Cheers, Victor

  3. Hi Russell,
    I recommend reading my retire cheap reports and watching my videos and then picking your top 3 to 5 places. Then you really have to do an exploratory visit to make the final decision.

  4. Hi Dan ,
    Great videos thanks . I was wondering if I could ask for some advice .
    I have recently moved to Turkey to retire from the UK , although it’s a beautiful country I am starting to think that is not exactly the place for me as being a very young and energetic 57 year old the majority of expats here are a fair bit older .
    So I am now trying to think of trying to find an alternative and was thinking possiblity Vietnam . I have traveled throughout South East Asia many years ago spending at least a year in Thailand in the 80 s I fell it’s probably changed far too much for me to enjoy although I am open to ideas .
    I don’t need to work and would easily live on 1000 dollars a month .
    I love the sea , island life and beaches but would really like to be in a place were there is some people with youthful personality and out to make the most of life.
    I haven’t invested much here and it has been good for the Pandemic , so no big problem to move on .It also might be the bored I am feeling is a result of the Pandemic and all will be better here once that is over , but personally feel Turkey probably attracts a different clients to what I am suited .

    Many thanks

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