How to get a new US Passport in 12 days

I just renewed my US Passport in 12 days. I dropped off my passport application on October 6th, 2023, and I got an email that it was ready to be picked up on October 17th, 2023. My new passport was ready to be picked up in 12 days.

I am going to share a trick with you in this video. But not all of you will be able to do this trick. But many of you will. Do you know why getting a new passport in your hands in 12 days is such a big deal?

There are many verified reports that the US State Department was taking 3 to 6 months to issue new passports. So, if you have travel plans and you do it the normal way, you may not get your passport in time for travel.

If you are like me, 6 months is not soon enough. So, why is the US State Department so backed up on passports? Because millions of Americans applied at about the same time after the pandemic ended and revenge travel started.

To make matters even worse, the rumor mill went into high gear when Americans started hearing how long the US State Department was taking to issue passports. That caused millions of more Americans to run down to the US State Department to file their applications even though they had no international travel plans. That created a shit show at the US State Department.

I am going to tell you how I got a new US Passport in 12 days. It is not an emergency temporary passport. It is a new passport that is good for 10 years with 50 pages for new tourist stamps.

Okay, now I will explain why not everyone can do this.

One. It only applies to existing passport renewals. That means you already have a US passport and you want to renew it.

Two. You have to apply for your US Passport renewal in person at one of the US Embassies around the world for the shortest turnaround times possible. The US Embassies are all over the world. That means if you are not already outside the USA right now, you need to leave the USA so you can apply at a US Embassy in a foreign country.

That means you need to leave the USA before your existing passport expires and go to a country with a US Embassy in a foreign country. Remember, most countries require you to have at least 6 months remaining on your existing passport when you try to enter. So leave the USA 6 months before your US passport expires.

I know what you are thinking … Why would the US State Department be faster helping Americans get a new passport overseas than they can when they are inside the good ole USA? Because Americans are Americans whether inside or outside the USA.

And Americans outside the USA would be very vulnerable in foreign countries if the US Embassies started taking 6 months to issue new passports. Some countries require you to exit after 30, 60, or 90 days. How would you exit a foreign country if you have an expired US Passport? That is why the turnaround times are quicker outside the USA.

Three. Book your appointment at your selected US Embassy in a foreign country online. For example, you can Google, How do I get a new US passport at the US Embassy in Countryname?

Does your passport need to be expiring soon to get a new one?

I substituted Malsyaia for the Countryname when I did my search to renew my passport so this link came up when I searched.

Four. Brings the following to you US passport renewal appointment at the US Embassy,

  1. Completed DS-82 (Read everything on the web pages I showed you in the above video).
  2. Copy of the picture page of the passport you are renewing
  3. Original Passport you are renewing.
  4. 2 x 2-inch color photo of you (Make sure to read the photo requirements carefully.
  5. Copy of your appointment document.
  6. Your second US Government ID to leave at the gate when you enter the embassy.
  7. The cash required to renew your US Passport (Amount shown on the webpage in the above video).

Other Renewal Appointment tips:

  1. Don’t try to bring a bunch of stuff with you to your appointment. Only bring the above documents, money, and phone. They will take your phone from you at the gate and give it back to you when you exit. That is why you need a second ID. So they don’t mix up your phone with other people’s phones.
  2. Don’t get in line when you arrive. Tell the guard you are an American and you have a passport renewal appointment. They will let you right in.

Five. Watch your email for the notice that your passport is ready to be picked up. Make sure to read because many Embassies have hours and days for Passport pickup times.

The US Embassy is free to change the rules whenever they want. So please don’t get mad at me if that happens. Make sure to read everything on the web page to reduce your frustrations.

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