I AM and the veil of ego-mind

[kkstarratings]This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha.

I had some thoughts on the I AM concept that people talk about in enlightenment circles.  Today, I am discussing I AM and the veil of ego-mind.

First, the audience for this discussion is the people who know the place, I AM. This is not for people that have not tasted that yet or people that believe they are their mind or their internal dialogue.

So the concept of I AM. When I’m in that place. The I AM place. For me, there is kind of an AM to it. Like the AM is the perception part of it. AM is perceiving all if you will. AM is a perception of all without a focus. Without figuring it out, or making comments about AM, just being with the all. Said another way, AM is like being present to infinite perception without any kind of definition or explanation. Just perceiving perception itself. Perceiving the source, the energy. It’s the perception of everything. Awareness of perception without any definition of the perceived, no beginning and no end, no edge where the perception begins or ends. Just perceiving the all without focus. Perceiving the source energy, the singularity, without any focus.

So that’s what AM is for me. Then there’s the “I” part of I AM.

There is an I part of I am. Again, the AM part is pure perception without any focal point. And the I part is kind of a focal point from which to perceive the AM, before any personality. I am not talking about the personality or mind yet.

So the I of I AM is perceiving the AM which is the all, from a focal point. My focal point is being the spot in the universe X.Y.Z.. Meaning a location. I don’t know where the center of the coordinate system is for AM.

But when it is I AM, there is a focal point related to the location of I.

In that respect, it seems that X=0, Y=0, and Z=0, in three dimensions. AM is perceived from I (0,0,0). No personality yet. A thought hasn’t occurred yet. There’s just I AM.

And that’s interesting for those of you who have experienced I AM is. It’s not a knowledge it’s an experience.

You know that at some point your voice (mind, personality, ego) will speak. And it will refer to your lifetime experiences and have a thought that is related to the particular personality that you have developed in your life. But I’m not talking about personality, ego, or mind right now. Mind is interesting to people who believe they are their mind. But what the mind thinks is not so interesting to people that experience being the I am.

For people that experience I AM, the AM is more interesting. It is more interesting for them to consider the experience of the AM. And what’s the relationships that I has to the AM.

Anyway, I was running today. I’m in California. Which would be a good chuckle for people out there who have thoughts about California.

So I thought it was interesting that people often ask, “Why?” Why would “God,” create a focal point called “I” to be seen from? Or if you prefer, why would the singularity do this? Or if you are a physicist, why would unifying energy create a focal point to be seen from? No matter what you want to call AM, you can ask WHY?

Why would AM have focal point, the “I” which is my X, Y, Z, T, with the T element being a time in the 4th dimension if you sense that T is not a belief.

So there is a focal point XYZT while I’m still alive, where “I” can see AM, which is an experience of I AM when the veil is lifted.

So I was experiencing this while I was running today, and the “Why” seemed obvious to me from my naive standpoint. So I thought I would share that with you now.

I don’t pretend to know what the AM is but … if you were the AM, and who knows what that feels like. It probably feels like the AM that I feel before I realize I’m looking at AM from an I, focus, but I don’t know.

What if you were AM and you got bored. What if you wanted to play? What if you wanted to play some kind of game? Or maybe you wanted to make more from AM.

What if you wanted to have distinguishable characters running around in AM, that were expressing consciousness in different ways. What if you wanted to see yourself in form?

What if you wanted to organize yourself into a form of some kind, so from AM, you could look at the form? Maybe forms like trees and flowers and plants and people.

And it doesn’t matter how you made forms from AM. Maybe you created it all in 7 days. Or maybe you evolved into it or maybe the whole process itself is evolving, or maybe God herself is evolving. I’m not talking about any of that today. Feel free to believe whatever you want, I’m not in the belief business.

What if you could create physical manifestations? They are just other forms of energy like the I AM energy. But the physical manifestations were distinguishable from one another, and you could breathe life into them of course.

They are part of you if you’re I AM, and you could watch them interact with each other and you could watch how they treat each other. You invented the universe if you will.

Maybe you’re creating energy that perceives itself as physical manifestations different from other physical manifestations. Maybe you are doing it to learn something.

So now you have these characters that are running around as little cartoon manifestations of AM-ness, that are distinguishable and you’re enjoying it.

Because it’s all of you, the characters will have characteristics to their personalities. And you vary the personalities to see how they interact with each other and you see how it feels when they don’t know they’re part of the AM.

And then, what if you wanted to be seen? What if you were interested not just in seeing, but you wanted to know what it felt like to be seen. You wanted people who were conscious and thinking to play with, so you could develop thoughts.

And you would allow choice so that people could take their own paths. Some would have good paths, some bad, and you could see parts of yourself acting out various roles.

At some point maybe you’re alarmed. So you make some goal in the game. You drop a thought in someone’s head that the ones that are good will come back to you. You want to watch them evolve from bad to good.

So I’m not telling you what is so, you get that right? I’m just giving you ideas since we can’t really know.

There are books written by people about who God is and what God thinks and feels. Some of those books, not all of them, but some of them are internally inconsistent. Many of the religions say the others are blasphemy.

The whole concept of a game show, where you pick which door (religion) is right and you get to go to heaven, everyone else goes to hell, is silly, and not of God.

But it’s still a game that that could be manifested on earth for God’s enjoyment, or AM’s enjoyment.

You’d have this place where people are running around, only some seeing AM from XYZT, at first. But over time, they developed memories, personalities, theories and philosophies. They pitch each other and they try to sell each other on their beliefs. Some getting angry and killing each other, some are successful, some starve to death.

As I AM, all of it is a part of your body. It’s all your children. It’s all AM. In their mind, because they have a veil over who they are, a veil over their eyes so they can’t see I AM.

So they do stupid things. They act in ways that are teaching each other, maybe teaching AM.

I thought ti would be interesting for you to hear this concept of the difference between I and AM.

If AM is the organizing energy like some physicists think, or God like religious people think, why would AM do things this way? Maybe it’s a game. Maybe it is an experiment.

Maybe Am wants to see consciousness in matter. AM is pure energy. Maybe AM wants energy that is manifesting in physical form, to evolve, in a cooperative way. And so it has created a playground where not only is energy itself, sublime. And that’s why present moment awareness is so joyful because it’s really about being with AM through I’s eyes.

But maybe there’s some intention or purpose that AM has for matter to bump up against each other, until the individual manifestations that are part of AM, that have veils over their eyes, are able to find their way to AM.

Maybe it is a proof of concept of who AM is, so AM can watch itself, and evolve into being aware in matter like it already sees itself in pure energy.

So that’s all I have to say on that. This is Dan of VagabondBuddha. Thanks for listening.

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