Internet Dating Tips for World Travel

Here are my Internet Dating Tips for World Travel.

I will cover my Internet Dating Tips for World Travel in this order: (a) description and photo tips, (b) texting, email, and other correspondence tips, (c) first meeting tips, and (d) first date tips.

Description/Photos Tips

Photos and Descriptions: If your profile allows photos and a description, they should emphasize that you are a foreigner living in ‘this’ country, or a world traveler, or whatever is true about you that is travel related. I often include fun and goofy photos in front of well know international hot spots.

Men, don’t include any photos with your shirt off or in front of fancy cars. Women, no bikini shots. Just fun shots of you enjoying life in general.

Text/Emails/Messages Tips

Open with Comedy or Levity: You will have to adapt the cultural references to whatever country you are in. This is an example of one I wrote with USA cultural references when I was internet dating in the USA on about 8 years ago. Make her laugh. Be edgy, but not boring.

I read your profile and was so taken by it that I am ready to give up all the other girls for you. I sold my real estate and bought a single-wide trailer for us to live in. Plus, I got a one year supply of macaroni and cheese. Once you meet me, you’ll just want to stay home all day and make love. So I sold everything to reduce expenses so we can just do it all day. I will find a nice trailer park for us to move into and we’ll do it in between Jerry Springer episodes. I hope it is not too much of a bother, but the trailer is kind of small. But there is a drape that we can pull closed between the bedroom area and the living area, and my mom and aunt have promised to be quiet while we do it. They will be sleeping on the fold-out couch. You aren’t allergic to animals, are you? I have six cats, 4 dogs, and a potbelly pig. I have trained them not to jump up on the bed as often, so it ain’t too much bother–except for Billy, my Saint Bernard. He is having a little trouble with his intestines, but we have a diaper on him and it doesn’t smell all that bad. Well, enough with the particulars, now it is time to be romantic. Will you marry me?

Current Photos: While they are laughing, ask if they can send you a photo taken of them within the last 30 days.

Meet Within 10 Text/Email Exchanges: Exchange a few emails or text messages and see if there is a basic interest after learning their interests and seeing a few very current photos of them. You don’t want to spend weeks before meeting because you don’t want to spend hours getting to know the details of their life if you don’t even have a basic attraction to them. You have to meet in person to know that.

Meeting Set-Up: (a) Have a short and sweet meeting in person (or virtual (CV19)). (b) Meet in a public place. (c) Explain that the first meeting should be 30 to 60 minutes. (d) The purpose is to just chat for a bit and see each other in person. See if there is a mutual interest in going on a first date. “We don’t decide if there is a first date while we are together.” Instead, we meet for a short time and go our separate ways. We can set up a real date later if it turns out we are both into it.

First Meeting Tips

Man Buys Woman’s Coffee/drink: Meet at the coffee shop or bar and buy her a drink.  Or go for a nice walk in a public park or whatever.

Interactive Discussion: Have a ping pong conversation. Don’t dominate, brag, or tell her the full story.

Light-Hearted/Easy Peasy: No relationship qualifying questions. Keep it light-hearted and easy peasy.

No Complaining About Your Ex or Singing Country Songs.

First Date Tips

If it turns out you both enjoyed each other’s company, then go on a first date. But keep it casual. Don’t start talking about what went wrong in their last relationship or yours. Smile and have fun. Take him/her to a casual fun funky place. Not some high-end place that makes you feel formal or uncomfortable.

Thanks for reading our Internet Dating Tips for World Travel.  If you would like all of our tips for finding travel love, watch this YouTube playlist.

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