Is the world a dangerous place

Today I ask the questions, is the world a dangerous place?

After traveling the world for 13 years to 65 countries I have learned that the world is a safe place in general. You just need to use common sense. We seem to have a belief ingrained in us, that our home country is safe but the other countries are dangerous. I have not found that to be the case. But a little fear is okay because it will keep you awake until you feel comfortable in a new place.

It is okay to do a little safety research before going to a new place. You may even learn a few scams to avoid. Here is one such video I made about the scams we encountered in Morocco. But we had heard to keep our wits about us in Morocco. So when they happened, we were ready to deal with it. But it didn’t stop us from going there or ruin the experience.

Here are some general rules I follow all over the world.

No expensive watches

No expensive jewelry

No expensive designer brands

Clothing consistent with the locals

Observe locals and dress about like them

You can dress extravagantly in Monaco

Carry less cash at night and keep large bills in another pocket

Carry no valuables at night

Use cash, leave cards in room

Never walk into an isolated area

When people leave the area you are in, you leave also.

Be aware of who is around you

What is their motivation?

If you sense danger move away from it

If someone follows, move towards safety

No back pockets, sew them shut.

Use Uber or Grab instead of taxi

If you must use taxi, call one instead of flag one

Keep copies of important documents in cloud (passport)

Use trusted VPN for banking

Have accounts at separate banks each with ATM card

Have credit cards from separate banks.

Keep one set of ATM and credit card in one place, keep the other set in another place

Stay relatively sober while out at night (or have designated non-drinker)

Trust your instincts

Avoid public wifi, instead, use your smartphone as a hot spot

Stay on the beaten path until situationally aware

Never give away your passport

Don’t share information about yourself with strangers

You are a poor retired school teacher

Don’t play big man on campus

Tell bank where you are going so they allow you to use your cards

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