Meditation: Keep your Big Toe in the Present Moment

Meditate, Keep your Big Toe in the present moment, all day.  And that is a metaphor.  But it actually works. Or your thumb.  Or your stomach. Or some part of your body, or your whole body, in the present moment, as you go about your day.  

And you remain meditated and rooted in the present moment, if you will.  And so, as you go about your day.  And interact with people.  Whether they’re on the phone or not. Or you are writing e-mails.  Or driving your car.  Or working on some problem.

That you maintain, an oasis, in some part of your body. Or maybe your whole body, if you are able to.  

You may remain rooted in the present.  And that process of.  Maintaining.  Meditation. Awareness.  In the present moment.  Will calm you.  Or keep you centered, as you interact. With.  Beings in the world. Who may not be centered, in the present moment. And. Eventually.  If you’re able to.  Be comfortable.

You.  Will live.  In the present moment. And.  Everything that you do.  Will.  Be.  Or arise from, being Centered.  And. Your. Life. Will. Be.  More calm and joyful.  And. You will have. An immediate awareness.  As you are present to the collective consciousness, of your higher self.  

Your.  Awareness of.  What’s mad.  In the world.  Will. Keep you awake.  The Big Toe.  The stomach. Or the entire body.  Will.  Notice.  When madness enters around you.

And. Won’t even need to judge.  The madness.  But will.  Be comfortable. In the awareness that. You. Are not the madness but you are in the present moment.

And. You’re choosing. Not to join the madness. And so eventually, or now.  There’s no reason to wait. You wait if you like, take your time.  Get comfortable, and when you are ready.  

Go all in.  To the present moment.

And.  The surprising thing about it is that.  There’s a bit of a.  Belief that your mind has.  That being in the present moment.  Would.  Make you.  Ineffective or lazy.  

Because of the joy.  And so.  Your mind would have you believe that if you’re comfortable or satisfied or joyful.  That somehow the quality of your work.  Would go down.  Or the quality of your problem solving would go down, it would reduce, because you are already happy.

The mind may tell you that you need to miserable in order to get the most. You need to be intense, miserable, committed.

When in time and experience.  And awareness.  Will tell you otherwise.  And so.  If you.  Listen.  To yourself.  You will realize that being in the present moment.  Is.  Being with the most creative kind of energy available in the universe.

And the problems solve themselves often with no action, merely because of your high level of presence.  True presence is a form of concentration in the present moment. Acceptance of the present moment does not imply a surrender to what is.

Acceptance of what is, actually loads, the presence wisdom, or allows, the presence wisdom, to function with all of the information, all of the information, and solve problems from a more creative space with all the information.

And when problems are solved, with more, and more accurate, most accurate information, that comes in through perception, without denial of what is, it gives your presence wisdom, the ability to solve a problem, and if action is required, to take care of that action.  Will being present.  

But not to go off half cocked, willy nilly, rampaging into a situation, too soon, with too little information, and taking action that may just compound the problem.

And, if you look in your life, and you think about the moments, when you have been most fluid, and most joyful, and most creative, you’ll find that less of your mind as a problem solver was present and more of you as a higher wisdom was present.

Almost like athletes talk about, muscle memory being what’s guiding them rather than thinking. And that is what is available to you twenty four hours a day in the present moment.

And the mind will tell you that you’re lazy–if it doesn’t force you to act immediately and with great force and determination, as soon as possible–or you won’t get anywhere.

And yet, if you’re willing to observe those times when you’re most creative, and you are willing to let go of the idea that your mind has control over anything in the present moment and allow your higher self into the mix with you, and let it, just be, just be.

Take in your surroundings, take in all the information and be with this moment. And let the wisdom of the ages solve most of the problems.   And trust that by being in the present moment, you will naturally, without effort bring a high level of perception, which is not the same as concentration in the mind sense but is hinting at concentration in the present moment, a depth of going in deep in the present moment, and being with that, is what will drive the quality into your moments.

And so when you are thinking, be there in thoughts, when you’re running, be there running, when you are observing someone you love in front of you, be there in that beautiful perception of that beautiful person.

Let the joy of that moment flood through you.  Feel the warmth of that. Because that is where you are right now.  

And if you go somewhere else, if you go into the past, if you go into the future. Let that be just for a moment.  Enough to grasp whatever data you thinks is necessary, or what your mind thinks is necessary.  Give your mind what it thinks is necessary from time to time. But don’t let your mind take over your consciousness completely.

Maintain an oar, in the deep water of all that is, in the present moment.  And spend most of your time in the jof of the present moment.  And never turn over your consciousness completely, to some fiction that, this moment is not it. Or the fiction that if you can fix, one or two, or three, or thirty nine things, that it will be better.

Because all there is, is now.  There is no other moment but this one.  And since there is only one, it can’t get better. The present moment will never get better because each present moment is already perfect.  It is perfect right now.  So let that in. Let it in.  

And have a mind.  Have a child mind.  But recognize it and let it play at the playground of life.  Let it run around and think silly thoughts, that it will make it better some day.  

Once the mind does this or that, once the mind offers to makes this or that happen, it will be better.   Don’t fall for it completely.  The present moment is all there is.  Don’t let your mind completely occupy your consciousness.  Let the mind play with thoughts, but remain aware.  The mind’s thoughts that “this isn’t it,” are just a fiction.  But there is no need to judge your mind for thinking that.  Just observe. 

Let your mind play. Don’t micro-manage your mind.  Don’t be that parent. Don’t judge your mind for being that way. Let it be a child.  Children think silly thoughts.  Your mind is a child.  

Let it think what you might feel are ridiculous thoughts.  Let it do that.  Let it grow up.  Let it make mistakes and you be the watcher.  Be the watcher. Watch the child play, know that it wants to protect you.  

It wants to make it better for you.  It might judge you.  And think that where you have gotten so far, is not far enough.  It may believe that if you let it take over, it will take you to a place that is better.  Let it think those thought, observe it.

And be in the present moment. Remain in the present moment as your mind thinks what it thinks.  

And be the joy.  Be the joy.  Let the child look for the joy, while you be the joy of the present moment.  

Be the blood, circulating in your body.  Let that be the greatest wisdom and be the bedrock of your life.  Be the planet.  Be the universe.  

And let the children play and smile as they try to convince you that the world is ending. And that unless you lend them your full awareness, your complete attention, it will all be over.  

And be the wisdom of joy.  Be the fuzzy warmth in your gut, as the world circles around you in chaos.  Be the joy of the present moment.

Don’t make the child wrong, let it play.  Let it experiment.  

And just be thankful that you know there is really no problem to be solved that can make the present moment better. Better than the perfection of knowing who you are, in all.

If the action is required, take action, but remain rooted in the present moment.

Thank you for joining me on the run.  I’m going to let you go and be with these truths.

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